Steel Catwalk Corner

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Steel Catwalk Corner Icon.png
Large Ship / Station
Steel Catwalk Corner
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass252 kg
252,000 g
252,000,000 mg
0.252 t
Build time10 s
Is AirtightPartially
PCU Cost1
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The Steel Catwalk Corner is a thin access walkway with a safety barrier on two adjacent sides.


Often used in conjunction with the other catwalks as a cheap and space efficient way to create walkways/passages while only using up one block space. It can also be used for cover, and decoration purposes.


Steel Catwalk Corner SteelCatCorn01.jpg


  • The catwalks actually cost slightly more iron to produce than Armor blocks, but they're great space savers, and don't deform when damaged.

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