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Window Blocks Windowblocks01.jpg


Glass Windows in Space Engineers are transparent blocks that allow players to view and light to pass through. They're quite expensive to build, but only comprised of mainly in large amounts of Bulletproof Glass, and Girders. Transparent windows with glass not only allow the player to see, or allow light in, they also are capable of keeping a room pressurized if the windows are placed properly. However windows are very fragile, and cannot take very much punishment before the block becomes damaged or breaks entirely.

There are many variations of glass blocks available in the game. All of which can connect with each other, and create complex structures, or simple designs. Majority of the glass blocks have an inverted variation of themselves. Those that don't have inverted variations such as slopped blocks can be rotated or flipped upside down. Currently the only block to not contain an inverted variation is the Window 1x1 Side block.

1x1 Flat

Window 1x1 Flat Window1x1flat01.jpg
Window 1x1 Flat Inv Window1x1flatinv01.jpg
Window 1x1 Flat Icon.png Window 1x1 Flat Window 1x1 Flat Inv Icon.png Window 1x1 Flat Inv

1x2 Flat

Window 1x2 Flat Window1x2flat01.jpg
Window 1x2 Flat Inv Window1x2flatinv01.jpg
Window 1x2 Flat Icon.png Window 1x2 Flat Window 1x2 Flat Inv Icon.png Window 1x2 Flat Inv

2x3 Flat

Window 2x3 Flat Window2x3flat01.jpg
Window 2x3 Flat Inv Window2x3flatinv01.jpg
Window 2x3 Flat Icon.png Window 2x3 Flat Window 2x3 Flat Inv Icon.png Window 2x3 Flat Inv

3x3 Flat

Window 3x3 Flat Window3x3dflat01.jpg
Window 3x3 Flat Inv Window3x3flatinv01.jpg
Window 3x3 Flat Icon.png Window 3x3 Flat Window 3x3 Flat Inv Icon.png Window 3x3 Flat Inv

1x1 Angle

Window 1x1 Face Window1x1face01.jpg
Window 1x1 Inv 1x1inv01.jpg
Window 1x1 Face Icon.png Window 1x1 Face Window 1x1 Inv Icon.png Window 1x1 Inv

1x2 Angle

Window 1x2 Face Window1x2face01.jpg
Window 1x2 Inv Window1x2inv01.jpg
Window 1x2 Face Icon.png Window 1x2 Face Window 1x2 Inv Icon.png Window 1x2 Inv

1x2 Side Angle

Window 1x2 Side Left Window1x2sideleft01.jpg
Window 1x2 Side Right Window1x2sideright01.jpg
Window 1x2 Side Left Icon.png Window 1x2 Side Left Window 1x2 Side Right Icon.png Window 1x2 Side Right


Window 1x1 Slope Window1x1slope01.jpg
Window 1x2 Slope Window1x2slope01.jpg
Window 1x1 Slope Icon.png Window 1x1 Slope Window 1x2 Slope Icon.png Window 1x2 Slope

1x1 Side

Window 1x1 Side Window1x1side01.jpg
Window 1x1 Side Icon.png Window 1x1 Side


Grate windows are empty blocks with metal plates running across it. Often referred as "vents", they allow sunlight, limited viewing, and even allow gunfire to pass through the empty spaces. Unlike other window blocks, grate windows do not contain any glass, and therefore cannot act as a seal to pressurize rooms. However, if placed in front of an Air Vent, they will allow Oxygen to pass through. They're very inexpensive to build, requiring only iron based Components.


Diagonal Window Diagonalwind01.jpg
Diagonal Window Icon.png Diagonal Window


Vertical Window Verticalgrate01.jpg
Vertical Window Icon.png Vertical Window

Known Issues

  • Windows within the game block light from reaching various blocks such as Oxygen Farms.