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The Stable Branch was introduced in Update 01.139 along with the Developer Branch. The developer branch receives weekly updates the same as he stable, but features are also included regularly while the stable branch must wait at least one month before it receives these new features from their first implementation.

How to opt in Developer Branch

The development branch contains several work-in-progress improvements that are not ready to be moved to the stable branch - please try out the dev branch if you want to help us test them!

For those who want to access the dev branch (updated weekly rather than monthly) on Steam, you can do so using the BETA tab.

1. Launch the Steam client

Launch the Steam client

2. Go to your library

3. Choose Space Engineers - Right click

Choose Space Engineers - right click

4. Choose "Properties"

Choose "Properties"

5. This box will open - then go to the "BETAS" tab, and click on the drop-down menu

6. Choose the branch you'd like to play on​

  • To switch back to Stable, simply go back to the BETA tab and change your precipitation back to Stable.
Known Issues
  • There is a bug that can prevent users from accessing the drop down menu for version selection in the betas tab. The fix for this is to exit and restart Steam, then access the version menu BEFORE launching Space Engineers. All available versions of the game should then be available for selection. Source: https://steamcommunity.com/app/244850/discussions/0/154643085274508137/