Update 1.194.207

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Minor Update

Minor Button.png 23 April 2020 Forum Post


  • "Open in the browser" is more visible while focused in Help screen tutorials
  • Added a few full oxygen bottles to Frostbite to help players breathing in high altitude areas
  • Added ability to change ordering of saved games with gamepad
  • Added Area interaction to game options (ON by default)
  • Added gamepad help to Contract Administration screen
  • Added gamepad help to Server Details screen
  • Added gamepad hints to Contract administration screen
  • Added inventory filter info for gamepad
  • Added inventory items help in tooltip for gamepad
  • Added missing gamepad controls to Advanced gamepad help
  • Added more ammunition to certain heavy drones in Frostbite
  • Added paste GPS into chat feature for gamepad
  • Added Production help in tooltip for gamepad
  • Added tab gamepad help to Advanced Server search screen
  • Added tab gamepad help to Contract screen
  • Added tab gamepad help to New Game screen
  • Added tab gamepad help to Store block screen
  • Added Vertical thrust (Flight alternative) into help
  • Adjusted airtightness for Gate block and added front and back mount points
  • Adjusted font size on Archives trailer LCDs in Frostbite
  • Adjusted weather loop for Frostbite to not contain heavy fog and shortened heavy snow
  • Blueprints can be unequipped by Empty Hand in the Radial menu
  • Changed how objects in the world are highlighted by default to distance from crosshair based system (Currently on floating objects only)
  • Changed various controls (Dampeners, Car jump, Block size) for gamepad
  • Clarified in what units the duration is in Economy Contracts administration screen
  • Color picker now has only one correct shortcut: RB-DPadDown on gamepad
  • Help screen (fonts and icons) are bigger so it's easier to read on big screen
  • New help videos added for gamepad
  • Removed obsolete development Share with all groups from Frostbite
  • Removed the ability to grind down starting drop ship in Frostbite
  • Simplified Blueprint screen, Info and Edit merged into one tab
  • Updated Polish translation (including scenarios)
  • Updated Russian localization
  • Updated Spanish translation (including scenarios)


  • Fixed a another crash in Frostbite weather
  • Fixed a couple crashes with modded turrets
  • Fixed a crash if a scene is unloaded faster than all voxel updates finish
  • Fixed a crash in Frostbite weather while switching respawn points too fast
  • Fixed a crash in VST treating Longs as Ints
  • Fixed a crash on a ladder while remote controlling a grid
  • Fixed a crash when client loses connection while in terminal
  • Fixed a crash when teleporting while on a ladder
  • Fixed a crash when trying to replace cloud blueprint with empty clipboard
  • Fixed crash at System.Text.StringBuilder.ToString
  • Fixed crash at VRage.Render11.Resources.MyDeferredRenderContextManager.AcquireRC
  • Fixed crash at VrTailor.VrTailor_Sew
  • Fixed being stuck in control panel by switching from production screen with a gamepad
  • Fixed being unable to scroll news using gamepad
  • Fixed blueprint screen always showing some blueprint description, even with no blueprints being shown due to filters
  • Fixed blueprint size info in blueprint screen to correct units (MB)
  • Fixed cloud blueprints not being possible to replace
  • Fixed Contextual music not playing after turning it Off/On in Options
  • Fixed Control seat near reactor being accessible to players
  • Fixed Convert to Station being enabled for small grids in some cases
  • Fixed Engineer's ragdoll on far away coordinates
  • Fixed focus highlights in control panel persisting and accumulating when closing and opening terminal
  • Fixed formating of Air vent detail info when oxygen is disabled
  • Fixed Frostbite archive drone falling down due to incorrect sensor ownership
  • Fixed Frostbite medical room quest to complete successfully
  • Fixed game incorrectly claiming mod size being 18 exabytes when downloading big mods (over Int32 max size in bytes)
  • Fixed hand tools tooltips not showing gamepad shortcuts
  • Fixed hidden items in terminal influencing navigation via arrows/gamepad
  • Fixed highlights in Frostbite remaining when they should disappear
  • Fixed in-game workshop browser not being optimized for 4:3 ratio resolutions
  • Fixed incorrect shortcut being displayed for Voxel hand settings
  • Fixed Ion thrusters effect if cut off from power
  • Fixed Lost Colony max player count being changeable while the scenario is running already
  • Fixed memory leak in in-game help
  • Fixed missing gamepad hints in Star System Respawn screen
  • Fixed missing gamepad icons in gamepad help
  • Fixed missing LT/RT hints in character screen
  • Fixed Mission 1 cutscene switching to 1st person view for a moment
  • Fixed not being possible to focus and scroll description of the BP with gamepad
  • Fixed overlapping elements in Voxel hand settings
  • Fixed production screen queue resetting the scrollbar whenever a new item is being produced
  • Fixed production screen recipes/blueprints not showing resources needed when using gamepad
  • Fixed Rename blueprint screen not being gamepad friendly
  • Fixed Respawn screen and character GUI overlapping in Never Surrender
  • Fixed shading on Armory block
  • Fixed sliders not being responsive to keyboard and gamepad inputs
  • Fixed small rocket launcher having see through textures in the front
  • Fixed triggers not being deleted with entities in scenarios
  • Fixed typo "Maintainance" in Frostbite landing site
  • Fixed typo in Frostbite "Section B Gargo Bay"
  • Fixed voxel hand sliders not being settable to 100
  • Fixed Voxel hand terrain auto-level tool not working properly with gamepads
  • Fixed Voxel hand terrain auto-level tool setting overlap
  • Fixed VST disallowing String variables on arithmetic nodes
  • Fixed world size info in Load game screen to correct units (MB)
  • Fixed Yield module having broken textures on the pipes

Fixed issues from our Support site

  • Fixed a crash when trying to load a certain world
  • Fixed a crash when using scripts to manually find targets for turrets
  • Fixed Admin Panel Scroll List
  • Fixed an issue in Remote Control screen preventing remote control of grids
  • Fixed camera control hint visible with disabled control hints
  • Fixed characters falling through the ground
  • Fixed Frostbite drones emitting clicking sounds when using actions on their remote control toolbar
  • Fixed placement alignment not changing top text correctly
  • Fixed projections wobbling around when far away from world center
  • Fixed ship toolbar not being saved for client upon reload
  • Fixed Small grid control seat not having access to pressurised oxygen in the environment
  • Fixed Turrets visually shooting in previews/projections

Known issues:

Crash on older Windows 7 machines – Please ensure that you are running the most recent Windows 7 build.

Hotfix 1.194.208


  • Fixed Hydrogen engine incorrectly updating its Detail info
  • [ModAPI] Added Visual Scripting _Local copies of receiver-side methods for client-side use
  • Fixed a crash at Gui.MyGuiBlueprintScreen_Reworked.UpdateNameAndDescription
  • Fixed a crash at Entities.MyEntity3DSoundEmitter.CanHearSound
  • Fixed players being unable to grind blocks in worlds with Block destruction disabled

Hotfix 1.194.209


  • Fixed a Dedicated server crash which corrupted saves
  • Fixed a crash at VRage.Render11.GeometryStage2.Model.MyModelFactory

Hotfix 1.194.210


  • Better handling of crash when world is corrupted on DS
  • Fixed a crash at MyTerminalInventoryController
  • Fixed a crash at MyTerminalInventoryController.RefreshSelectedInventoryItem
  • Fixed a crash at MyTerminalPropertiesController.PopulateMutuallyConnectedCubeGrids
  • Fixed a crash at PerformanceCounterLib.GetStringTable

Hotfix 1.194.211


  • Fixed a crash at MyTerminalPropertiesController.PopulateMutuallyConnectedCubeGrids
  • Fixed a crash at Sandbox.Graphics.GUI.MyGuiControlBase.HandleInputElements
  • Fixed a crash at Sandbox.Graphics.GUI.MyGuiControlListbox.HandleNewMousePress
  • Fixed a crash at MyNeutralShipSpawner