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Airtightness, In-game Help, Relative Dampening

Major Button.png 23 October 2018 Forum Post


Hello, Engineers! It’s time for another major update! We are happy to share a lot of exciting news and updates about several things we’ve been working on during the past three months. This update is much bigger than we expected and is focusing on better player experience. It’s also addressing a lot of requests we received from you, our great community: Airtightness improvements, relative inertia dampeners, better in-game help and much more! Coincidentally, it’s also the fifth anniversary of Space Engineers being released in Early Access! A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has supported us since we launched the game and welcome to all of the new Engineers.

Marek's blog post with detailed info: https://blog.marekrosa.org/2018/10/space-engineers-airtightness_23.html

Main Features

  • Airtightness performance improvements and changes
  • New in-game help - contextual help and tutorial objectives
  • Asteroid clusters, added 51 new predefined asteroid shapes
  • New Relative inertia dampeners (thanks to Rexxar)
  • Render performance improvements - Occlusion Culling and optimizations
  • Good.bot chatbot
  • New Steam Workshop integration - faster and supports very large mods (>2 GB)
  • New Blueprint screen
  • New Script screen
  • Better rendering of grass
  • New Game screen changes

Features available without the experimental mode now

  • Hosted Multiplayer game
  • Advanced options for the world
  • Worlds from the Steam Workshop
  • Cargo ships
  • Random encounters
  • Airtightness
  • Realistic sound
  • FOV setting

New Features or changes

  • Added autoselect of created blueprint in the blueprint screen
  • Blueprint screen remembers filtering and sorting options
  • Added screenshots to cloud blueprints
  • Added functionality to always show Hidden blocks through which you are accessing the terminal
  • Changes in the control menu - added key bind and more options
  • All custom worlds have airtightness turned on by default now
  • Added in-game help
  • Changed downloading of mods to use Steam UGC API
  • Added information dialog when player can not use jump drive
  • Added programmable block feature to Mod API - same construct methods (by Malware)
  • Changed default setting for procedural density in the custom worlds to Normal (0.35 value)
  • Removed Flora density option. It was not used anymore.
  • Removed Start in respawn screen option. It was not used anymore.
  • Changed Good.bot, Rebel and Markus chat sound
  • Changed publishing of mods to use Steam UGC API
  • Added Teleport to safe zone feature for admins
  • Added warning when there is issue with 3rd party modification

Gameplay Fixes

  • Fixed visual glitches (holes) in newly spawned procedural asteroids
  • Fixed visor status changes done inside medical room not being synchronized through server
  • Fixed sound of leaking oxygen in campaign being too quiet
  • Fixed predefined asteroids not streaming back after un-streaming
  • Fixed players with experimental mode being able to set unsafe values on safe servers
  • Fixed oxygen issue in the Mission 1 where you could run out of oxygen due to not enough ice
  • Fixed o2/h2 generator using power after running out of ice
  • Fixed loss of character control after merging grids that were remotely controlled
  • Fixed incorrect airtightness of open sliding doors
  • Fixed hand tools continuing to produce sounds and animations after energy has been depleted
  • Fixed gyroscopes actively trying to spin grids even after the input for doing so has been stopped
  • Fixed grids not updating airtight rooms after being merged
  • Fixed floating objects not producing sounds when falling onto surfaces
  • Fixed door wings misbehaving after merging two grids together
  • Fixed deleted procedural asteroids reappearing after save and reload
  • Fixed damaged connector changing indication to red instead of black for other player in the same session
  • Fixed damaged connector changing indication to red instead of black after save and reload
  • Fixed character walking on rotating surfaces
  • Fixed blueprint preview incorrectly showing up in Survival after double-click in a blueprint screen
  • Fixed aborted space jumps not being propagated to the server and subsequently other players

UI Fixes

  • Fixed some UI elements not being affected by UI opacity and UI background opacity settings
  • Fixed rotor detailed info about rotor lock appearing only for a fraction of a second
  • Fixed replacing blueprints from clipboard not working for blueprints in nested folders
  • Fixed HUD state (UI visibility status changed with Tab) not being saved between sessions
  • Fixed dead wolves and spiders showing icons as if they were disconnected players
  • Fixed caret moving too fast when editing text with arrows

Visual Fixes

  • Fixed holes in distant shadows

Performance Fixes

  • Fixed voxel rendering performance on planets
  • Fixes from the Support site
  • Fixed crash when replacing large script with a small one
  • Fixed rotor not showing correct angle info in terminal
  • Fixed missing send/submit buttons for blueprints and other workshop items
  • Fixed Friends only game lobbies under Games between public ones
  • Fixed background videos in Main menu not respecting aspect ratio on wide screen resolutions
  • Fixed wolf and spider AI (path finding)
  • Fixed thrusters trying to dampen after connecting to a static grid
  • Fixed thruster flame disappearing after thruster is recolored
  • Fixed small air vent getting incorrect readings of planetary oxygen levels
  • Fixed pressurization effects appearing during projection welding
  • Fixed LCD content being cut off when playing on lower resolutions
  • Fixed conveyor sorter not wanting to pull full bottles

Mod API Changes


  • Added IMyDoor.OnDoorStateChanged
  • Added IMyTerminalBlock.IsInSameLogicalGroupAs
  • Added IMyTerminalBlock.IsSameConstructAs
  • Added IMyInventory.CanAddItemAmount
  • Added IMyInventory.RemoveItemAmount
  • Added IMyInventory.TransferItemFrom
  • Added IMySlimBlock.Min
  • Added IMyCharacter.OxygenLevel
  • Added IMyConfig.HudState
  • Added IMyPhysics.CastRayParallel

Please, use CastRayParallel method if you are casting ray from another thread.

SBC Files

  • Characters.sbc
    • Added OxygenSuitRefillTime
    • Added MinOxygenLevelForSuitRefill
  • CubeBlocks.sbc
    • Change for IsAirTight
      • True = is always airtight
      • False = is never airtight
      • Null = airtightness is calculated from mount points
  • VoxelMapStorages.sbc
    • Added UseForProceduralRemovals
    • Added UseForProceduralAdditions
    • Added UseAsPrimaryProceduralAdditionShape
    • Added SpawnProbability
  • VoxelMaterials_asteroids.sbc
    • Added AsteroidGeneratorSpawnProbabilityMultiplier

Hotfix 1.188.023

  • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Weapons.MyGunBase.AddMissile
  • Fixed crash at System.Collections.Generic.HashSetExtensions.TryGetValue
  • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.GameSystems.MyGridGasSystem.GetOxygenAmount
  • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyGuiBlueprintScreen_Reworked.ExtractWorkshopItem
  • Fixed crashing ice clusters when there is no suitable ice material
  • Fixed issue with subscribed ingame scripts not appearing in scripts screen
  • Fixed issue with hidden blocks in terminal not respecting the state of Show hidden filter
  • Fixed missing Space Ball description in G screen

Hotfix 1.188.024

  • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Entities.Cube.MyAssembler.CheckInventoryCapacity(MyInventory inventory, Item[] items, MyFixedPoint amountMultiplier)
  • Fixed crash that occurred due to daylight savings time change
  • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyGuiBlueprintScreen_Reworked.ExtractWorkshopItem
  • Fixed crash when setting minimum drop container time bigger than maximum on DS
  • Fixed server watcher interrupting save on exit when it is taking too long (>30s)
  • Fixed grid update performance when Airtightness is turned on

Hotfix 1.188.025

  • Fixed crash in large worlds
  • Fixed missing elite welder description