Update 1.186.3

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Beta Improvements

Minor Button.png 22 February 2018 Forum Post


Hello, Engineers! As usual we have a regular Thursday dose of fixes and improvements for you!


  • Fixed various crashes
  • Added warning message when loading old save positions
  • Due to issues with compatibility with certain sound cards the Echo feature has been disabled and checkbox removed from Audio options
  • Fixed welding effect not stopping after finishing block
  • Fixed player position being desynced when moving around wheels in multiplayer
  • Fixed jumping car issue after disconnecting from connector on DS
  • Fixed unintended invulnerability in campaign mission 5 after boss arrival
  • Fixed exploit in changing access to grid by selecting all in the control panel from one owned block

Fixes (Player Reports)

  • Fixed autopilot not stopping after deleting last waypoint
  • Fixed grids being counted towards block limit even when pasting failed
  • Fixed broadcasting key not working on large grids
  • Fixed character broadcasting key not making sound
  • Fixed repeating build sound of half built wheels
  • Fixed different units on sliders than in text inputs in blocks settings