Update 1.186.2

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Scripting/Modding API for Wheels, Rotors

Minor Button.png 15 February 2018 Forum Post


Hello, Engineers! We serve you more Beta improvements, including updated scripting/modding API for wheels, crash fixes and much more! And if you are experiencing any issues with the game, please leave us a report on our forums in Bug Reports section. It really helps us to make Space Engineers better and better every week! https://forums.keenswh.com/forums/bug-reports.326950/


  • Updated scripting/modding API for wheels
  • Rotor lock added to scripting API


  • Fixed various crashes at Havok physics, Voxel, Wheels etc.
  • Fixed deformations of Armor Blocks
  • Fixed Small Grids could be built into the voxel
  • Fixed instruction overflow in Programmable Block
  • Fixed jumping out of Cockpit after merging together on DS
  • Fixed saving engineer's state when leaving Cockpit on DS
  • Fixed hovering with jetpack without fuel, using remote control and with creative tools enabled
  • Fixed elevation limits for Gatling Turret
  • Fixed voxel material emissivity (at High settings)
  • Fixed Beacon's light keeps on when cut off
  • Fixed un-exloded Warheads hangs in the air after Warhead explosion
  • Fixed Engineer's boots white stripe and emissivity
  • Improved UI visuals of F3 screen
  • Added "dropper" function hint to the Color Picker screen for picking color from built blocks
  • Fixed input when writing into multiline textfield
  • Fixed message "corrupted file" showing when entering any folder in Load Game screen
  • Fixed filtering when searching in Load Game screen
  • Fixed block limit warning disappearing too fast
  • Fixed main menu search bar consistency
  • Fixed tooltips in skins inventory

Fixes (Player Reports)

  • Improved Ore Detector's range settings
  • Fixed sun positioning after reloading the game with sun rotation disabled
  • Fixed A-gravity value being 0 when Engineer's feet are outside of the gravity field
  • Fixed message when controlling remote control with occupied cockpit on the same grid
  • Fixed glass texture rendering over thruster effects

Hotfixes 1.186.202

  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed jump drive not working