Update 1.185.5

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Beta Improvements

Minor Button.png 21 December 2017 Forum Post


Hello, Engineers! Today's update is another minor one bringing you more improvements before next major update. The battery exploit was removed, so welding your batteries back up no longer resets its powerstate without trashing the powercells. You are welcome.

And if the wait for another major update seems long to you, why not join our Physics & Engineering Contest meanwhile? Check the details at Marek's blog post: http://blog.marekrosa.org/2017/11/space-engineers-physics-engineering.html


  • Fixed mods download failing on dedicated servers
  • Fixed issue with blocks sinking into the ground and exploding
  • Fixed exploit when welding batteries back up reseted the powerstate without trashing powercells
  • Fixed a bug when removing a block from a station caused it to convert to ship
  • Fixed newsletter dialog problems with Chinese input
  • Fixed candidate list when using Chinese input

Hotfixes 1.185.501

  • Fixed building stage of small armor block
  • Fixed icons for hydrogen and oxygen