Update 1.185.2

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Beta Improvements

Minor Button.png 30 November 2017 Forum Post


Hello, Engineers! Today's update continues with improvements for our last major update. Plus we are re-introducing a rotor lock option back into the game - it allows you to completely stop a rotor spinning even when external forces are applied. The internal working of this feature is different from its previous implementation and fits the new physics system.

Update 1.185.2 01.jpg

Join our Physics & Engineering Contest!

We are also reminding you about our ongoing Physics & Engineering Contest. First creations are already pouring in and they are amazing! Now is your chance to really show everyone what you are capable of! Check the details at Marek's blog post: http://blog.marekrosa.org/2017/11/space-engineers-physics-engineering.html Because we are already in the process of switching to a new skybox, you can use it as well before it is officially released: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1208808693

Update 1.185.2 02.jpg


  • added rotor lock (different from previous locking feature)


  • fixed various random crashes
  • fixed issue with wheels introduced by the previous update
  • fixed Steering Angle not saving for copy/pasted vehicles
  • fixed particle effect for moving objects staying static
  • fixed issue with blueprints that were pasted into other grids having no synchronization