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Skin Crafting & Ghost Skin

Minor Button.png 26 October 2017 Forum Post


Hello, Engineers! Today’s update comes with an exciting new addition - the Skin Recycler! With this, you can recycle your unwanted or duplicate skins and upgrade them to a new Badger skin! The recycler will give you recycle tokens for your old skin pieces, which you can trade in for new items of your choice. All of this is done in the character customization screen.

Space Engineer's fourth anniversary was this Sunday, and there's been a lot of speculation and excitement about it. However, today's update is not the anniversary update. We have been working very hard on the next major update which was originally scheduled to release today, but we decided to delay it for a few more weeks to give our team more time to perfect all the changes. This next update is seriously exciting, with some pretty huge changes. We want to make sure it's as good as it can possibly be before we release it, so please stay patient and start up the major update hype train :)

Another notable announcement is that for a limited time only you will be able to pick up a spooky new Halloween themed skin set for your Engineer. The Ghost skin will be available throughout the next week on the Steam Marketplace until the next update drops. If you’re interested, please see the link below. The funds raised from this will go back into development, speeding up the progress of our internal roadmap and helping to expand the talent in our team.

Ghost skin: http://store.steampowered.com/itemstore/244850

What is new

  • added Halloween skin
  • added recycle and craft feature


  • reworked thruster damage

Now all blocks in thruster range are damaged at the same time. Thruster damage area is no longer cylinder but it is rectangular (faster computation, slightly larger volume of effect).

Important Fixes

  • optimized performance issues related to particles
  • fixed sim speed drop when cargo ship spawns
  • fixed inventory desync (wrong values) when reconnecting during converting Ore into Ingot

Other Fixes

  • fixed issue with friendly and faction players are flagged as enemies
  • fixed components requirements for half block in Survival
  • fixed LODs for half blocks
  • fixed issue with projector not working properly with merge block
  • fixed modded LG not working when welded
  • fixed issue with modded turrets not stopping to fire
  • fixed collisions of modded advanced doors
  • fixed custom animations for cockpits
  • fixed tree reappearing after reload
  • fixed thruster damage not working on DS
  • fixed jump drive issue that it was able to jump farther than indicated
  • removed delay of camera from forced first person view
  • fixed sound block not working correctly in realistic sound mode

Modding Fixes

  • fixed gamelogic components not being removed from entities in some cases
  • fixed modded blocks can't load textures when 'models' appears in path
  • whitelist some Types from MyObjectBuilder_CubeBuilderDefinition
  • fixed modded ammo can go backward
  • fixed adding players to factions does not work correctly

Rexxar's Dev Blog

Hi everyone! This week I worked on some more projector issues. There were two issues relating to the projection not updating correctly.

The first issue was that when the projector was turned on and off rapidly, the projection would be stuck showing all blocks as buildable for a few seconds. This was a side effect of the parallelization of the projector that I did earlier this year. The problem was that when projections are first spawned, they show as 100% buildable, and since the projector only tries to update the projection every few seconds, it just stays like that until the worker thread notices something has changed. The solution was pretty simple, just hide the entire projection on first spawn, then force the worker thread to start processing the new projection as soon as possible. Additionally, projections now disappear as soon as you turn off the block, instead of sticking for a few milliseconds. The overall effect is a lot smoother now.

The second problem was trickier, and players to make automatic weapon factories may have noticed it. When a projection's only attachment point is a merge block, sometimes the projected merge block shows as buildable or not buildable depending on whether it's 'real' partner on the other grid is enabled. This is because when a merge block is disabled, the mount point on the front is also disabled. So you could get into a situation where the projected block looks like it's buildable, but isn't. I had to create a new event for merge blocks to alert other code when the mount point changes, then when the projector detects this event, it very politely asks its worker thread to update the projection immediately.

Hotfix 1.184.602

  • fixed Jump drive on DS
  • fixed Nanite Control Factory game crash
  • fixed Industrial Cockpits game crash

Hotfix 1.184.603

  • fixed crash when starting the game