Update 1.184.1

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Beta Improvements

Minor Button.png 21 September 2017 Forum Post


Hello, Engineers! This weeks update brings you more fixes and improvements. There should be fewer multiplayer crashes, issues with block groups in control panel should be fixed and Remote Control functions: Take Control and Sharing now work correctly.

And for those who asked - yes, we decided to reduce the amount of videos in favor of their quality. There will be videos for major updates only. We will also keep releasing videos for new features introductions, trailers and other special events - so don't worry. :)

And a quote to end on: What do you call a loony spaceman? An astronut!

Gamepad Controls

  • added build mode toggle on left thumb button
  • fixed multiple issues with gamepad controls


  • added new icon and texture for parachute
  • parachute model reworked


  • fixed game crash when server sends requests to client for synchronization of objects that are not there anymore
  • fixed game freeze when removing block
  • fixed issues with block groups in control panel
  • fixed inability to control a Remote Control block shared with you
  • fixed problem where Take Control button was not working properly
  • fixed issue with checkboxes in Advanced Settings not saving
  • fixed GPS coordinates calculating distance from camera instead of character
  • fixed unmerging ships turned on dampeners
  • fixed issue with Timer Blocks on DS
  • fixed hidden control panels on Jump Drive block
  • fixed texture problem with block that had numerals on them
  • fixed texture on small programmable block

Surprise Update 1.184.101

  • added half blocks for small grid
  • fixed issue with block groups artifacts
  • fixed rotor misalignment