Update 1.183.3

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Beta Improvements

Minor Button.png 7 September 2017 Forum Post


Hello, Engineers!

This weeks update is a bit smaller than most since we are working hard in the background on goodies to share with you.

As for the fixes we have addressed multiple crashes in single player, multiplayer and certain crashes that happened when using modded blocks. The protobuffers added to the save game will further improve the loading and saving time.

We have no quote for you today but we will be very glad to see you next week.


  • fixed multiple crashes
  • fixed objects not rendering visually on load
  • fixed cosmetics reverting when exiting cockpit
  • added protobuffers for save games

Hotfix 1.183.301

  • fixed FPS drop when pasting grid
  • fixed never-ending loading at the end of the campaign
  • fixed graphical glitch at the end of the campaign