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Memory Optimizations

Minor Button.png 10 August 2017 Forum Post


Hello, Engineers! This week’s minor release is primarily focused on memory optimizations and fixing memory leaks although it does contain some more general improvements for the game as well. We are getting extremely close to our next major update with the team finalizing and testing the features that will be present in that release so stay tuned. Going back to today’s update, our programmers were able to track down various memory leaks, some of which we know have been very problematic for players recently but we appreciate your patience while these were being resolved. On top of this, they were also able to optimize memory usage in certain areas of the game during their search for leaks. But be sure to let us know if you experience any more memory leaks on your worlds and servers. Some of the other issues fixed include rotor displacement settings not working on static grids, air vents consuming power even when disabled and the rocket launcher block’s shoot toggle not functioning. Additionally, we resolved an explosive situation where it was possible to add a rotor head even if it’s spawn position was obstructed.

Please do consider leaving us a review on Steam as a way to share your feedback with the team and the worldwide gaming community. Just as a reminder, we have a Discord server set-up for the discussion of anything related to Keen Software House. This is a great place for you to share creations and ideas, but also to just hang out with fellow engineers.


  • fixed huge texture memory leak introduced in 182 major release
  • reduced necessary texture memory to half by fixing long term issue
  • fixed long term huge grid, planet and voxel storage related leaks (multiple gigabytes per one session)
  • fixed lots of minor, game related memory leaks
  • fixed issue with certain grids exploding due to merge block
  • fixed emisivity for merge block
  • fixed rotor issue with velocity and rotation on static grids
  • fixed displacement option not working on static grids for rotors
  • fixed small head rotor having the wrong displacement values
  • fixed rocket launcher option "shoot" not working properly
  • fixed interior turrets aiming above intended target
  • fixed misplacement of bullets origin when shooting and crouching
  • fixed meteors destroying themselves on spawn
  • fixed air vent draining power when turned off

Hotfix 1.182.304

  • fixed game crash when using mods and reloading
  • fixed game crash when unloading data