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Minor Beta Improvements

Minor Button.png 4 August 2017 Forum Post


Hello, Engineers! This week’s update is minor release which of course means there’s a fresh batch of general improvements for you while the team works towards completing bigger objectives. As it wasn’t mentioned in the video a couple of weeks ago, it’s just worth highlighting the fact that we added a new cryopod interior in the major update which makes being inside one feel much more immersive now. The main issues fixed in today’s update include hangar doors injuring characters, trees sometimes being invisible for clients on dedicated servers and the model of interior turrets becoming twisted when welded. Additionally, disconnecting huge grids with merge blocks should no longer cause significant freezes to occur.

It’s been great reading everyone’s feedback from the last couple of weeks and to hear that many engineers have been experiencing greater performance on their worlds and servers. We’ve still got a lot of improvements and optimisations to come as well some surprises along the way. Please consider leaving us a review on Steam as a way to share your feedback with the team and the worldwide gaming community. Just as a reminder, we have a Discord Server set-up for the discussion of anything related to Keen Software House. This is a great place for you to share creations and ideas, but also to just hang out with fellow engineers.


  • fixed issue with invisible trees on DS
  • fixed visual stuttering on moving ships
  • fixed door killing people while built inside of voxel
  • fixed interior turret state upon being welded
  • fixed freeze when unmerging large grids
  • fixed crash when deleting (or mining) voxel on small planet

We are also in progress of fixing memory leaks, these fixes should be part of next major update.