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Hello, Engineers! We’ve got a minor update for you this week after last week’s major update, and the team have been busy processing various issues reported by the community on our forums. For example we’ve fixed problems with connectors and block placement on dedicated servers. Small grid rotor displacement settings should now be saved in blueprints too. Additionally, a number of crashes were also resolved. It’s been great to read everyone’s feedback and to hear that many players have seen big performance gains in their worlds. Please do continue to let us know your thoughts and experiences with these weekly updates. In today’s work in progress section We would like to talk about the render optimizations showcased earlier this week. We demonstrated how a world with 16 red ships would run at around 45FPS on a system running the current version of game. In comparison, the exact same scenario was then loaded on a prototype version with the render optimizations included and ran at around 60FPS! One of the improvements which helped to achieve this was making the GPU be no longer limited by the CPU. You can expect these

Next Monday we will be streaming once again at 8PM CEST on the Keen Community Network over on Twitch[1]. This stream with Marek and members of the development team will mainly be focused on further optimization plans. In other news, this coming Saturday, Xocliw will be building the NASA Apollo Saturn V LEGO set live on stream, here at the KeenSWH offices, which should be a lot of fun!

Keen Software House, forum thread.[2]


  • Added a counter of physical shapes to grid's info terminal screen.

If you reach 99% of the limit, a warning should start appearing. If you exceed the limit any added blocks will not have physics. This is a technical limitation even if block limits are off, but we are aware of this issue and we are looking into possibilities, how to improve this behaviour.


  • fixed game crash when exceeding the block limit
  • fixed blocks are not being placed
  • fixed not working artificial mass
  • fixed not working connectors
  • fixed game crash when using connectors
  • fixed turrets view
  • fixed rotor (small grid) displacement not saved in blueprints
  • fixed respawning in medical room with the clone
  • fixed thrusters keep their lighting even after being turned off

We are aware of crash with ship explosions and trying to resolve it. It should be pushed as a hotfix as soon as it will be fixed.


  • fixed crash when mergin/unmerging grids
  • fixed collector crash
  • fixed another HAVOK MT crash

We are still looking into the issues that you have reported on the bug report forum.


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  2. https://forum.keenswh.com/threads/update-1-181-1-minor-beta-improvements.7395426/