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Hello, Engineers! Today’s release is a major one bringing you some of the biggest optimizations in the game’s history. For example, the 16 players and 16 red ships multiplayer scenario ran at a sim speed of 0.25 before optimizations and now it runs at 1.0! We achieved this by reducing blocks per frame updates, reducing world matrix calculations per frame, and by enabling multithreaded physics.

The team still plans to continue with further optimizations in areas like ship collisions, explosions, loading times, planets, memory usage and more! Additionally, We are also pleased to announce that the multiplayer synchronization code has been optimized further. Moving on, there’s a bunch of camera improvements including much better 3rd person camera behavior with creations that have subs-grids so there’s less snapping to 1st person when rotating the camera around the main grid.

We have a new glass rendering technique which means that windows should no longer glow in darkness and look more realistic. On top of all this, there’s a huge amount of bug fixes, art fixes, crash fixes and general improvements in this update so thank you for your patience with some of these issues. Just as a heads up for the modders out there; due to many blocks being optimized, some older block mods may need updating[1].

Among the many changes this week, we've added asynchronous entity creation to the ModAPI, which allows a mod like ServerLink to operate much faster. This release was thoroughly tested but as there has been so many changes in the code we will especially appreciate it if you report bugs that you find. Although many of you do this already!

Keen Software House, forum thread.[2]


  • implemented optimizations + multithreaded HAVOK physics
  • implemented glass shader with reflections


  • fixed various 1st and 3rd person camera issues
  • fixed various desync issues in multiplayer
  • fixed spotlight effects
  • removed redundant geometry from fourth mission in campaign
  • fixed crash with programmable block antenna communication


  • fixed multiple cases where crashing ship against voxel would crash the game
  • fixed Artificial Mass block misbehaving in artificial gravity


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