Update 01.111

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3 Dec 2015


This week's update is giving more juice to the weapons and tools by making them stronger and more powerful. From now on tools and weapons are divided into tiers, each tier offers more efficient and better versions so you can get the work done quicker. We are introducing new variants of weapons offering an arsenal with diverse parameters such as rapid fire power and deadly precision. Every tier requires different resources to assemble. You will need to find rarer resources to make the higher tier variants. And on top of it you can mod the characteristic of tools. Since the release of Planets we have been working on the performance of the game and we are planning to continue improving it to make the experience better for everyone.


  • new weapon / tool tiers


  • various performance improvements
  • fixed game freezes when drilling
  • fixed crash when loading world
  • fixed sound on alien planet
  • fixed crash with connectors
  • fixed station not aligning correctly

Update 01.1112 (3/12/2015)

  • fixed crash with character tools
  • fixed crash planet's surface not updating correctly