Update 01.106

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30 October 2015


This week’s update is focusing on bugfixes and improving multiplayer, pistons and rag doll performance. We have fixed the pistons performance issue - pistons and rotor parts are now automatically locked in speeds above 100 m/s making them unable to move, turn and/or explode in high speeds. We also fixed various issues and improved the performance related to ragdolls. From now on, after a character dies, a body remains there for limited time and after that only a backpack with inventory stays behind. Additionally, hydrogen tank capacity has been increased 2.5 times for large grid and 4 times for small grid version. And finally we solved the issue with the incredibly heavy client in MP/DS (a.k.a. “hulk mode”) so the client is no longer pushing small ships around.


  • backpack with inventory spawned after death

Balancing & Performance

  • increased hydrogen tank capacity
  • piston locking and performance improvements
  • no windows on conveyors (increasing performance)


  • fixed invisible voxels
  • fixed UPS drops with character on large ships
  • fixed character clipping inside cryo chamber
  • fixed ship name change on DS crash
  • fixed all door opened in tutorials and older saves
  • fixed crash with physics
  • fixed crash when changing suit in medical room
  • fixed hand tools stay in the hand when stored in container
  • fixed incredibly heavy client in MP/DS (hulk mode)
  • fixed battery can be set to recharge and discharge at once
  • fixed air vent missing in assembler
  • fixed connectors exploding in MP


  • fixed invisible voxels
  • fixed rotors/pistons not being locked at high velocity