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Small Ship
Small Battery
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass146.4 kg
146,400 g
146,400,000 mg
0.146 t
Build time8 s
Max Power Output200 kW
0.2 MW
200,000 W
Max Required Input200 kW
0.2 MW
200,000 W
Max Stored Power50 kWh
0.05 MWh
50,000 Wh
180 MJ
180,000 kJ
180,000,000 J
Initial Stored Power5 %
Power Consumer GroupBatteryBlock
Power Source GroupBattery
Is AirtightYes
PCU Cost15
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The small battery is a single block similar to the Battery but with a limited power store capacity. A battery, once built, already has a 5% charge, meaning it can be used immediately.

It stores and provides half as much power per Power Cells, and 90% as much power per volume as the Battery, so in most cases if the Battery is an option it should be used.

It is not possible to salvage Power Cells from a Small Battery, any power cells will be recovered as Scrap Metal, losing Nickel and Silicon.


See Battery for more information.


Charge Mode Toggle Block
Charged % Auto Recharge Discharge Off
≥0% Air Vent Front Indicator Green.png Air Vent Front Indicator Yellow.png Air Vent Front Indicator Blue.png Air Vent Front Indicator Red.png
0% Air Vent Front Indicator Red.png Air Vent Front Indicator Red.png Air Vent Front Indicator Red.png Air Vent Front Indicator Red.png


Known Issues


Update History

Update 01.189
  • Small Battery block introduced