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Number, PCU Cost.

Marek Rosa on PCU Limits

PCU (Performance Cost Unit) Limits are the next iteration of block limits. Its purpose is to keep server performance in a more effective way than just limiting block types. Every block has its own defined PCU value, which says how much performance impact a block has under full load (when all its systems are activated). More PCU, more performance heavy the block is. PCU can be defined per world, as a pool, which can be used for building. This pool is then split per player, per faction, or global. Limits per faction are also a new feature introduced in this build. Please note, that you can change the default PCU limits in the Experimental mode.

For example: The world has 100,000 PCU pool, there are only two factions, red and blue, there cannot be more factions. So each faction has 50,000 dedicated PCUs. A player which does not belong to any faction cannot build anything. Removed or destroyed blocks PCU are returned back to the faction PCU pool. A player who wants to change the faction, needs to check that all his/her blocks PCU are within the faction limit he/she wants to join. [1]
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