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Platinum Ingot Icon.png
Platinum Ingot
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Mass1 kg
1,000 g
1,000,000 mg
1.0e-3 t
Volume0.047 L
4.7e-5 m³
3.008e-6 Large-Blocks
3.76e-4 Small-Blocks
0.0047 hL
47 mL
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Platinum Ingot.png

Platinum Ingot, created by smelting Platinum Ore in a Refinery.

Platinum ingots are involved in the fabrication of a variety of high tier components as well as tools and weapons, as shown hereafter. It is created out of refined platinum ore which is rarely found in ore deposits on asteroids, but never on planets. Like most components in the game, it can also be salvaged from the tools and components that require it via an assembler, or bought from stations that sell it if that the economy feature is enabled.

Assembler Recipes

These are assembler recipes that use Platinum Ingots:

Name Icon Ingots
200mm Missile Container 200mm Missile Container Icon.png
Elite Automatic Rifle Elite Automatic Rifle Icon.png
Elite Grinder Elite Grinder Icon.png
Elite Hand Drill Elite Hand Drill Icon.png
Elite Welder Elite Welder Icon.png
Hand Drill Hand Drill Icon.png
Thruster Components Thruster Components Icon.png
Thruster Components Thruster Components Icon.png

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Platinum Ingot Icon.png Platinum Ingot 
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