Magnesium Powder

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Magnesium Powder Icon.png
Magnesium Powder
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Mass1 kg
1,000 g
1,000,000 mg
1.0e-3 t
Volume0.575 L
5.75e-4 m³
0.0575 hL
575 mL
3.68e-5 Large-Blocks
0.0046 Small-Blocks
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Powdered Magnesium, created by processing Magnesium Ore in a refinery. Magnesium is a primary component in combat, as it is required to make ammo, missiles, explosives.

Assembler Recipes

These are assembler recipes that use Magnesium Powder:

Name Icon Ingots
200mm Missile Container 200mm Missile Container Icon.png
25x184mm NATO Ammo Container 25x184mm NATO Ammo Container Icon.png
5.56x45mm NATO Magazine 5.56x45mm NATO Magazine Icon.png
Explosives Explosives Icon.png

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Magnesium Powder Icon.png Magnesium Powder 
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