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可先阅览 官方的模组制作指引页面(英文)

模改时 需知目录问题


教程和指引 Tutorials/Guides


着色器脚本 Shaders 问题

版本1.202.124 着色器脚本 是 hlsl 和 hlsli
旧版游戏着色器脚本由 fx fxh 组成每次执行会根据 fx 编译 fxo在游戏目录\Content\Effects2\中

材质贴图 Textures问题

DirectX *.dds 格式(DXT5压缩) 需要对应工具才能处理,
若你可以使用Adobe Photoshop,推荐用安装此插件来导出。
游戏的贴图素材目录有些子分类比如: GUI界面, particles粒子, lights光, models模型, voxels体素 等
  • 贴图尾缀“_ns” 代表了三色通道均为 "normal map" 且 ALPHA 通道则是"specular map"。
  • 贴图尾缀“_de” 代表了三色通道均为 "diffuse map"且 ALPHA 通道则是"emissive map"。
随着Space Engineers从DX9 PBR[1]纹理转移到DX11 PBR纹理,创建纹理的方法发生了变化
最简单的方法是将制作的材质图片素材存档为 PNG 或TIFF格式并通过Texture Packing Tool编码为 DDS 贴图
  • “_cm”-颜色(反照率)和Metaness贴图(alpha)。
  • “_ng”-法线贴图和光泽贴图(alpha)。
  • “_add”-添加纹理-尚未指定AO(红色通道)、G(发射)和B通道以及自定义颜色遮罩(alpha通道)。
  • “_alphamask”-阿尔法映射。

  1. Physicallly-Based Rendering 物理性渲染
  2. Direct3D 11 中的纹理块压缩


mwm模型是由MwmBuilder基于fbx文件生成的 fbx? filmboX 模型交换格式.adobe fbx

MwmBuilder Location: {Steam installations directory}\SteamApps\common\SpaceEngineers\Tools\MwmBuilder.exe

Models are stored in: steamapps\common\SpaceEngineersModSDK\OriginalContent\Models\

Models have been moved to the SpaceEngineers ModSDK. For information on obtaining the SDK on Steam check here


  1. ) Copy FBX models to the same directory as MwmBuilder.exe
  2. ) Create an XML file with the same name as the model. Giraffe.fbx will have Giraffe.xml.
  3. ) Run MwmBuilder.exe
  4. ) You'll find .mwm files in the same folder

For advanced usage see here: ADVANCED 3D MODELS GUIDE

Moddable collision models: Adding new model with collision geometry.


Creating a working script is a difficult process for a single individual to do, and to facilitate easy creation of scripts an API is required to guide a prospective modder in the correct direction. Initially the community did this themselves with the Mod:SEModAPI, but in Update 01.048 Keen released an official API as well. SEModAPI is no longer in development and should no longer be used. This guide and others like it on the official wiki will only discuss how to use the official API.

There are three planned "levels" of script modding for the official API:

  • Plug-ins(DLLs) - will be the most powerful (and most difficult to create). This involves creating a set of custom methods, objects, and interfaces in Visual Studio and compiling the project into a .DLL file.
  • ModAPI script mods - will allow access to objects at the world level as opposed to a single ship grid with in-game scripts. This level of script can, for example, add an effect to all blocks of a certain type on all ships regardless of owner. One such early script mod was used to create a teleporter.
  • In-game scripts - will provide the quickest form of modification for simple or low-scope scripts. These are loaded via the Programmable Block's Menu. They can be written directly into the the text panel of the block or downloaded from a subscribed script in the workshop by clicking on a button in the same panel.

The current implementation of the API includes all three methods. Since these mods can be subscribed to and downloaded within Steam's infrastructure, certain limitations are in place to make sure that malicious mods cannot do irreversible damage (such as deleting files on the hard drive, etc). As such, not every in-game or out-of-game function can be used. See the Scripting Whitelist page for more information.

插件模组 Plug-in DLL mods

These can bypass all protections in place in the game for preventing malicious code. That is what makes them so powerful as they can use functions normally restricted. They can do things like changing the GUI menus to add custom screens or add custom functions to blocks which are normally hard coded in the game. They are not available as workshop mods and are manually downloaded and loaded in the game with a specially created shortcut to SpaceEngineers.exe. It is advisable to only use plugins from a trusted programmer, or one that has the plugin source publicly viewable. Some plugins also have their own mods that need to be subscribed and added to a world through the Steam Workshop in addition to manually installing the plugin. Because of the potential for plugins to cause damage to not only the game saves, but to an individual PC, they are not officially supported by KSH.

另见 See also


There are many different workflows used by various modders. There is also not a universal workflow that works for everyone. However, the following tools are recommend by most modders and make it much easier to create mods:

  • Notepad++ (For XML, SBC, and general text editing)
  • Visual Studio (For scripting)
  • Blender (For creating 3d models)
  • Harag's plugin for easily configuring blender and exporting 3d models into VRage format.
  • Paint.NET (Photoshop also works if you have this plugin for exporting in the dds format)