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Attention - This page is currently being actively worked on, and may contain incomplete information

The wiki is always looking for people to help contribute. Be it a brand new page with all the bells & whistles or simply a small correction, all are welcome! If you haven't worked with a wiki before, or you need a guideline to work with, this page will have all the information you need.

Create An Account

Space Engineers Wiki is a resource that is edited and maintained by the players. It does not allow anonymous edits. In order to edit pages you must first create an account by clicking the create account link in the top right of this page or pressing the following link: Create Account

After your account is created, be sure to read the rules and head on over to the Community Portal to see a list of current projects.

If you have never contributed to a wiki before or need a refresher, please see "Creating a page" below.

Community Portal

The community portal is a page where wiki users can gather to check current projects that require attention, and to discuss matters related to the wiki in its discussion page. All wiki contributors are encouraged to check this page every once in awhile. It can always be found on the navigation panel to your left.


The guidelines below are intended to help you organize your page. Pages can be filled with any amount of information. However, it's very helpful to keep similar pages organized in the same fashion so that it is very user-friendly. These also help those who want to only add small bits of useful information, but do not how to introduce it into the page. While it isn't an enforced practice, it is recommended to help keep the wiki in good order, and not a complete mess.

If you're creating a new page, or adding to it, you do not have to add all this information into it. Simply add information into the correct area. For example: Say you wish to add information about how much fuel a large thruster uses. You would add this information under Usage as Fuel consumption. If it doesn't exist, create it. Here is how it should look like:

===Fuel consumption===
Thruster uses this amount of fuel. The math behind it is 123456789

Block / Item pages

These are placed in the order that they should be organized. This may be subject to change. However that being said, Information displayed is from most important to least important.


In this section, you explain in a summary what the object or mechanic does. You can put as much information as you like here to explain to the player the purpose behind this block, item, ore, mechanic, etc.


Here you explain how the object/mechanic works. Here are some useful examples:

  • How it works
  • How to use it
  • Explain the control panel for the block
  • If the block consumes fuel, how much?
  • If the block provides power, how much?
  • If the object consumes power, how much?


Media is where you place all your pictures and videos. You are more than free to place picture examples in any other category of course, but for screenshots, or youtube links, etc, place them here in one spot.

  • Youtube videos can be embdeed into the wiki via this code:

Example: Grab this information from the Youtube link
Then place it in the tag, it should look like this:



Tips is where you can place hints, tricks, unintended uses, workarounds, small bits of important information, etc for other players to use. You can place them in one of two ways here

  • Preset 1 (Simple)
*Unintended use for this block
*Here's a hint for this block
*A workaround for this part of the block
*You can use this block like this to drill faster
*This block is not airtight when placed like this
  • Preset 2 (Fancy box)
{| class="wikitable" style="width: 100%"
*Unintended use for this block
*Here's a hint for this block
*A workaround for this part of the block
*You can use this block like this to drill faster
*This block is not airtight when placed like this

Known Issues

Here you can place issues with this block. You can go into as much detail as you like, but separate each point with a new bullet so not to confuse the reader. Can place as many as you like, even about the same issue. Example:

*The block tends to explode randomly
*The block has symmetry issues
*the block explodes randomly, but only if you do it like this way


Anytime you make a reference outside this wiki, please be sure to include references! It is very important that you do when talking about someones work project for example, or when you link a modders website.

Example: Anytime you make a reference, lets say "Marek's blog said KSH is expanding to new locations". You would place this tag like this:

Marek's blog<ref></ref> said KSH is expanding to new locations

Then place this tag toward the bottom of the page:


All links surrounded by <ref></ref> will automatically be added to the bottom & numbered.


Update History

Mechanic Pages

Deleting a page

If a page needs to be deleted mark the page with the {{delete|reason}} tag. This will put a notice on the page so an administrator may evaluate it and delete it if needed. Replace reason with your actual reason for page deletion.