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Varangian Corporation


Faction Type:
Industrial Mercenary Military
# 3
Steam Group:
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History Members Fleet

Notice: Currently active in limited capacity in Multiplayer, Testing Stability of Game


Our factions disposition is that of mercenaries, our goal is to advance our economy, military, skill, and industry. To do this we need to keep a very good reputation, Our reputation should be shown not only in our conduct, but also how we interact with other factions. We will not be isolationist, we will do our best to help those who need it, and we will do our best to promote free trade through the universe. Our agenda is to dominate the universe through means other than that of conquest; but when and if that time comes we plan to not only have the skilled manpower, but to have the economic, diplomatic and industrial strength to overcome any odds.

Rules of Conduct

No Griefing 
Do not attack a target without (a good reason)
Do not attack spawn ships unless there is a breach of security (IE. Entered a restricted area)
Do not accept contracts against Allies without involving faction politics
Obey your superior officers, and respect your peers
Obey orders given by any superior officer.
Do not abuse, or exploit game mechanics.
All resources will go into a treasury for use of our entire faction.
Try to be active, and if you must leave or remain inactive for an extended period of time contact your commanding officer
If a problem can not be resolved between two parties it will be handled by the commander of operations, and there will not be 
If no officer is available use common sense, however take a log of what happened and notify officers about it.
Members within our faction will learn our philosophy over time, there will be an unwritten code of ethics that you will become
accustomed too.

Enlisted Ranks

These are honorary titles awarded by our faction, in times of extreme danger any rank may use any ship to defend their home, however for any other use any ship used above your rank must have permission from the owner of the craft, or your commanding officer. These ranks will be awarded upon request, of a commanding officer, then verified by the Commander of Operations. Each rank comes with perks assigned to it. However each perk my be revoked or upgraded by the Commander of Operations.

Conscript: - This rank is for fresh recruits. You have not earned our trust so you must ask permission to use all faction ships, other than small utility vessels, and light fighters.

Ensign: - This rank is gained by proving that we are able to trust you, and you have adequate activity. With this rank you are given the right to use Medium fighters/bombers and you will be given certain responsibility within the faction.

Lieutenant Junior Grade: - This rank is dedicated for players who, we do not feel have enough activity, or are not prepared for the responsibility of the rank of Lieutenant, but have shown dedication, and found trustworthy. These ranks may use Low tier large craft.

Lieutenant: - This rank is for players who have shown much dedication, and responsibility; they will be given a leadership role and will be expected to uphold faction rules, and statutes. This rank is also allowed to use mid tier ships built by the faction, such as a frigate.

Lieutenant Commander: - This rank is for players who have shown exemplary character, knowledge, and dedication. These players are allowed to use any mid tier ship such as a destroyer, or cruiser. This rank can only be gained by member who have shown they can be trusted without incident.

Commander: - Undefined.

Captain: - Undefined.