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United Terran Confederate Navy
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Ship insignia guide

We are the navy of the United Terran Confederacy (Henceforth simply referred to as, "the Confederacy"). Our purpose is to expand the Confederacy and remove all those who stand in our way. Our ships are primarily colored dark red (H, 0; S, 100; V, 80) accented with yellow-orange (H, 47; S, 100; V, 100). Larger ships may have a Golden Eagle (demonstrated right) painted in yellow-orange on the hull.

Rank structure

Listed in descending order, our ranks, their grades, and their abbreviations are as follows:

Grade Abbreviation Title
O-11 FADM Fleet Admiral
O-10 ADM Admiral Chief of Naval Operations
O-9 VADM Vice Admiral
O-8 RADM Rear Admiral (upper half)
O-7 RDML Rear Admiral (lower half)
O-6 CAPT Captain
O-5 CDR Commander
O-4 LCDR Lieutenant Commander
O-3 LT Lieutenant
O-2 LTJG Lieutentant Junior Grade
O-1 ENS Ensign
W-2 CWO Chief Warrant Officer
W-1 WO Warrant Officer
E-9 (S) MCPON Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
E-9 MCPO Master Chief Petty Officer
E-8 SCPO Senior Chief Petty Officer
E-7 CPO Chief Petty Officer
E-6 PO1 Petty Officer 1st Class
E-5 PO2 Petty Officer 2nd Class
E-4 PO3 Petty Officer 3rd Class
E-3 SN Spaceman
E-2 SA Spaceman Apprentice
E-1 SR Spaceman Recruit

Note: (S) denotes a special rank, only granted under certain circumstances.

Rules & code of conduct

Our organization adheres to a set of rules, and a code of conduct. Breaking rules is punishable by court-martial; breaking code of conduct, depending on severity & type of offense, may be punished by court-martial; lesser offenses will be dealt with by summary punishment (e.g., temporary reduction in rank). The three highest ranking officers of a ship are responsible for courts-martial, however if offense is committed in port (i.e., not on a ship) the three ranking officers of port are responsible for courts-martial. If it is discovered that one of the three ranking officers of a ship or port committed the offense, the Fleet Admiral is to be contacted by the crew member or officer who discovered and/or witnessed the offense immediately. (anonymity may be granted) If the Fleet Admiral committed the offense, it is the responsibility of the highest ranking officer(s) under his command to arrest and court-martial him.


  1. Treason (i.e., giving enemy forces deployment locations, mutiny, defecting) is very prohibited.
    • This will result in execution, followed by permanent discharge.
  2. Theft of navy assets (i.e., taking components, tools, weapons, ships without authorization) is prohibited.
  3. Murder (i.e., murder) of fellow crew members and/or officers is prohibited.
    1. Exception: Self-defense.
    • This will result in either a) discharge or b) execution, followed by discharge.
      1. Exception: Self-defense.
  4. Ships of Corvette size or larger are required to have a brig with at least one (1) cell.

Code of conduct

  • Don't bring dishonor to the navy or to the Confederacy. (i.e., don't misbehave, grief, talk smack, etc.)
  • Use common sense regarding conduct: if you think it would be inflammatory and/or rude, don't say/do it!


Name Rank
Pathfinder FAdm.
munnegurl Ens.