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United Interplanetary Trade Federation
Faction Type:
Commercial, Industrial, Military
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The United Interplanetary Trade Federation is a commercial organization that strives for peace through diplomacy and commerce. While our goal is peace, justice, and profit, we do have a highly skilled military who will protect both our organization and our assets. Becoming a member has no prerequisites. Becoming a member of the UITF Military requires a separate evaluation by Cap'n Taters. More detailed information can be found on our Steam group page or our Enjin site at http://uit-federation.enjin.com/home. We will post more information here every day.


Amicitia et Utilitas - "Friendship And Profit"

Current Political and Military Situations

5-8-2014 : The Imperium Empire has declared a universal hostility stance towards all publicly-listed factions, resulting in a rise in tension among all factions. The UITF is issuing a public appeal to form an alliance between factions in order to place regulations upon The Imperium to prevent open hostility, war, and disruption of commerce. For more information, contact DoctorDeathDefying on the Keen Software House forums.


We are open to trade from any faction. Please send DrDeathDefying a message on the Keen Software House forums for details.

Civil Hierarchy

Utility Crew

Utility Foreman

Utility Pilot

Small Ship Crew

Small Ship Foreman

Small Ship Pilot

Station Staff

Station Foreman

Hermes Crewman

Hermes Foreman

Hermes Pilot

Small Ship Architect

Large Ship and Station Architect

Local Administrator

Regional/Sector Administrator



Military Hierarchy


Private First Class

Lance Corporal



Staff Sergeant

Sergeant First Class

Master Sergeant

Sergeant Major

Second Lieutenant

First Lieutenant



Lieutenant Colonel


Brigadier General

Major General

Lieutenant General


Grand General/Head Of UITF Military Operations

Ship Classifications

The UITF uses multiple different classifications of ships in order to achieve our goals. Each ship has a "Class" - an overarching category that defines its core features (Example: Phantom Class). Followed by the Class is a number representing the model the ship is (Example: A "Phantom 2" would be a model 2 of the Phantom class). Higher numbers mean newer models, and typically newer models mean more features and higher efficiency.

Phantom Class

These ships are small, light, and stealthy recon fighters designed to go into possibly hostile territory for scouting missions. They are not terribly durable, but Phantom class fighters are some of the fastest in our control.

Hephaestus Class

These ships are large, slow, and sometimes heavily armored. The Hephaestus class is primarily composed of utility and construction ships, designed to manufacture and refine items and materials while in transit. Hephaestus class ships are usually accompanied by smaller military escorts to their size and low speed.

Ares Class

These ships are incredibly powerful and designed for battle. Ares class ships are generally used as flagships and resupply ships in battles or military operations. Larger Ares ships even come equipped with hangars to quickly refuel and resupply smaller fighters in a battle.

Xenon Class

Known as the "Needle of the UITF", Xenon class fighters are small and light like their Phantom counterparts. However, Xenon class ships are designed for direct combat, and come heavily armed with the finest weaponry available.

Apex Class

Apex class ships are mid-level fighters that make up the brunt of the UITF's military presence. Unlike Xenon and Phantom fighters, Apex fighters are designed to take a beating in battles, while remaining easily maneuverable. As the saying goes, "For Every Phantom You See, There Are Ten Apex Fighters Waiting For You To Shoot It" We are actively looking for a new person to replace the guy who makes up those sayings.

Mole Class

Mole class ships are designed for mining and digging. Coming in both small and large sizes, the Mole class is what keeps the UITF supplied with raw materials for production.

Hermes Class

Hermes class ships are designed exclusively for carrying cargo quickly, safely, and efficiently through space. Hermes class ships make up the brunt of the UITF trade fleet, and any pilot who wishes to professionally fly a Hermes ship must pass a rigorous training course first. Certain other ship classes have specific training courses, but the UITF Hermes Pilot License is by far the most difficult to achieve. We take pride in our trade ships, and our trade pilots must be able to live up to those standards.

Station Classifications

Alpha Station

A station can only qualify as an Alpha Station if it is fairly large and can serve as a fortress or primary base of operation in the event of military operations in the sector. The UITF currently has two alpha stations: Hercules (Sector 1 and Federation Capital Station) and Odyssey (Sector 2, Under Construction).

Beta Station

Beta Stations are moderate-sized stations that serve as recharge stations, ship docks, or resupply bays. Beta Stations should have all the amenities of a normal station, including some form of gravity field. The UITF currently has four beta stations: Vaestra (Sector 1), Scorpio (Sector 2), Zakynthos (Sector 3), and Condor (Sector 3). At this time, all beta stations are currently under construction.


Outposts are small stations that serve primarily as trading posts or resupply stops. They do not need to have a gravity field, but need to have a minimum of two locations where ships could dock. The UITF currently has four outposts: Altec (Sector 1), Hermes (Sector 2), Albatross (Sector 2), and Gulliver (Sector 3). At this time, all outposts are currently under construction.


The owned space of the United Interplanetary Trade Federation is split up into three official sectors and one disputed sector. Each sector contains the stations listed below, as well as any ships that happen to be in the sector. All ships and stations of the UITF will be clearly marked with a beacon and the cobalt color of the Federation.

Sector 1

Alpha Station Hercules

Main Fleet Hangar 1

Retired Fleet Hangar 1

Beta Station Vaestra

Outpost Altec

Sector 2

Alpha Station Odyssey

Main Fleet Hangar 2

Retired Fleet Hangar 2

Beta Station Scorpio

Outpost Hermes

Outpost Albatross

Sector 3

Beta Station Zakynthos

Beta Station Condor

Outpost Gulliver

UITF Shipyard and Utility Complex

Sector 4

Unknown, Sovereignty Over Sector Is Yet To Be Determined