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Triton Fleet Technologies
Faction Type:
Commercial, Industrial,
Military, Science
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About Us

Triton Technologies is a new and ongoing developer for aerospace technologies and project innovations. The basis of TFT is through a pursuit of research and advancement for the common good of humanity. However, due to the rise of alternate empires, factions, and regions, Triton has been also in the development for war.

The Triton Fleet consists of the Industry's own combat and defense force, composed of the Navy, Structural, and Autonomous divisions.

Community Rules and Regulations

  • Any form of harm, verbal or through gaming / other media, is prohibited here. Any acts that are seen as a possible harm or attack towards another individual will result in termination from Aurorad Networks, and as well as ejection from the Faction Database.
  • Any basis of 'trolling', 'griefing', and 'theft' is not accepted by Aurorad Industries between allied factions and nations, as well as through current members and/or allies of Aurorad.
  • Any use of another's work without giving the original manufacturer/creator credit and respects is unacceptable. We seek to have friendly connections in this community and also enjoy to observe, visit, and explore each other's creations and entire worlds. If you utilize someone else's work, grant them credit.
  • Any build, creation, or speech that is considered vulgar, inappropriate, or offensive, can and will be removed from the Aurorad Network. This will result in a notified warning to the offending individual(s), and if such behavior continues, will result in termination and ejection.

Diplomatic Inquiries

If you, or a faction leader is curious about establishing a diplomatic connection with Triton Fleet Technologies, please feel free to contact Hiranake Kyoko on behalf of your representation. A response should be arriving in return as soon as availability possible, and a possible more in-depth conversation may be requested to discuss terms and guidelines over agreement.