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The Space Legion
The Council of Five
Faction Type:
Military, Engineering
[currently under construction The Space Legion]
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The Space Legion is founded upon the principles of honor, strength, and integrity. We are always looking for new members who are interested in power, wealth, and glory. Our engineers are experimenting with new armor and weapon technologies to further improve our military capabilities. Promotions are rewarded to those who work hard and take initiatve. All applicants will be accepted once they add their username to the list of applicants or the bottom of this page, to add your name to the list, press the small "edit" button next to the Applicants tab. The Space Legion is ruled by a council consisting of up to the five most dedicated individuals in the Legion.


Malta307- Founder and Council Member- Master Fleet Engineer

Orcinius Orca- Council Member- Chief Station Manager

cyberburn2x2- Council Member

Tykanis12- Council Member

Ship classes In Service

Artemis Class Destroyer


The Space Legion was born during the Martian war of independence, it was formed after the second battle of New Madrid in response to the formation of Earth's elite corps. The Legion served in every major battle for the rest of the war, earning more than 100 confirmed kills against the Earth 2nd, 7th, and 13th fleets.The Republic tried to 'purge' the legion by having anyone who wasn't personally loyal to the Republic's leadership executed when the war was over because the Legion was erratic and unpredictable at best. The 'purge' quickly got out of hand when the Legion's top commanders were killed and word reached their lieutenants, who responded by ordering their fleets to engage and destroy all Republic ships with extreme prejudice. The battle raged in Mars' low orbit for 6 hours of constant fighting while all Legion personnel were being evacuated. Once the legion had retrieved its ground forces it regrouped and tried to escape Mars, being closely pursued by Martian warships. The legion used a very unorthodox method to escape the Martians' navy. They fired a multitude of mass driver salvos into the Martian moon of Phobos, destroying it and creating an asteroid field that the Martians couldn't follow them through with their large and clumsy ships. By the time the Republic's forces navigated around the asteroids the Space Legion was gone. The Space Legion wandered the stars for the next 30 years before building their own station, the TSL New Rome. The Space Legion stayed in the shadows for the next 3 years, rebuilding the fleets they lost during the escape from Mars and recruiting fresh, young pilots willing to fight for themselves and each other, before returning to Martian space, ready to get revenge for the wrongs done to them.


Email our recruitment station at joshwhalen1@gmail.com.