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The Galactic Federation
Cmdr. J. Calico
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The history of our race has been a long one. A tough journey, filled with adventure, joy, and loss, and above all, overcoming great odds. This is our story. For millions of years, we've taken our planet for granted, used up her resources, and not even had a full understanding of the planet we inhabited all these years. I guess it's true, you never know what you have until it's gone. On January 23, 2000, began a chain of events that would change the course of human history forever. An international team of scientists discovered that something was wrong with the Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy, and it was beginning to decay. What they thought would take billions of years, had started to decay early. It was apparent that something had to be done. For years, it seemed like things on Earth got worse before they got better, riots, severe storms, and natural disasters pounded the Earths surface. The planet itself was becoming unstable. Then, on July 4th, 2028, world leaders from the largest, most powerful countries all met at an international summit. On that day, a universal, HUMAN government was formed, all of humankind as we knew it, finally united under one banner - The Galactic Federation. With diplomacy finally being successful between all of the planet, the scientific community started to boom, and so began the Great Space Race of 2029. Over the next 10 years, space exploration boomed. The United States, China, Russia, Japan, and European nations created a space exploration powerhouse. Within 10 years, humans had slowly began to colonize Mars, then next came Jupiter's moon, Europa, then finally, a small colony was started on Pluto. Unfortunately, this was not enough. The Galactic Federation knew that in order to save the human race, we would have to find a habitable environment outside of our known galaxy. On, November 1, 2077, the first part of Operation Noah began. Operation Noah was a joint military and scientific effort to finally push outside of our galaxy in hopes of finding a habitable planet, but time had run out. The sun was beginning to implode as the Galactic Federation's massive fleet was trying to utilize their new "jump drive" technology, which had never really been used before. As the fleet jumped, the massive implosion of the sun, sent a massive shock wave of thermal and electromagnetic energy as the fleet was entering the warp bridge. The damage was catastrophic, many ships were destroyed. The entire fleet was shattered. Spread across the universe, all of the remaining Federation vessels exited their warp bridges in different locations, disoriented and confused, just trying to make sense of what happened. Three of the Federations newest ships exited warp, as their crews scrambled about to figure out where they were and what happened, the realization started to come over them. They began to realize that we might be all that's left of the human race. The U.S.S. Dauntless, U.S.S. Prosperity, and the U.S.S. Defiance, all emerged, worse for wear but alive. As they scanned and made repairs, went on with their daily duties, an eerie message came in over the sensors...

START TRANSMISSION My name is Henry and this is my note to those who are still finding their way through the gap, I was six years old when my father punched the security guard at the gate letting mother and I sneak through the checkpoint to board the launch craft. Pluto was the last planet in the system that hadn’t been scorched to the ground. They said for years ships had been flying through the hole in the outer system that led us to the new world called Retheria. A safe place, or as mom put it. Hope for a better future. Eighty seven years have passed since that day, I was told my mother never survived that trip. Which for her that was likely for the best. Let me tell you one thing traveler. Not everything in space is what it seems, friends can become enemies the moment your oxygen levels start to drop. Follow your instincts and trust oh so few… and maybe…. Maybe you will be the rare one to outlive me. But remember the horrible things I had to accomplish to get here… END TRANSMISSION

Commander Jack Calico, ranking officer, and now leader of the Fleet, sat sternly on the bridge of the Defiance as he stared out the window into space. "Haki, open comms to the Fleet", he said as he motioned to his communications officer, a young Asian kid, Ensign Hakisiru. "Roger Sir, channels are open", stated Haki. "Federation Fleet, this is Commander Jack Calico. I know a lot has happened, and we have a long road ahead of us. But, we will drive on, we will flourish. We are family now, we are all that we have. Our primary mission is to locate refugees from home, and establish a colony so that we may thrive. We've received intel that we believe could possibly be survivors, or at least, a hospitable galaxy - it's called Retheria. We leave in the morning, may God be with us all". Upon arriving in Retheria, the Federation started to rebuild. Thankfully, Retheria is full of resources we can use to thrive. As they were exploring, the Federation found the remnants of an abandoned space station, as it was, systems were functional, and with a little bit of TLC and hard work, the men of the Federation were able to renovate the base, and now have established it as Atlas Station, and the Federation Academy.

   The adventure is only beginning....

We are a military government body, sworn to uphold the laws of basic human rights, and the laws of the colonies.

Commander Jack Calico, Lieutenant Commander Tristian Cole [Command Staff]


Commander Jack Calico, Lieutenant Commander Tristian Cole, more staff will be released later.