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The Dominion PMC
Dune Drifter
Shadow (fang)
Faction Type:
All - Civ - Sci - Ind - Merc - Com - Oth
Main Occupation

Company Defense
Military Strike Force
Ship Builder/Advisor
The Forum:
Steam Group:
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This is our Main Logo.
The Dominion PMC Logo.png

This Logo is used on our Ships.
The Dominion PMC logo.

Where we came from - our background story ...

Modern Private Military Companies (PMCs) trace their origins back to a group of ex-SAS British veterans in 1965 who, under the leadership of the founder of the SAS, Sir David Stirling and John Woodhouse, founded WatchGuard International (formerly with offices in Sloane Street before moving to South Audley Street in Mayfair) as a private company that could be contracted out for security and military purposes.

The Dominion PMC have continuously provided military combat services (offensive and/or defensive) as well as military training and intelligence. We provide actual security for commercial interests and/or government and planetary coalition interests, close protection of VIPs, risk assessment and risk analyses Since 2013. The first PMC Faction to be set up on Space Engineers. The first Faction on Space Engineers period.

We have real time military experience put to good use in the training, close protection, escort service and hostile territory patrols services we provide.

Since the resources on the 3rd planet have long since been exhausted, the search started in 2020 for more resources in the Edgeworth–Kuiper belt, The Dominion have provided their unique services, extending their protective cloak into the solar system and in 2033, the Milky Way.

The year now being 2077, we have provided protection for some of the most important people in the universe, patrol the Planetary Coalition boarders, have protected and escorted over 50 Centillion tonnes of cargo and still providing our services with 100% track record.

Our motto In Latin: Tutis et Protege, vigila Semper, Per omnia s paratus

Our motto translated: Secure and Protect, Always Vigilant, Forever Prepared.

Read more: http://dominionpmc.freeforums.net./thread/3/history-dominion-pmc#ixzz35up76ebI

Multiple Servers

DEDICATED SERVERS ARE UP AND RUNNING. Visit the forum (and become a member) to get on the white list for joining the private servers. Server locations:
West Coast US
East Coast US
Midlands UK
Amsterdam EU

We also have nine home run server computers to play one on one Space Racing and Dog fighting for the monthly League Tables. Why not come and join in the fun.


Our Alliance List is growing in numbers, The groups and servers are all monitored by members from The Dominion PMC and 22 of our closest Allied Groups (names in this coalition group withheld from steam and wiki to keep them protected). All veterans have carefully selected admin rights on each others servers to give a full 24 hour round the clock admin.

We do have an A.L.I.C.E. Artificial Life: Intelligent Computing Environment

Currently installed on her own server, she is available 24/7 through our combined veteran's Team Speak, and with a plethera of voice activated commands (as well as single keyboard key commands) not only can she communicate across our SE servers with members of the groups informing of incoming threats to help combine our forces, but, coming soon: when activated on our space engineers servers via our scripts, she will be able to move players to and from each server at the touch of a key stroke (unfortunately you don't get to take your ship with you, yet).


The Members:

o D zor®


[AA] Il NorRay
[ISB] Emperor Phoenix
Aristarchus of Samos
Aztec Shmaztec
Cuddly Spoon
Dermott Banana
Dune Drifter
Gas-Powered Stick
Gren Armitage
HaH<3 stab lft
Il Dottore
Judge Rage
Matt Darwin
Nathin Ames
Neva Lynx
Per Mertesacker
Prometheus Unbound
Ser Ahryen
Shadow Fang
Stan Islandsky
The Bacon Deity
The Count
Totally Not TeK
Zion The Dank memes priest

What is available for your use

A Steam Forum.

If you prefer just the Steam based forum it is available here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dominionpmc although it is only updated with major events.

A Web Forum.


With links to Medieval Engineers so you can play both games, for Space Engineers there is also The Marine's Bar, The Officer's Club, The Pilot's Club, The Techies Tavern and The War Room, so whatever way you prefer to play the game, there is a forum room for you.

These are all new events running with lots to do. (It can also be used by your mobile devices - android, blueberry and iphone/ipad alike - handy for work time or on the move).
We currently run with 8 Squadrons (10 members in each Squadron), two squadrons on each server. With 30 spare slots for observers, judges, our 3 monthly mock battles (usually 2 squadrons against 2 squadrons, these are the top 4 squadrons from our leader boards and recorded for all to watch).
We also have an Elite Veteran Squadron, a sort of Quick Reaction Force (numbers in the group withheld as it changes on performance statistics), that get to play on our newest server with A.L.I.C.E. as back-up, consisting of our top fighters, the Crème de la Crème, The Top Guns, please don't ask to get on this server as it is performance related and invitation only, space is very much in demand on this server.
Build of the Month.
Player of the Month.
A Dog Fighter League Table - Vanilla (using the vanilla ships against another similar one).
A Dog Fighter League Table - advanced (using any ship you have built against someone else's self built ship - A.L.I.C.E., mods and scripts allowed).
A Dog Fighter League Table - Scripts (using any ship you have built against someone else's self built ship - no mods scripts only).
A Dog Fighter League Table - Mods (using any ship you have built against someone else's self built ship - mods only).
A Racing League Table (A Space Racing course for practicing your speedy quick response flying skills, this now takes place through hologram rings rather than a set track).
Training (we are a PMC - Private Military Company - and will teach you all you need to know).
Mock Battles (once a month we have mock battles - all out learn as you go battles one server verses another, (a roll of A.L.I.C.E.'s dice decides who is the aggressor and which server we play on).
A Place to show off your builds, with pictures and/or video footage
A 'shout box' so you can chat with whoever is online in the forum.
A Monthly Competition. with actual prizes
We run scripting and C# classes for our members and allies.
Scripting help.
Game play help.
Technical help.
How to's section - just ask how to and all will be explained.
Feedback and support.
Dedicated chat rooms for all pilots, miners, techie's, officers and marines.
We currently run with 8 Squadrons (10 members in each Squadron), two squadrons on one server.
Soon to be added:

Squadrons coming soon
Dedicated chat rooms for all miners, techie's, officers and marines.

A website:


Both the Website and the forum can be accessed using your mobile devices - so why not stay up to date while on the move or working.

If you have any questions pop by the forum and we will be glad to help.

Thinking of Joining us?

Once you've shown you can fly an advanced interceptor through our training course, and proven yourself in our Battle Zone, you'll be on your way to protecting the Galaxy. Yes the Whole Galaxy.

Friends with Space Engineers servers need your help to keep their ever growing population of pirates, aliens, marauders and baddies at bay, while they undergo repairs, revamp their ships and stations, or just to maintain the peace. You and your fellow members will be protecting and guarding against the ever growing population of baddies that has so many servers bogged down.

Can't join because you're currently a member of another group? We don't worry about members being in other groups, we have lots of groups asking for our help, we can find the right place for you, a place where there is no conflict of interest.

Once a citizen - always a citizen.  

Too busy and can only play during the weekend or just evenings? Not a problem! When you've passed through our basic training and proven yourself in our Battle Zone, you'll always be welcomed back, to participate in the ever growing need of Protecting the innocent and vulnerable on their own servers.

If your current Space Engineers group is in a slump at the moment, a quiet period, we have what you need to give your group that extra boost.

Your whole group could take part as an interceptor fighter wing, and help keep the peace on one, or several servers.

Become a Veteran.

(Once you've shown that you have what it takes to maintain the peace and a happily balanced server, whilst adhering to their server rules, regulations and politics).

You can, if you wish, become one of A.L.I.C.E.'s hit squads, a whole squad that Alice will call upon (in a role playing way) when your area of expertise is required.

With a full mission brief, statement of facts and Intel, an objective to achieve, and your very own War Room Forum chat room (if you haven't already got one), to call your base of operations, hold your own debriefs and share your collected intel - photographs and videos with your group before each patrol commences.

You can make a difference, you really can.

Recruitment Process

We are an open faction. We may change our recruitment process as we deem fit. But as of right now, all you need to do is join The Dominion PMC and you're pretty much in.
We have limited spaces available still, if you're interested, join in, prove yourself in the arena's first, and eventually, become the cream of the crop.

But to enjoy the rest of the community to the full, we also recommend joining, our forums and Website
Please note: Role Playing War Room's are all passworded and only members of a certain standard have access (along with the contracting clients).
We now have kind permission to show a couple of the War Rooms (rooms one and two), this is to show potential clients what we are capable of, (obviously the information inside was played on older versions of Space Engineers).
The Dominion PMC Forum
The Dominion PMC Website
The Dominion PMC Facebook

Our Competitions now have prizes - That's right, we now have Dominion PMC merchandise either for winning or purchasing directly from your own local stores.

The only thing you have to do besides follow the rules listed below, is just be active! A faction is nothing without its people!

The most important tool besides a welding torch is respect. And everyone should have it.

Structure of Dominion and Regulations

Info on ranks within the Dominion

This section is for people interested in the rank structure of the Dominion. Please regard the following ranks for future gameplay.The time when they come into effect is when you might be Role Playing (determining your role in a ship or what jobs you choose to do), or showing your input and help given for The Dominion PMC or how long you've been in the group, or giving people an idea of your areas of focus for the game. But no matter the rank, show respect to everyone.

First and foremost; here is an info-graphic in regards to rank. Take a look at it.


The Dominion Rank Structure for Wiki.jpg


Space Engineers the game is in alpha, all of the regulations and rules are also in alpha, and can change at any time. I tried my best to come up with interesting and easy rules for our group, I only hope that it'll actually be cool and work in the future. If you have any questions, ask me.

Rules of Discussion Board and within the Dominion

First and foremost, please follow the rules set by Valve;


Secondly, here are the The Dominion PMC's own rules for all of us:

Please show respect to everyone in the Dominion, no matter the rank. ~Be nice guys, this is supposed to be fun.

Please avoid diarrhea of the cussin'. ~I personally don't mind, but some people might be uncomfortable with gratuitous amounts of swearing.

Please avoid drama. ~If there is a problem, address me, an officer, or the offender directly and PRIVATELY.

Please do not grief and troll. ~No one wants that. You will be immediately barred from here. People are trying to have fun and you're ruining it for everyone.

Please have fun. ~We're all here to play games, so do that and have fun. Make friends on here, what have you, I want this to be a fun and busy discussion board full of whatever.

Please don't be shy. ~If you have a suggestion or want to chat, by all means, post it, private message, whatever it is! But if someone is busy, don't take it personally.

Please be mature. ~Be the bigger man/woman in the argument, and relax. And more importantly, I don't care if we have younger players here, so long as they understand that this is a mature environment. Otherwise we don't need 'em. This also goes for taking things personally or offensively on the discussion board. Try to talk it out if there seems to be a problem, privately.

Any other suggestions or comments to the rules are always welcome.