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The Confederation of Socialist Planets
Vadim Novosad

Starlight Glimmer

Patton Ivanov

Pavlov Mesquite
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Born in the wake of massive labor strikes, and hardened in the fires of a Civil war. the CSP holds a very large part of the of the Perseus arm in the Milky way. This Union of planets is isolated, not by geography, but by ideology and resources. almost no nation in the Milky way, wants anything to do with this collection of "hopeless idealists" or "stupid commies" or " *explicative deleted* pinkos" as the CSP is called. though ideology was not the primary reason behind its alienation and conflict with the capitalists. it was resource conflicts, nearly Half the Planets in the CSP's fold are filthy rich in mineral resources and had major corporate holdings before the revolution. Hence, why the main backers of the war against the CSP were the corpratists and the CEO's who had much to lose if the communists won. as of now? it remains a silent and strongarmed spectator to the galactic scene, unafraid of any capitalist or fascist who stands in its way.

Useless tidbits: The unofficial anthem of the CSP navy is "the march of Stalin's airforce" (real song!)

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