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Stellardigm Corporations.
Faction Type:
Industrial, Military, Commercial
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Stellardigm Corporations was founded in the year 2065 to meet the new and exciting developments of space exploration. The highest demands were commercial, industrial and military at the time. For the company to stay alive the creator: JayLeo had to meet these aspects head on and make the technology of the future, today. Stellardigm Corporations have been responsible for the creation of the Skeleton assembly yard, "Grindhouse" Scrapyard, Armageddon Class Space-Battleship, as well as many other ships and gadgets.

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Stellaridgm Corporations makes a large variety of ships that are colored based upon their specialty. Green is civillian, Blue is commercial, dark grey is military, black is special operations, default grey is still undetermined, red is medical and yellow is mining or industrial. Special Ops vehicles can be changwed to any color if necessary to fufill a mission.


These vehicles have green on them and are mainly meant for driving on land and space travel for wealthier individuals.

StarCar: The default motive of transport. It's light, efficient but has issues with gravity.

Ford F1500: A slightly larger car with a higher cargo space but not as face transportation.

Bugatti Type 90: A very fast car for wealthy individuals and a good cargo space.

CataBus MK5: A large transport vehicle with a slow transport but can carry up to 16 passengers.

Starwind Class Private Sail: A small one man ship with dual solar panels to absorb the sun's power.


Leader/Chief Admiral/Founder: JayLeo/Jack

Co-Leader/Co-Chief Admiral/Co-Founder: That_Ganderman

Head chairman of commercial business:

Head chairman of military business: Kamyn/Fleet Admiral SparkleBottoms

Head chairman of industrial business:

Commercial supervisor:

Military supervisor:

Industrial supervisor:


Please email me at jpl16@scasd.org and post some of the things in the email: IGN, Age, Any previous faction allignment, and abilities you can contribute to our Corporations.


3/13/1995: Jay is born in Berlin, Germany

5/4/1999: Ganderson is born in Detroit, Michigan

8/31/2014: Jay enrolls in the Univerity of Cambridge as an astronomy and engineering student.

2033-2060: This era marks some of the greatest technological leaps in the 21st century known as the "Platinum Age" according to Jay

10/2/2064:Jay and his co-worker Ganderson begin work on Stellardigm Corporations with the original intentions of assisting bigger name brands in space exploration.

1/16/2065: Stellardigm Corporations invests heavily in asteroid mining for precious ores and metals.

4/1/2065: Stellardigm Corporations has a buyback of over 300% and begins work on their own space exploration.

7/9/2065: The S.C.S. Nebula is launched from Stellardigm HQ in Berlin, Germany.

7/30/2065: The crew of the Nebula including Ganderson and Jay arrive in a dense asteroid field where work on "The Hive" HQ begins.

2/14/2068: The Hive is fully completed and marks the grand opening of the true Stellardigm Corporations

4/10/2070: The Hive is severely damaged my asteroids due to a solar storm disrupting an asteroid cluster.

5/19/2071: THe S.C.S. Nebula was destroyed by an unknown faction killing 56 "Stellarnauts" and injuring 14 others.

3/21/2073: Profits from space mining and exploration reach the trillions.

2074-2077: Several additional stations are built to expand their intergalactic empire.

9/6/2079: The "Silver Berets" work undercover to recover "Project Entity"

5/8/2081: Stellardigm Corporations is pulled into the "Miner Wars".

7/4/2081: Jay's Engineers begin work on a life-extending machine to preserve his life. The Fedaration of Earth celabrates Independence Day by shooting off multi-colored warheads into space.


Rank # Short title Offical Name Description
Adm CADM Chief Admiral This person oversees the entire factions armada with an iron fist and has authority over all.
Adm CCAD Co-Chief Admiral This person works alongside the Chief Admiral to fix any flaws he might make and has exact authority to the faction.
Adm FADM Fleet Admiral This person oversees their fleet and gives out orders to make sure balance is maintained well
Adm ADM Admiral This person can oversee a total of 10 ships within the fleet and often enforces orders given by higher amdirals closely.
Adm VADM Vice Admiral The Vice Admiral works just below the Admiral to enforce his orders and oversee the fleets maintainence.
Off CAPT Captain The captain has full authority over his ship on independent terms and guides the crew through any troubles ahead.
Off CDR Commander This person is the second in command to the Captain and is his right arm wingman of the ship.
Off LCDR Lieutenant Commander The Lieutenant Commander is a high ranked officer on the ship and is a relay for orders given by the Captain and Commander.
Off LT Lieutenant The Lieutenant is an experienced officer aboard the ship who oversees his lesser commarades.
Off LTJG Lieutentant Junior Grade This person is a newly appointed officer of the command.
Off ENS Ensign The Ensign wears red and dies first. Nah I'm just kidding he's the standard crew member on a starship.
Off CWO Chief Warrant Officer This person is still new to the ship still has some authority.
Off WO Warrant Officer This is "new employee" of the ship and has a lot to learn if they want to advance.
Rec MCPO Master Chief Petty Officer The Master Chief Petty Officer runs around with and energy sword and magnum killing elites like there's no tomorrow. JK They are actually the highest respected officers in recruitment and will be sure to get a spot in a starship.
Rec GCPO Grand Chief Petty Officer This person is a high honor personel who has worked hard day in and day out to get where they are.
Rec SCPO Senior Chief Petty Officer This person is a person who is looked up upon by a majority of his commarades.
Rec CPO Chief Petty Officer This is a difficult rank to achieve but once it is obtained, it shall be very rewarding.
Rec PO1 Petty Officer 1st Class This is the Average grade of a graduating recruit and will eventually be deployed to a starship within 6 months.
Rec PO2 Petty Officer 2nd Class This is the minimum passing requirement for an officer to be deployed into a starship.
Rec PO3 Petty Officer 3rd Class This is where recruitment gets tough and will decide your future if you continue.
Rec STNT Stellarnaut This person is the average space soldier but still has a way to go.
Rec STJG Stellarnaut (JG) This is the first rank a stellarnaut will obtian in Space Academy.
Rec STRC Stellarnaut Recruit This is the average starting level for those individuals who wish to become one with Stellardigm Corporations.