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Reaction Faction
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About Us:

Reaction Faction is a small faction created on October 8, 2014. We currently have 0 recruits and 0 alliances (though I will be talking with amalgamated industries). We badly need recruits. No matter how much you've played the game, you can apply to join. We need good architects as well as pilots and ship designers. Hopefully amalgamated industries will let us use or build a small base in their territory, until we can make the kinnikinnick base (Don't ask about the name, it will change) which will be buried into an asteroid. our base will be mostly defensive, however military experience is appreciated.

Recruiting Information:

It's simple! Just send an e-mail to: 4804221417@students.ocps.net. Please include your gamertag, any experience with this game (including creative, show me what you can do!) screenshots of a few of your builds will help as well. If you would like to join a specific piece of our faction (Cargo transport, Mining, Military, etc).

And if you know how to change the info in the little box above... help...

Also, anyone who can help make the banner for our faction send an email as well.

Allies: n/a

Enemies: n/a

Neutral: everybody else.