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Oceanic Trans-Galactic Empire
Faction Type:
Civilian, Military
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Faction History


After the year 2020 the countries of Oceania found that if the formed an alliance then they could support each other in protecting themselves in a world of even increasing danger. The countries traded with and provided military support to everyone in this alliance. They called themselves the Oceanic Partnership.

Early History

In the year 2035 this alliance was moving slowly towards having a central government, by this time many small countries had already merged into one single government.In the year 2040 only 3 major powers existed inside of the Oceanic Partnership, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesian, some smaller governments remained but they were influenced by the partnerships major players. These three powers decided to form a single government and standardize their currency, laws and governments to allow them to survive in a world that had tasted nuclear war. North Korea had launched nuclear weapons at South Korea and America had launched nuclear weapons at North Korea, this almost lead to an atomic war because Russia was Heavily involved with North Korea as it's diplomatic standings with America and the west had steadily degraded since 2024, but due to Russia being occupied with civil wars in it's south, they didn't launch any nuclear weapons, as they weren't attacked directly.This Centralized Government was called the Oceanic Empire.

The Second Space Race

By the year 2054 the Second Space Race had begun and the Oceanic Empire had lead the race for space exploration.Though usually not the first to do something in space, they often did it better, at reduced cost and with less lives lost. After creating several stations and planetary bases through out the solar system the Oceanic Empire developed one of the first working and useful jump drives, this allowed them to be the first group to send a maned mission out into the galaxy.From this point on the expanded quickly, changing their name to the Oceanic Galactic Empire in 2069 and to the Oceanic Trans-Galactic Empire in 2087.

Laws of the Oceanic Trans-Galactic Empire



Supreme Councillor Trainhighway

Engineer Corsair

Political System

Political System Document


Central Government

Government Departments

Ranks And There Meanings


Imperial Senate Ranks
Supreme Councillor(1): Head of the Trans-Galactic Senate, acts as head of the senate and tasked with allowing all positions to be heard.
Councillor(14):Member of the Trans-Galactic Senate, tasked with voting of Acts of the Empire.
Colonial Lord(∞):Tasked with Commanding Imperial Colonies.
Imperial Police Ranks
Imperial Police Chief(1):In charge of the Imperial Police.
Commissioner(∞):Tasked with commanding Police Sectors.
Super Intendent(∞):Tasked with commanding Police station.
Senior Sergeant(∞):tasked with Commanding Law Inforcement Task Force.
Sergeant(∞):Member of Law Inforcement Task Forces.
Senior Inspector(∞):Tasked with commanding Investigation Task Forces.
Inspector(∞):Member of Investigation Task Forces'.
Senior Constable(∞):Member of Law Inforcement Task Forces and Investigation Task Forces.
Constable(∞):Member of Law Inforcement Task Forces and Investigation Task Forces.
Imperial Ground Forces
Grand General(1):Tasked with commanding the Imperial Ground Forces
General(∞):Tasked with commanding Imperial Ground Force Bases.
Colonel(∞):Tasked with commanding Battaltions.
Major(∞):Tasked with commanding Platoons.
Sergeant(∞):Tasked with commanding Squads.
Corporal(∞):Member of a Squad.
Private(∞):member of a Squad.
Imperial Navy Ranks
Grand Admiral(1):Tasked with commanding the Imperial Navy
Vice Admiral(5):Work for the Grand Admirals operate distinct sections of the Imperial Navy.
Boat Master(∞):Tasked with command vessels.
Staion Head(∞):Tasked with commanding Stations.
Helmsman(∞):Tasked with Flying Vessels.
Navigator(∞):Tasked with plotting courses for Vessels.
Communication Officer(∞):Tasked with operating communication devices on vessels and stations, and make up Communication Teams.
Engineer(∞):Tasked with designing ships and stations for the Oceanic Trans-Galactic Empire.
Maintenance and Repair Chief(∞):Tasked with commanding Maintenance and Repair Teams.
Maintenance and Repair officer(∞):Make up Maintenance and Repair Teamsand carry out maintenance and repairs on vessels and stations.
Construction Chief(∞):Command Construction Crews.
Construction Officer(∞):Make up Construction Crews and are tasked with construction vessels and stations.
Scraping Chief(∞):Command Scraping Crews.
Scraper(∞):Make up Scraping Crews and tasked with scraping vessels and stations.
Mining Chief(∞):Command Mining Crews.
Miner(∞):Make up Mining Crew and tasked with mining.
Resupply Officer(∞):Tasked with resupplying vessels and stations.
Resupply Officer(∞):Make up Resupply Teams and tasked with resupplying vessels and stations
Engineering and Transport
Production Officer(∞):Tasked with commanding Production Facility.
Intelligence Chief(∞):Tasked with commanding Intelligence Teams and Communication Teams.
Intelligence Officer(∞):Tasked with performing intelligence operations.
Lieutenant(∞):tasked with commanding Naval Fleets.
Gunner(∞):tasked with firing weapons on ships.
Squadron Commander(∞):Tasked with commanding Squadrons.
Pilot(∞):Tasked with flying fighters, make up Squadrons.

Honorary Ranks


Trade Opportunities

Public Relations