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Mine Co. Industries
John Minefield
Faction Type:
"Science", "Industry", "Military", "Commercial", "Mercenary"
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"Making the Future, Today!" -Mine Co. Industries' Slogan

Mine Co. Industries is a neutral faction that supplies players and factions with new ideas, ships, materials, and mercenaries. Mine Co. Industries tries to stay neutral to any faction or player, and very rarely goes to war with another faction.

How to Contact

There are currently two ways to contact Mine Co.

  • Post something on the Steam Group Page (we are always happy to accept new members)
  • Contact Mine Co.'s CEO, John Minefield


Mine Co.'s history is sketchy at best the exact founding date spans from 1760 to 1975, but what is known is that a man named John Minefield (and even then it is sketchy if thats his real name) founded Mine Co. Industries. It didn't thrive at first, it was originally a small general goods store, then in April 1984 his company suddenly expanded, instead of owning the small general goods store in that small town, Mine Co. owned the entire town. Within the month of Mine Co.'s expansion it was on Wall Street.

Mine Co. Industries did nothing but business for the next few decades until Minefield in the year 200-something foresaw a great cataclysm, after creating panic across the planet, Minefield retracted his earlier foresaw cataclysm.

Minefield foreseeing a nuclear war in 2013, placed embargoes on the Middle East, NATO and Russia until there was no risk of nuclear war, strangely enough there was no risk of nuclear of war in the first place.

Then in 2077 Minefield foresaw another nuclear war between China and the US, he set his eyes toward space, by October 20th Minefield transported all Mine Co. Assets into space, which he currently resides.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide great customer and personal service to any client or shareholder, and to provide cost-effective ships that is effective in its purpose and power.


CEO/Founder: John Minefield

Vice President: Colonel Cosmos

2danerski. Pony



Version 77

Color Coding

Mine Co. uses different colors for their ships which the colors signify what their function is. They are...

  • Orange and White are used for ships that are meant for industry (Barge, Salvaging Ship, Stationary Crane, Flattop)
  • Grey is used for utility ships (Assembling Ship, Refining Ship MK. II)
  • Black and White are used for missiles (Nuke Beta and Prototype)
  • Darker colors are used for attack ships (Bomber and Hunter Gunship)


Mine Co. has two Subsidiaries

Med Co.

Med Co. Specializes in making ships to aid and assist players the only ship that has been made was the Med Co. Cyro Stasis Ship


MIL Co. specializes in Military ships meant for military reasons, destroying, taking over, etc. the ships that have been made by MIL Co. is as follows...

  • MIL Co. VIP Shuttle
  • MIL Co. Drop Pod
  • MIL Co. Refining Drop
  • MIL Co. Refining Drop MK. II
  • MIL Co. Mass Transport Drop
  • MIL Co. Medical Drop

Ships Made

Mine Co. Industries and its subsidiaries have made 41 total ships

Mine Co. Assembling Ship

Mine Co. Barge

Mine Co. Bomber

Mine Co. Escape Pod

Mine Co. Evac Shuttle

Mine Co. Flattop

Mine Co. Hunter Gunship

Mine Co. Multipurpose Assault Shuttle

Mine Co. Nuke Beta 1a-3b

Mine Co. Reconnaissance Ship

Mine Co. Refining Ship

Mine Co. Refining Ship MK II

Mine Co. Salvaging Ship

Mine Co. Stationary Crane

Mine Co. Stealth Ship

Mine Co. Tactical Transport

Mine Co. Troop Transport

Works in Progress

Mine Co. Superstation

Project Quarterback