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Gold And Darkness Corporation [G&D]

G&D engineering.png

[G&D] Sir Bulldozer
Faction Type:
Industrial, Military, Science, Mercenary.
Steam Group:
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G&D Background

G&D, for Gold and Darkness, was at first a small mining and asteroïd exploitation company. As it slowly grew, it absorbed several societies (shipyards, private armies, research companies...) and created a very large corporation.

Building ships since the discovery of long range communication (beacons in early alpha) and one of the first to implement faster than light travel (artificial mass blocks), G&D is one of the oldest ship dealer in the solar system.

When you buy an authentic G&D ship, you know that you will be able to use it anywhere (few mods used), that it will last a long time (built to last), that it will use the best available technologies (ships kept up to date since their creation).

G&D is also the builder of the finest carrier-based torpedo bombers, the finest torpedoes, and the most agile fighters. If you need a small, good looking, efficient small ship, you are at the right place.

G&D main colors are black, sand, dark red, orange, and dark green.

G&D - You want it. We build it.

G&D Ranks


  • [G&D] Sir Bulldozer

Engineering Division Leader

  • Apply now !

Your role : research new technologies and use them in audacious ships that will make the whole company proud. As the division leader, you have to review the work of all the company's engineers and give pieces of advice to improve the designs.


  • Apply now !

Your role : research new technologies and use them in audacious ships that will make the whole company proud.

Military and Exploration Division Leader

  • Apply now !

Your role : Take the lead of the explorers and field testers in their quest !


  • Apply now !

Your role : Invade servers and show to everyone that G&D is a company that can build outposts anywhere and gain supremacy over any pirates!

Field Testers

  • Apply now !

Your role : Use any of G&D ships in any conditions and report their flaws to the engineers ! Any other rank can also be a Field Tester.

G&D Ships

"Subscribing to more than three of our ship will grant you the access to our exclusive VIP customer card and many advantages like a quick response from our customer service*, potential price reduction** and a free paintjob on your next purchase***"

"*Answers to your problems guaranteed under 6 months."

"**Never more than 0,01% of the initial price"

"***Paint not included"

Military ships

You need holes in it, we can help you.

fighters and bombers





Battleships and carriers


Ground Forces

Civilian ships

We offer solutions to your everyday problems.

Personnal transport