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Dragon Enterprise
Faction Type:
Science, Industry, Military
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Faction Video

Click Here for faction video.


Dragon Enterprise was founded in 2016 by Profenderboss. Dragon Enterprise has many branches of mining, manufacturing, and research.

Doing Business with Us

Click Here to go to the faction discord.

Omega Catalog

Dragon Enterprise is home of the Omega Catalog, a catalog of custom built weapons, thruster pods, and other items that will make building your fleet easier than ever. Omega Catalog Here


List of careers available in Dragon Enterprise, sorted by branch:

Government (Call Sign: Mother Dragon)

Council - Handles lower level decision making. Can be elected by anyone in the faction.
Leader/Admin - Handles higher level decision making. Must be elected by fellow leaders.

Mining (Call Sign: Orange Dragon)

Miner - Mine using hand tools.
Equipment Operator - Mine using small ships.
Miner Pilot - Mine using large ships.
Refinery Manager - Handle refining raw materials.

Manufacturing (Call Sign: Yellow Dragon)

Resource Manager - Handle creation of resources for other branches.
Resource Transporter - Transport materials from one place to another.

Engineering (Call Sign: Blue Dragon)

Engineer - Construct small and medium ships for the fleet. (Groups of engineers can construct capital ships under the supervision of a build master.)
Build Master - Oversee the construction of capital ships.
Ground Engineer - Construct ground vehicles.
Super Weapons Engineer - Construct super ships/weapons.

Research (Call Sign: Green Dragon)

Researcher - Create prototype designs.
Prototype Manager - Select what prototypes are passed to engineering.

Defense (Call Sign: Red Dragon)

Fighter Pilot - Fly a ship to protect transports and faction members.
Battle Strategist - Plan battle strategy and collaborate with researchers to build battle-ready ships.
Super Weapons Commander - Command a super weapon.

Player Colors

Player suit colors can be whatever they desire (although it does look better if it matches their ship.)

Ship Colors

Ship color scheme is as follows:
Passenger - Blue or White
Cargo - Yellow or Orange
Military - Green or Red
Other - Grey/Black

A ship's color may not match its type if it in an escort. (I.e. In a cargo convoy military ships can be colored yellow and orange.)

Ship Requirements

If you are bringing a ship over from another faction and are intending to join Dragon Enterprise the ship must fit the following requirements:
- Turrets must not target neutral factions or moving objects.
- Gravity fields should not extend more than 5 meters outside of ship, or should be disabled when near a station/ship.
- Small ships must be able to stop with 200 meters of braking distance.
- Large ships must be able to stop with 500 meters of braking distance.
- If the ship will dock with any station/ship it must comply with docking standards.

Docking Standards

Dock Type Station-side "Female" Ship-side "Male"
Type A - Recharge Connector flush with surface, clear 3x3 area painted green or grey. Connector on top of surface, clear 3x3 area.
Type B - Cargo Connector flush with surface, clear 5x5 area painted yellow and black. Connector on top of surface, clear 5x5 area.
Type C - Hangar Merge blocks in four corners of a 10x5 rectangle 3 blocks from surface, hangar door seal, clear 11x6 area painted yellow and black. Merge blocks in four corners of a 10x5 rectangle flush with surface, clear 11x6 area.
Type D - Personal Merge blocks in four corners of a 3x3 rectangle 3 blocks from surface, hangar door seal, clear 4x4 area painted yellow and black. Merge blocks in four corners of a 3x3 rectangle flush with surface, clear 4x4 area.

Type A/B Concept ('Flush on station, not on ship' shown here.)

Type C/D Concept (Note: Size is not to standard.)

Call Signs

Each ship in the faction fleet should have an antenna with the correct call sign, followed by any three letter combination. (Ex: Green Dragon - TAG)
This antenna should be enabled at all times unless stealth is required.

The pilot of a ship in the faction fleet is in charge of making sure their call sign does not conflict with others.

Rules of Engagement

Do not attack unless you are attacked first. Set automatic turrets to only target enemy factions, with "Target Moving Objects" set to false.
An attack may also be made if it is a direct order from a leader or admin. Their actions will still be held accountable, however.

Join Faction

Click Here to join Dragon Enterprise.

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