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Centauri Industrial Expansion


Kilroy,Chucky Dickens
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Civilian, Industrial, Commercial, Science
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The Centauri Industrial Expansion, Or CIE, Is an offshoot company from the UESC.




Written by: Chucky Dickens. (if there's anything wrong here, blame me :P)

Initially we were a small mining and refining group Founded by Bored Arsonist (our Leader and Architect) that provided the necessary Components to the major Manufacturing groups on the server, Triari and Omega Corp. Members of the group spent their time Surveying and Mining Asteroids, and then bringing them back to the processing station that I, Chucky Dickens called home. From here, Bored Arsonist would answer the Calls for supplies, the base would manufacture them in bulk, and then I, as the CIE Head of Transport would ship them off to whatever station they were needed at. Things started out relatively slow for us, our initial contract from the then UESC Supreme Chancellor, Snapplepeach, being for 20,000 Construction Components. Most of which we used to make our own base, though we did get all of them delivered eventually and future orders were fulfilled much faster once we had everything up and running.

A Month or so later, following an extended strike, Triari no longer had the manpower or resources to keep functioning independently. Triari Leader, Abatos, decided it would be best to close down his company, Deactivating ships and shutting off production leaving the station as a derelict shell. With Triari gone, Abatos came to the CIE offering his expertise. The still growing CIE needing all the extra equipment it could muster signed a deal, bringing Abatos onto the team and Gaining access to all remaining Triari assets, including ships and components. Soon it was decided that it would be of great benefit to move primary CIE production to the old Triari Station, turning the old base into a staging ground for future missions and removal of manufacturing facilities allowed the installation a larger crew quarters. The new renovations and increased capacity allowed a new influx members to join our ranks including miners, engineers and surveyors. Of this batch, a Miner called Cyrus showed great enthusiasm and has dedicated a lot to the group, owing to it's continued survival. I have worked alongside Cyrus for several contracts and even helped him establish his own base of operations on a nearby asteroid. This allowed him to work and maintain his own ships independently keeping our docking ports free for other units.

Around the same time, Bored Arsonist was called up to join the UESC Council, promoting me to head of the CIE. During this time the company has continued to produce and has worked alongside Omega Corp to continue construction of our factions military fleet.That was, until the UESC council decided that companies such as ours and Omega were no longer beneficial. We packed up, powered down our bases and went off again as a nameless part of the faction still working with our same members, but in a much different structure. At the moment, the UESC has fallen Dormant, and on Bored Arsonist's decree. The CIE has formed up again with it's own steam group, and more members than ever before. The future looks bright as we step out into the universe.