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Blue Sun Drive Yards
Blue Sun
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Blue Sun Drive Yards is a small Industrial corporation based in the SQ3 Quadrant. Family owned, and operated by a small work force. Blue Sun Drive Yards produces a wide range of ships. Ranging from small civilian shuttles to large Cruisers suited for military or private security. Blue Sun Drive Yard ships are fuel efficient and built to last. They excel in ease of deployment and maintenance. They are easily recognized by there blue and silver hull painting and pattern. Blue Sun Drive Yards is currently neutral to all lawful civilians and federal agencies. We however, do not do business with those labeled as terrorist or pirates.

Ship Production

Boros class light Merchant

Faction BSDY Boros class.png

Ares class light Fighter

Faction BSDY Ares class.png

Ezra class light Frigate

Faction BSDY Ezra class.png