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We are a recent development.But we are by no means "new".We mainly focus on being unknown and having vast amounts of information(You can guess how we discovered this site).

How To Join

  • Requires at least a basic understanding of c#.

Build Requirements

  • All ship sizes need to have a merge block next to a connector.
  • Must have an antennae built into it.
  • Needs to have this logo somewhere on it:
Or Some Variation Thereof


  • Must be a large grid.
  • Must be able to operate indefinitely.
  • Needs at least one Gatling turret with full capacity on launch.

Space Relays

  • Needs to have at least two laser antennae.
  • If you are building inside of an asteroid the antennae must be on the outside.

Ground Relays

  • Only needs one laser antennae.
  • Needs to have a regular antennae.


  • Needs to be able to function remotely either with use of AI or remote piloting.

Small Grid Ships

  • Needs at least one antennae.
  • Needs to be able to operate for an hour before having to return to base.

Large Grid Ships

  • Needs at least one antennae.
  • Needs at least one laser antennae.


  • Needs to have two laser antennae.
  • Needs to have two antennae.
  • Needs to have a connector.


  • The docking port must accessible.
  • Only dock with stations that have given you clearance too.
  • AI are allowed to give you said clearance.


  • Needs to have at least one warhead.
  • Remote access needs to have clearance to launch missiles.
  • AI are allowed to pilot missiles.


  • If you cause damage to someone else's craft you need to report it to them or a repair station to repair it.
  • Use common sense,If you are borrowing someone else's craft tell them and wait for them to allow it.
  • The build specifications are only there as a guideline for future use.
  • Attempting to enter a restricted area is grounds for forceful eviction.With gunfire.