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Diagonal Window

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Diagonal Window Icon.png
Large Ship / Station
Diagonal Window
Large Ship Icon.png



Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass168 kg
168,000 g
168,000,000 mg
0.168 t
Build time12 s
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost1
BrowseLast edit: 2020-04-12


Diagonal Windows are blocks that resemble grates, but have no glass. The player may shoot through these blocks. It should be noted however, that items cannot pass through the spaces between panels.


While mainly aesthetic, the block can also serve to be used as stairs.

  • Here for example, the diagonal window is being used as stairs on the Easy Start green base.


The block is on a 45 degree angle, and can be played anywhere the player chooses. The panels on the block can be changed from vertical to horizontal. This can be achieved by simply flipping the block upside down. Below is an example of two diagonal windows placed next to each other. Blue has its panels horizontal, while Red has its panels vertical.

Important Note
  • when placed upside down, the block cannot be placed on any block below it, or in front of it as it has no where to be attach to.




  • You can shoot through the window with the automatic rifle
  • The blocks top & bottom are different. Be aware of how you place it. When upside down, the player can't walk upwards.

Known Issues

  • Items cannot fall between the vent plates.

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