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Current Version

Update 1.202.1: PlayStation Beta

Major Button.png 11 May 2023 Announcement


Greetings, Engineers!

The time has finally arrived, Space Engineers Beta is LIVE on PlayStation.

Space Engineers, developed on PC, has sold almost 5 million copies and reached a worldwide audience. Now, more than three years after the successful release of Space Engineers on Xbox we are releasing Space Engineers for PlayStation.

We are extremely excited about the response so far and looking forward to PlayStation players finally getting a chance to become Space Engineers. With full crossplay, Xbox, PC, and now PlayStation players can team up and explore Space Engineers on their platform of choice!


  • Added support for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 platform
  • PlayStation can now join cross-platform servers
  • New tutorial videos for PlayStation players
  • New controller schemes in Help screen for PlayStation players: DualShock 4 (PlayStation®4) or DualSense (PlayStation®5)
  • Physics simulation optimizations
  • EOS updated to latest version
  • Added a feature to 'Create from clipboard' to Scripts browser
  • Added platform specific icons to the Players screen to easily identify platforms participating in crossplay
  • Added platform specific icons to various UI elements where the player name is mentioned for easy identification (some elements had to be rearranged)
  • Changed 'Muted' column in Players screen to 'Chat', it now functions as voice chat indicator via icons (Muted, Silent, Talking)
  • Changed the color of the cross on the starting bases to green to be compliant with Red Cross policy

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed an issue ending up stuck in loading screen when trying to start a lobby after reconnecting to the internet
  • Fixed an issue where in-game news would not refresh upon reconnecting to the internet
  • Fixed an issue where it would fail when trying to list available multiplayer games after re-logging to your account
  • Fixed an issue where long player names would not fit UI elements (it scales down now)

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the game had trouble reconnecting to a server after being in rest mode

Official Blueprints

Update 1.202.114

All platforms:

  • Fixed a problem with freezing or crashing when using ship grinder
  • Fixed a problem with subgrids detaching and flying all over the place
  • Fixed a problem with the access panel causing an invisible grid

PlayStation port related

  • Fixed a number of cases where the game was crashing
    (fixes for other crashes will be delivered in upcoming updates)
  • Fixed an error message when saving a world after loading it
  • Fixed infinite unloading when leaving an online world
  • Fixed incorrectly showing elements when using mods 
  • Fixed a problem where the number of connected users indicator was not counting all platforms

Update 1.202.117


  • Fixed an issue with searching in-game workshop browser being slower when using keyboard
  • Fixed Dedicated server console trying to include the platform icon before names of users, but showing '?'
  • Fixed inconsistencies between save sizes depending on method of creation (Original, Re-saved, Quicksaved, etc...)
  • Fixed multiple out of memory crashes
  • Fixed performance when deleting multiple saves at once
  • Fixed Scripts screen not including Author field
  • Fixed the infamous crash on trying to show in-game banners
  • Additional stability fixes 

Support Site Fixes:

  • Fixed a number of cases where the game was crashing
  • (fixes for other crashes will be delivered in upcoming updates)
  • Fixed an error message when saving a world after loading it
  • Fixed infinite unloading when leaving an online world
  • Fixed incorrectly showing elements when using mods
  • Fixed a problem where the number of connected users indicator was not counting all platforms

Update 1.202.119

  • Fixed various game crashes
  • Fixed error message in dedicated server manager

Update 1.202.120

Fixes - All Platforms:

  • Fixed a rare freeze when starting a world
  • Fixed  container names scaling down

Fixes - PlayStation:

  • Fixed save data taking way too much space
  • Fixed a crash when disk becomes full from downloading too many mods
  • Fixed a crash when modifying world settings
  • Fixed missing backup folders
  • Fixed consent setting being lost

Update 1.202.124

Fixes - All Platforms:

  • Fixed an issue where Explorer achievement/trophy was not being tracked correctly
  • Fixed an issue with DS save corruption when autopilot is used while a grid is being deleted

Fixes - PlayStation

  • Improved game performance on PS5
  • Stability fixes
  • Fixed an issue where raindrops would not be properly visible for weather effects
  • Fixed an issue where Uranium Heist would not have a localized description listed under Scenarios
  • Fixed an issue with artifacts on shadow outlines on PS4
  • Fixed an issue with PS5 control hints being misleading (swapped button icons)
  • Fixed an issue with replace button in script editor not working on PS
  • Fixed an issue where direct mouse input would cause stutters when moving the view
  • Fixed an issue where Master engineer trophy was not being tracked

Previous Versions

Update 1.202: Automatons

Major Button.png 13 Apr 2023 Announcement


Hello, Engineers!

This update will not only reshape automation, but it will also serve as a basis for continued exploration of the “NPC” concept. Automation has never been so easy! 

Complex mechanized systems can now be more easily realized through use of the new “Event Controller”. Airlocks, docking clamps, loading bays, and mecha controls are now simpler than ever. The event controller not only provides new functionality, but delivers this functionality in an easy to use and easy to understand block. These powerful new mechanics will create new engineering opportunities and serve as a foundation for future upgrades and improvements to the existing PvE content.

From flight control to combat maneuvers, the AI series of blocks delivers a completely new way to automate every aspect of your Space Engineers experience. Explore a future full of automated and animated allies and enemies. For this Major update we have provided you with the tools you need to define a new era in automation. These new blocks empower your creativity like never before. We cannot wait to see the workshop come ALIVE with new creations.


  • Event Controller & AI Blocks are here! (Grid AI Guide)
  • Locked Landing Gear no longer takes control of the grids they are attached to
  • Added Sun Tracking option to Custom Turret Controller
  • Small grid “Ejector” block has been changed to Small Connector (including Connector functionality)
  • Combat Improvements (Combat Guide)
    • Target Lock Improvement
      Turrets will now automatically engage a locked target if it is within the turret’s max range and Line of Sight (and the turret is not already engaging another target)
    • The "Forget Target" and "Copy Target" actions have been removed
    • New action: Focus Locked Target (replacing Copy target)
      When triggering this action, turrets will prioritize the target that is currently fully target locked by the player
    • Added Grey Lead Indicator + "Out of weapon range" text indicator when you are out of range for the selected weapon
    • Increased Target Locking distance by 500m, totaling 2500m
    • Turrets: cycle subsystem in toolbar now shows the name of currently selected subsystem
  • UI Improvements
    • New overlay when manually controlling Turrets
  • Intel Arc GPUs Supported, minimal version of driver .4146

Added new Blocks - Base Game

  • AI Flight (Move) - 1 block, S + L grid
  • AI Basic (Task) - 1 block, S + L grid
  • AI Recorder (Task) - 1 block, S + L grid
  • AI Defensive (Combat) - 1 block, S + L grid
  • AI Offensive (Combat) - 1 block, S + L grid
  • Event Controller - 1 block, S + L grid
  • Willis Ducts - 8 blocks, L grid
  • Conveyor Cap - 3 blocks, S + L grid
  • Centered Armor Panels - 2 blocks S + L grid - light & heavy
  • Air Vent - 1 block S + L grid
  • 2x2 Wheels - 2 blocks, S + L grid
  • ...and a small, fluffy surprise! 

Added new Blocks to existing DLCs:

Automatons Pack

  • Emotion Controller & 16 emoticons - 1 block, S + L grid
  • Saddle Cockpit - 1 block, S grid
  • Compact Saddle Cockpit - 1 block, S grid
  • Warning Signs - 13 variants L grid, 13 variants S grid
  • Top Mounted Camera - 1 block, S + L grid
  • Angled Interior Wall - 2 blocks, L grid
  • Inset Light Block - 1 block, S + L grid
  • Pipework Block - 2 blocks, L grid
  • Access Panels - 4 blocks, S + L grid
  • Air Vent Fan - 2 blocks, S + L grid
  • Automaton Programmable Block - 1 block, S+L grid
  • Automaton Timer Block - 1 block, S+L grid
  • Automaton Sensor - 1 block, S + L grid
  • Robot Helmet Skin
  • Plastic Armor Skin


Weapon Name Changes

  • Missile Turret -> Rocket Turret
  • Missile -> Rocket
  • S-10 -> S-10 Pistol
  • S-10 Magazine -> S-10 Pistol Magazine
  • S-10E -> S-10E Pistol
  • S-10E Magazine -> S-10E Pistol Magazine
  • S-20 -> S-20 Pistol
  • S-20 Magazine -> S-20 Pistol Magazine
  • MR-20 -> MR-20 Rifle
  • MR-20 Magazine -> MR-20 Rifle Magazine
  • MR-8P -> MR-8P Rifle
  • MR-8P Magazine -> MR-8P Rifle Magazine
  • MR-50A -> MR-50A Rifle
  • MR-50A Magazine -> MR-50A Rifle Magazine
  • MR-30E -> MR-30E Rifle
  • MR-30E Magazine -> MR-30E Rifle Magazine
  • RO-1 -> RO-1 Rocket Launcher
  • PRO-1 -> PRO-1 Rocket Launcher

Official Blueprints

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where voice chat was transmitted through unstreamed grids, but would not play on client
  • Fixed an issue with Armor Panel side textures being stretched or differently scaled
  • Fixed an issue with Atmospheric thrusters not stopping their spinning animation upon losing power
  • Fixed an issue with Blast Doors to the Research archive in Frostbite not opening
  • Fixed an issue with Build Planner not being able to withdraw items from inventories on sub-grids
  • Fixed an issue with collisions on construction stages for Medical Room
  • Fixed an issue with damaged Connector not emitting smoke on a DS
  • Fixed an issue with Dispenser missing dispenser decals for button labels and tap indicators
  • Fixed an issue with Gatling Turret muzzle flash remaining after being ground down to construction stage
  • Fixed an issue with glossiness inconsistency for Weldless Armor skin on specific armor blocks
  • Fixed an issue with hacking line being ignored for Sensor blocks
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistency of dark edges for triangular textures on various armor blocks
  • Fixed an issue with Interior Light blueprint was missing from Small Blocks tab in assembler
  • Fixed an issue with inventory item highlight/focus being on the right-most field instead of left-most one
  • Fixed an issue with Laser antenna still transmitting voice chat even after being turned off
  • Fixed an issue with missing controller hints for switching between tabs in UI screens
  • Fixed an issue with missing text for Contract screen controller hints
  • Fixed an issue with O2/H2 construction stage Level of Detail models + fixed flickering (Z-fighting)
  • Fixed an issue with O2/H2 control panel switching position on lower Level of Detail model
  • Fixed an issue with Refinery idle sound not turning off when losing power
  • Fixed an issue with shading on construction stages for Reinforced Conveyors
  • Fixed an issue with Ship Grinder sound not being synchronized properly in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue with Small Reinforced Conveyor Tube LoDs being darker
  • Fixed an issue with Small Reinforced Conveyor Tube T Junction having fewer LoDs
  • Fixed an issue with Small Reinforced Curved Conveyor Tube construction stage not changing LoDs
  • Fixed an issue with Storage Shelf construction stages having labels (text removed from const. stages)
  • Fixed an issue with Store block top side pipe texture
  • Fixed an issue with Terminal search function failing to show results after scrolling through previous ones
  • Fixed an issue with voice chat icon appearing above a ragdoll after the player respawns while still talking
  • Fixed an issue with Warhead's control panel part being flipped on one of the LoDs

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with armor edge texture stretching when using Weldless armor
  • Fixed an issue with autopilot not being able to operate Atmospheric thrusters after coming down from high altitude
  • Fixed an issue with chat scrolling too far using Page Up
  • Fixed an issue with co-pilot not being able to control turrets
  • Fixed an issue with collisions for one side of the Steel Catwalk Two Sides
  • Fixed an issue with controller where it always deleted the top-most listed save when deleting saves
  • Fixed an issue with Conveyor Pipe and Tube T Junction UV scaling
  • Fixed an issue with detached wheels not interacting with the grid they were attached to
  • Fixed an issue with drilling particles being generated even when there is no visible voxel in contact with a Drill
  • Fixed an issue with DS not being able to download specific mods
  • Fixed an issue with female character animation when seated
  • Fixed an issue with game freeze after shooting a salvo of missiles from a safezone
  • Fixed an issue with Good.Bot hints progress being reset on game restart
  • Fixed an issue with GPS not being controllable through EZGPS mod
  • Fixed an issue with Industrial Refinery interactive parts and their highlights not working
  • Fixed an issue with Jump Drive not actually removing a beacon as a destination after switching to blind jump
  • Fixed an issue with large grid Advanced Rotor adding the new small rotor head and not the 3x3 variant
  • Fixed an issue with LCDs containing long texts causing performance issues on Xbox One S
  • Fixed an issue with ModAPI MyMissile.AmmoMagazineDefinition returning itself
  • Fixed an issue with MyDefinitionId.ToString method not being performant enough
  • Fixed an issue with overlapping decals on higher hand welder tiers
  • Fixed an issue with player getting stuck in respawn screen in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue with realistic grid sound getting stuck when touching and leaving the grid repeatedly
  • Fixed an issue with Replay Tool not allowing to switch characters when one of them is sitting in a grid
  • Fixed an issue with Rotating Light's subpart visually detaching from the base upon turning the light off
  • Fixed an issue with Safezone "Configure filter" not being sorted alphabetically for factions
  • Fixed an issue with Searchlight resetting itself to default orientation upon save/load
  • Fixed an issue with set up Cockpit actions resetting upon server reconnect
  • Fixed an issue with small Armor block textures not being consistent in hue
  • Fixed an issue with small grid small Advanced Rotor displacement being flipped
  • Fixed an issue with sorting by Size in Load Game screen being sorted as text instead of numbers
  • Fixed an issue with sound still playing for multiple blocks when they were turned off remotely
  • Fixed an issue with target lock lead indicator not working for clients using Custom turret controller in MP
  • Fixed an issue with Turrets not using the new Camera overlay
  • Fixed an issue with Wall Window blocks not being airtight in orientations where they should be

Update 1.202.067


  • Fixed an issue with game start on Linux (Proton)
  • Fixed an issue with small grid skins having additional visual scratches
  • Fixed several game crashes

Update 1.202.068


  • Fixed an issue with Show horizon toggle doing nothing
  • Fixed an issue with wolves and spiders not having components in their inventory
  • Fixed several game crashes
  • Fixed several graphical issues on armor skins

Update 1.201: Most Wanted

Major Button.png 25 Apr 2022 Announcement


Hello, Engineers!

Our newest release is here! YOU, our community, are the inspiration for this release. We have reviewed your feedback and from it, created a collection of new additions based on your requests. We hope this update contains some of the many items we have seen on wishlists and the support portal. This update contains several highly requested blocks, fixes, and improvements.

While all Major updates are free, many include a premium (DLC) component. This “Community” update is completely free and contains no DLC. On top of this it includes new content for existing DLCs (this means an additional free update for everyone who owns these DLC’s). Our focus in the Community update is on blocks the community may consider missing, and on important fixes across Space Engineers.

This update will be just that, an update that focuses solely on community requested content. We will not be releasing any premium content or DLC with this update.

While we certainly didn't get to every community request (there are many) we focused on realizing as many as possible from the most commonly requested items.


  • New Camera Overlay
  • Added Weldless Armor Skin
  • Added Corrugated Metal Armor Skin

Added new Blocks - Base Game

  • New Armor shapes (S + L grid, Light + Heavy, 10 shapes, 40 blocks total)
  • T Junction Conveyor (S + L grid, 2 blocks total)
  • Round Windows (S + L grid, 4 shapes, 16 blocks total)
  • Small advanced rotor (S grid, 1 block)
  • Conveyor Converter (S grid, 1 block)
  • Half Cover Wall Mirror (L grid, 1 block)
  • Plushie Engineer (S grid, 1 block)
  • Ladder Shaft (L grid, 1 block)
  • Reinforced Conveyors (S + L grid, 3 shapes, 6 blocks total)

Added new Blocks to existing DLCs

Combat Improvements & Quality of Life Changes

  • Lead Indicator working in Gravity
  • Explosion value tweaks for Explosive Ammo
  • New system to determine small/large block size (for editing size of explosion particle effects)
  • Added center variable for block mirroring

Most Wanted Banner Picture

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a crash in EOS DS
  • Fixed persistence of identically named blocks in terminal after copy&paste (Small Reactor, Small Reactor used to become Small Reactor, Small Reactor 2)
  • Fixed environmental flashes of light appearing at 0,0,0 instead of around actively shooting turrets
  • Fixed difficulties with construction/deconstruction of Small Grid Armor Panels
  • Fixed missing flyby sounds of turret ordinance
  • Fixed Z-fighting on Large Warfare Reactor construction stage LOD3
  • Fixed Searchlight not being present in Large Blocks Category of Toolbar Config (G-menu)
  • Added Explosive components as detonatable inside inventories
  • Fixed a gap in the geometry of Small Assault Turret
  • Fixed Small grid Air vent conveyor ports to look like the non-interactive ports they are supposed to be
  • Fixed width of Dispenser block to better fit with similar blocks
  • Fixed missing Character Step, Fall, Impact sounds for Alien Soil voxel material
  • Fixed Lost Colony world not being saved correctly through DS-GUI Save button
  • Fixed 'Click' sound when using Ship tool secondary action
  • Fixed formatting of hints when using Gamepad
  • Fixed Target indicator not scaling with resolution
  • Fixed typo in Searchlight description
  • Fixed formatting of Reactor description
  • Fixed turret not stopping shooting when player takes over
  • Fixed Z-fighting between multiple landing gears being placed in a row
  • Fixed Passage 2 collision models for a better fit
  • Fixed projectiles and tracers not pointing in the direction of flight
  • Fixed a crash when stopping the game through Steam
  • Fixed rotation of Small grid Solar panel emissive bar

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when trying to cross the boundary of a size limited world via Jumping
  • Fixed multiselect overwriting Custom Turret Controller settings incorrectly
  • Fixed multiselect overwriting Exhaust pipe settings incorrectly
  • Fixed sliders resetting when copying Heat Vent
  • Fixed getting stuck in Cryo chamber when its ownership changed while player was offline
  • Fixed Jump drives not jumping to Beacons on DS
  • Fixed Cockpit's configured toolbar not being persistent through copy&paste
  • Fixed turrets not targeting automatically on DS
  • Fixed persistence of Heat Vent settings through reload
  • Fixed Custom Turret continuing with motion initiated while relinquishing controls
  • Fixed UI scrolling up under the cursor when right-click&dragging an item resulting in different item being relocated
  • Fixed spaces at the end of ship names preventing creation of blueprints
  • Fixed persistence of Custom Turret Controller AI range through reload
  • Fixed penetrative projectiles ignoring subparts of blocks
  • Fixed Armor panel collision issues
  • Fixed Character getting stuck in place after using spectator while controlling Custom Turret Controller and exiting
  • Fixed Warfare Hangar Door collisions to be in line with the old ones
  • Fixed emissive parts of lights not being in sync with pointlights when set to flashing
  • Fixed missing highlight on Warfare Rocket Launcher
  • Fixed missing crosshair when viewing through Camera on a custom turret with new Camera overlay with built-in crosshair
  • Fixed not playing the end sounds after a jump with a jump drive
  • Fixed persistency for Sci-Fi Four-Button Panel button descriptions on DS
  • Fixed a crash in Custom Turret Controller
  • Fixed Window Wall blocks being airtight from the sides
  • Fixed wolves not being able to be hit by turrets due to missing head offset
  • Fixed Controller always being inverted in spectator regardless of Invert-Y axis setting
  • Fixed black GPS signals reverting to blue after reload
  • Fixed Searchlight not following characters on DS
  • Fixed Load game screen not showing thumbnails when using a gamepad
  • Fixed missing breathing sounds in survival with realistic sounds
  • Fixed missing choking sounds in survival SP
  • Fixed visible gaps on the Railgun models
  • Fixed cycle subsystems not updating on toolbar when there are two turrets
  • Fixed missing piston sounds after piston head detached
  • Fixed collisions for Antenna Dish
  • Fixed collisions for Medical room
  • Fixed inconsistencies in Custom Turret Controller toolbar options when compared to regular turrets
  • Fixed missing staircase for one of the Economy NPC trade stations preventing non-flying access
  • Fixed /gps command not iterating when used multiple times
  • Fixed Gatling turrets ignoring targeting orders from Programmable block

Hotfix 1.201.013


  • Fixed crash in MyCharacter.UpdateAnimationNewSystem
  • Fixed crash in MyCharacter.GetRotation
  • Removed 'Non-craftable' item from Spawn Menu

Hotfix 1.201.014


  • Fixed several regressing crashes

Update 1.200: Warfare 2 "Broadside"

Major Button.png 03 Feb 2022 Announcement


Hello, Engineers!

The time has come! The team has been working hard on this update and today, we delivered new blocks, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and a reimagining of warfare in Space Engineers!

Warfare 2: Broadside expands and improves vehicle combat in Space Engineers. We are continually inspired by our incredible community and so we have created this vision of war based on community feedback. Your creations, machinations, mods, stories and visions of the world of Space Engineers helped guide our efforts and deliver one of our biggest updates ever!

The goal of Warfare 2: Broadside is to bring you more fun and engagement with Space Engineers, both on planets and in space. Defending against pirates, boarding a freighter, having a tank battle on a moon or a breakneck dogfight through the canyons of Pertram, - we believe this update will change the way you play.

While war is the theme, we mustn’t forget that this is Space Engineers. “Building and creativity” remains the center of the Space Engineers universe. With this update, we are introducing a series of quality of life improvements as well as entirely new mechanics.

Update Features

  • Target Locking, New Combat Mechanics
  • Arsenal of new weapons and ammunition:
  • Railgun (small and large grid)
  • Artillery (large grid)
  • Artillery Turret (large grid)
  • Assault Cannon (small grid)
  • Assault Cannon Turret (small and large grid)
  • Autocannon (small grid)
  • Autocannon Turret (small grid)
  • Decoy block changes
  • Custom Turret Controller block for subgrid turrets
  • Projectile Drop; Gravity impacts projectiles, Railgun sabots and shells trajectory. Gravity Generators do not have any effect
  • Large caliber shell physics; shells and Railgun sabots are capable of penetrating several layers of armor
  • Weapon Damage and Armor rebalanced
  • Ammunition and Tank Detonations;
  • Any block that contains ammunition of any type will explode when destroyed by taking damage. The explosion is based on the amount and type of munitions that were inside the inventory
  • Hydrogen and Oxygen Tanks explode and deal damage based on the amount of fuel left inside of them during the time of their destruction
  • Hydrogen and Oxygen Tanks no longer lose all fuel upon being damaged below the red line, instead they slowly leak fuel. The fire particle is replaced by smoke when fuel hits 0%
  • Improved particle effects for bullets, explosions and hit effects
  • Mod API Improvements
  • New Custom Start map: Asteroid Armory
  • New block: Offset Passenger Seat
  • Increased Beacon range to 200 km, Jump Drives are now able to set Beacons as a jump-target
  • Added new graphics settings for Light Details
  • First-person camera improvement: auto look return
  • Removed the chat feature

Warfare 2 Broadside Pack

  • Warfare Ion Thruster
  • Warfare Reactor
  • Warfare Hangar Door variants
  • Warfare Rocket Launcher (Rocket Launcher re-skin)
  • Warfare Gatling Gun (Gatling Gun re-skin)
  • Searchlight
  • Bridge Windows
  • Passenger Bench
  • Light Panel
  • Helm
  • Warfare Battery
  • Heat Vent
  • Sliding Hatch Door
  • Woodland Camo Armor Skin
  • Shark Mouth Helmet Skin
  • “Rock-Paper-Scissors” Emotes
  • “Salute” Emote

Community Collaboration

We would like to thank you, our community, for your continued support, collaboration and inspiration. You feed our “Need to Create”. A very special thank you to:

  • Darkstar
  • JTurp
  • Jakaria
  • AWG
  • NinjaPirate
  • Mexpex
  • Okim
  • Klime
  • Math0424
  • Whiplash141
  • Dondelium
  • Meridius_IX
  • Gwindalmir

...and so many others that have, and continue to, inspire us with their creativity, ingenuity, and passion.

Mod API Improvements

  • IMyLargeTurretBase.GetTargetedEntity(): Now returns target grid bounding box center as Position, grid bounding box as the BoundingBox, and the targeted block position as HitPosition
  • Fixed IMyShipController's MoveIndicator, RollIndicator, and RotationIndicator so that they sync properly. There is no longer a difference in behavior between clients and hosts in multiplayer. This opens up a ton of scripting possibilities!
  • MyTransparentGeometry IMyBillboard interface
  • GameLogic additions and the ability to read files from mod folder
  • Added action for when characters use a consumable item
  • IMyVoxelMaps Additions
  • IMyShipDrill is now an IMyShipToolBase
  • Added Missing Terminal and Controller ModAPI methods
  • MySync Implementation in ModAPI
  • Block Weapon Group UI compatibility
  • Decals ModAPI Changes
  • GetFatBlocks for ModAPI
  • Grid Groups
  • IMYCubeGrid interface to Physics.ApplyDeformation
  • Fixed IMyLargeTurretBase - Azimuth and Elevation issue
  • IMyTurretControlBlock | Expose ShootDirection and m_directionBlock to the script API
  • Interface to CubeGrid.GridSystems.ConveyorSystem PullItem() and PushGenerateItem()
  • Interface to Grid.GridSystems.ResourceDistributor
  • Interface to GridSystems.GridPowerStateChanged event for ModAPI
  • Interface to GridSystems.IsTrash() property
  • Interface to GridSystems.mterminalSystem* group events
  • Interface to MyProjectile.GetSurfaceAndMaterial
  • Missiles detector for ModAPI
  • MyMissiles and MyMissile ModAPI
  • MyProjectile and MyProjectiles ModAPI
  • MyTextureChange whitelist
  • Projectile detector interface
  • Animal NPC API Expansions
  • Interface to GridSystems.m_terminalSystem_* group events
  • Added events: MyCubeGrid.OnConnectivityChanged MyCubeGrid.OnMerge
  • MyGridGasSystem Interface
  • IMyModel GetTriangle & GetVertex
  • MyGridJumpDriveSystem Interface
  • Cargo:ExternalMass
  • OnExplosion delegate to MyExplosions
  • Expose AdminSettings Getter Methods
  • Added INotifyPropertyChanging and INotifyPropertyChanged to whitelist
  • Mod API Documentation updated

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed crash when toggling Ejector Override power transfer
  • Fixed infinite joining when attempting connection to an EOS DS
  • Fixed ability of DLC non-owner to weld up a projection with skins already applied (now it welds without armor skins if not owned)
  • Fixed animation incorrectly keeping welding pose for male emotes if welder equipped
  • Fixed Beacons being able to transmit ore locations (they are not supposed to)
  • Fixed black screen appearing when choosing NO in dialog after attempting to load a save from a newer version
  • Fixed block name field keeping its cursor position when switching from block with longer name to block with shorter name
  • Fixed bullets going through voxel and hitting grids inside it
  • Fixed chat command '/gps share' creating two GPSes (one activated, the other deactivated)
  • Fixed Corner armor panels being harder to aim at and weld
  • Fixed desync of predicted ship moving it forward and backward when trying to rotate with Q and E or changing status of dampeners
  • Fixed displacement of a true full-screen window after alt-tabbing
  • Fixed DSGUI being unable to create Scenarios directly through Save button
  • Fixed Experimental check being skipped when joining server through Server Details screen
  • Fixed F9 (formerly F7, spectator where the position is fixed and character controls are active) behavior when encountering highlightable objects
  • Fixed factions turning to undiscovered when managing them as an admin with Creative tools enabled
  • Fixed game stripping off DLC blocks incorrectly when paste merging grid onto existing grid on DS or in Lobby MP
  • Fixed gamepad aim assist not working
  • Fixed hit indicator not appearing around the cross-hair in 3rd person view
  • Fixed inability to regain focus/selection with gamepad after refresh in faction selection part of respawn screen
  • Fixed inconsistency of gamepad radial menus behavior allowing selection (but not placement) of unowned DLC blocks
  • Fixed Jump drive being able to jump through an obstacle
  • Fixed LCD image change interval not working correctly for values close to the update rate (Update10)
  • Fixed Linux proton mono incompatibility (Linux still not officially supported as a platform, but hopefully fix allows for easier set up now)
  • Fixed search not working at times (wildcard search is now available for <=3 characters, otherwise full-text only)
  • Fixed ModAPI IMyCubeGrid.GasSystem crashing the game when accessed too early
  • Fixed Oxygen farm incorrectly switching to full production before it updates after reload
  • Fixed personal rocket launcher firing off into different direction than wanted when crouching
  • Fixed Safe Zone being disabled on grid being split
  • Fixed Safe Zone names not being updated for clients after rename and reconnect
  • Fixed server saving on restart with "Save before restarting" being disabled because auto-save interval >0 was influencing it (moved outside of auto-restart and independent of interval)
  • Fixed ship tools being able to be engaged twice by combining methods of input
  • Fixed subgrids or landing gear locked grids taking over control of the grid
  • Fixed the ability to jump into a natural gravity environment with a jump drive (now jump is prevented)
  • Fixed thruster flames not being synchronized to others in case grid is a station
  • Fixed visual duplication of inventory contents caused by incorrect splitting of network messages (new deterministic system introduced)
  • Fixed wind turbines not checking area around pivot point for atmosphere
  • Improved ModAPI ability to place voxel maps with rotation and material (procedural and predefined asteroids, newly planets)
  • Optimized performance of placement check when casting a preview of a massive grid over existing massive grid
  • Optimized performance when trying to open and handle large amount of inventories
  • Fixed armor skin getting deleted from blocks in preview by using a line to delete existing ones
  • Fixed artificial horizon indicator not being present when controlling through remote control
  • Fixed character ragdoll bones not updating, not syncing and deforming after death
  • Fixed cloud blueprints not having thumbnails
  • Fixed collisions for Barred Windows being too thin
  • Fixed cryo-chamber emissivity when built in atmosphere (used to indicate yellow, not knowing about atmospheric oxygen)
  • Fixed descriptions for LS and RS actions in gamepad controller schemes
  • Fixed emissive status of lights not being persistent through save/reload
  • Fixed faction UI showing info about an already disbanded faction
  • Fixed female arm clipping through body when aiming down with a rocket launcher
  • Fixed female arm when holding a rifle
  • Fixed female rifle stance not being aligned with the cross-hair
  • Fixed female twisted wrist when holding a launcher whilst crouching
  • Fixed gamepad hints overlapping with other text under Mods
  • Fixed gamepad rotation hint axes staying in the world
  • Fixed grids not rotating smoothly when rotation speed was too low
  • Fixed idle male + female weapon idle animation (used to move the weapon in random directions, clipping into camera)
  • Fixed male idle animations with hand tools while flying
  • Fixed male idle pose with grinder equipped
  • Fixed male pistol animation when aiming down
  • Fixed minor art discrepancies on Passages
  • Fixed mirrored danger stickers on Assembler
  • Fixed non-block items in Toolbar config drawing description boxes over other parts of UI
  • Fixed O2/H2 generator not updating processing sounds when work is done
  • Fixed parachute not being synced to others on DS
  • Fixed passage block shading
  • Fixed ragdoll deformation on pushed disconnected clients because of weapon/tool position not updating
  • Fixed Safe Zone block collision being only a cylinder
  • Fixed Show all players admin option pointing out NPCs as well (now shows only players in sync distance for clients on DS and MP, MP host sees much further)
  • Fixed Small Light Armor Corner having an invisible edge in construction stages
  • Fixed static hints for entering/exiting symmetry setup
  • Fixed Target dummy missing control panel highlight on Low and Medium graphics
  • Fixed tooltip for button "Open in workshop" under Mods
  • Fixed tooltip for Custom data button
  • Fixed tooltip for Refresh button in Entity list
  • Fixed tooltip typo for Show antenna range under Terminal>Info
  • Fixed Turret control HUD not appearing after reconnecting/reloading while controlling a turret
  • Fixed weather temperature info not being consistent with HUD temperature readings
  • Fixed Z-fighting on kitchen block
  • Fixed Z-fighting on the sci-fi bar counter
  • Fixed visible line break in message when Jump drive jump has been truncated
  • Fixed Advanced Gamepad control Help for Camera zoom
  • Fixed capitalization for several items in Toolbar config
  • Fixed Decoy description text to also inform about lightning
  • Fixed Direct connect textbox tooltip to also include mention of hostname
  • Fixed DLC Icons overlapping loading screen tips and quotes texts
  • Fixed DSGUI save tooltip not updating after list refresh
  • Fixed Emotes being available in Cryo chamber
  • Fixed horizontal rotation movement of character not being precise/smooth enough for aiming
  • Fixed non-descript tooltip for the optional Scripter role on DS
  • Fixed shortened faction information in Online Players screen by adding a tooltip
  • Fixed symbol 1 block in Sparks of the Future shuttle being upside down
  • Fixed the ability to bind several actions to single key in controls (now one binding per key)
  • Fixed the ability to have negative number Trash removal values
  • Fixed tooltip on Continue button after last playing Uranium Heist
  • Fixed tooltip on Enable area interaction
  • Fixed wording on message when client lost connection to the server, but server was still running

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed a crash in Cutscene editor
  • Fixed a crash when setting Piston velocity to NaN
  • Fixed a freeze in physics when using hinges at the border of a Safe Zone
  • Fixed ability to remove online seated players by deleting grids which resulted in a crash
  • Fixed game freezing on world unload when playing in offline mode
  • Fixed game freezing when using a build planner to withdraw many components from a very complex system
  • Fixed ability to bomb grids by accelerating unfinished blocks
  • Fixed access to unowned blocks on otherwise shared grid for Faction members (same faction members can now access)
  • Fixed an error when publishing and re-publishing blueprints
  • Fixed armor deformation causing damage to surrounding blocks
  • Fixed assembler queue continuing production visually when block turned off
  • Fixed atmospheric thruster override slider being focused, selected and moved when using D-pad to change focus between panes
  • Fixed AvailableEffects not restricting the list of effects when modding Exhaust Pipe blocks
  • Fixed beacon signal disappearing after grid split even when still powered and enabled
  • Fixed behavior when joining a server after connecting to the internet from Steam offline
  • Fixed bottle fill levels not being synced to clients after auto-refill in hydrogen tanks
  • Fixed build planner shortcuts not working with Freight blocks
  • Fixed changes to block groups not propagating to the server properly
  • Fixed character stats not updating on modded suit change
  • Fixed Collision avoidance function of auto-pilot reacting to projections
  • Fixed Convert to Station disable for worlds on DS not having any effect
  • Fixed conveyor system not updating properly when using subgrids to convey resources on the same grid and breaking connection
  • Fixed cylindrical conveyors being airtight
  • Fixed dampeners on hydrogen thrusters not compensating for additional mass attached by a landing gear
  • Fixed delay in start of Hydrogen engine functionality (filling up and producing)
  • Fixed DS performance when drilling from cockpit using drills as active tools as opposed to direct on/off
  • Fixed explosive behavior when combining drills and hinges on a wheeled vehicle
  • Fixed Export model feature causing freeze when Ctrl was rebound to ship movement (like thruster down)
  • Fixed Gate block doors having collisions outside of bounding block, preventing closing when block embeded in blocks
  • Fixed Gatling Gun drawing power when turned off
  • Fixed hidden and hard-coded Jump drive charge power efficiency (80%) by exposing it to SBC and to detail info
  • Fixed Hydrogen tanks causing too high of a network load (made them update only when change is significant)
  • Fixed IMyShipMergeBlock.IsConnected returning whether the connecting is happening (now returns connected status)
  • Fixed inability to create a new scenario using a saved world in VST
  • Fixed inability to select modded characters in Medbay Character customization screen on DS
  • Fixed incorrect max required input readout for Hydrogen thruster
  • Fixed inverted controls setting for gamepad not being persistent
  • Fixed items in a block group not being interactive beyond first row in Toolbar config right-most tab
  • Fixed jetpack consumption rate not updating after changing environment from planetary to space
  • Fixed jump drive visual countdown (particles, sounds, etc...) not getting stopped when jump manually stopped
  • Fixed Jump drives not ignoring its own grid's sub-grids
  • Fixed LCD image change interval not working on DS with heavy usage (like Keen EU)
  • Fixed Light offset going in the wrong direction
  • Fixed lightning striking underground
  • Fixed lights flickering when near the limit of available light sources (new graphics setting of max lights in a radius around you)
  • Fixed misinformative tooltip for Enable respawn ships Advanced world setting
  • Fixed ModAPI not having access to RaiseBeforeDamageApplied/RaiseAfterDamageApplied
  • Fixed ModAPI not having read access to DLC status of blocks
  • Fixed ModAPI ScreenArea no longer being whitelisted
  • Fixed overflow in maximum grid mass by capping it
  • Fixed overriden Hydrogen thrusters consuming fuel even when turned off
  • Fixed oxygen not extending all the way down into canyons on planets
  • Fixed performance in safety detach checks for mechanical blocks
  • Fixed persistency of modded faction logos
  • Fixed projector drawing power even when turned off or unfinished
  • Fixed projector not getting reselected in terminal after loading in a projection blueprint
  • Fixed scrolling when scrollable list is focused
  • Fixed see-through middle barrel for Large grid rocket launcher block
  • Fixed Sensors not detecting characters when seated
  • Fixed Share inertia tensor option visibility being overridden incorrectly, making it disappear for certain mod and vanilla situations
  • Fixed Show connected/interacted inventories not being persistent
  • Fixed Solar panels working even if planet obscured vision of the sun
  • Fixed sounds played by Host through sound block in MP Lobby not being synchronized to Clients
  • Fixed tool skins changed in main menu not persisting into worlds
  • Fixed turned off and misaligned merge blocks causing a split even when not being part of a successful merge connection
  • Fixed turret settings not being synchronized to the server
  • Fixed turrets not targeting characters hidden behind embrasures
  • Fixed turrets still shooting at long detonated missiles
  • Fixed Whiplash's turret based radar script not working properly on DS
  • Fixed Xbox players not receiving achievement for finishing Frostbite
  • Fixed a hole in Small Sci-Fi atmospheric thruster on distant LoD
  • Fixed a typo in hinge block description
  • Fixed a visual hole in the top of an extended Small piston base
  • Fixed admin screen being accessible for Character screen
  • Fixed bathroom LoDs changing inconsistently
  • Fixed constant large grid ship sounds from occurring when all connected grids add up to over 500tons of mass
  • Fixed default block names not being translated to chosen localization for the observer (renamed blocks are not localized this way)
  • Fixed Enable autorespawn typo in advanced world settings
  • Fixed exhaust particles appearing larger at a distance
  • Fixed faction changes moving the faction screen for others
  • Fixed flickering on base of Antenna model
  • Fixed Gatling Turrets shooting lower than where the crosshair is (without planetary gravity affecting it)
  • Fixed heart sticker on the interior of a small industrial cockpit
  • Fixed Heavy armor sloped corner block not applying SciFi armor skin
  • Fixed missing chrome material on Large Hydrogen Thruster, Conveyor Junction and Conveyor Sorter
  • Fixed missing H key on keyboard texture
  • Fixed missing LoD0 for 1x2 Inv Window
  • Fixed missing workshop thumbnails for in-game Scripts
  • Fixed projection of a Gatling Turret splitting in two
  • Fixed red highlight in component window when welding with not enough components also appearing for the next block
  • Fixed Sci-Fi One Button Terminal button not turning yellow when action is assigned
  • Fixed script editor character count and "Too long" warning overlapping
  • Fixed small air vent not having any emissive indicators
  • Fixed small grid blast door edge not accepting armor skins
  • Fixed top mountpoint being available for small industrial cockpit
  • Fixed UI of welding/grinding info breaking upon cycling the visibility of the UI
  • Fixed veteran suit being emissive (not emissive now)
  • Fixed visual issues on 5x5 Offroad wheel
  • Fixed visual issues on Beam block
  • Fixed visual issues on Conveyor Pipes
  • Fixed visual issues on Industrial Hydrogen Tank
  • Fixed visual issues on Large Solar Panel
  • Fixed visual issues on Small Solar Panel
  • Fixed visual issues on Window Wall Left
  • Fixed visual issues on Window Wall Right
  • Fixed visual issues on Window Wall Center
  • Fixed Z-fighting on Dispenser
  • Fixed Z-fighting on Small Ship welders
  • Fixed zombie helmet being emissive (not emissive now)
  • Fixed a typo in loading screen tip about faction chat
  • Fixed access being possible from cryo-chamber
  • Fixed blast door block description
  • Fixed component imbalance of small and large conveyor junctions
  • Fixed First colonist faction being hostile to economy factions by default
  • Fixed formatting of hydrogen tank max capacity detail info
  • Fixed inconsistencies in integrity of specific Heavy and Light armor blocks
  • Fixed inconsistency in the initial charge of a small grid small battery
  • Fixed inventories in terminal not being sorted alphanumerically
  • Fixed missing Font category on the workshop
  • Fixed missing front mount points on Vertical windows
  • Fixed missing mount points on Corner firewall
  • Fixed modded radial menu pages not being numbered correctly
  • Fixed Rotation light not having any units of measurement for the rotation speed (now in RPM in detail info)

Hotfix 1.200.027


  • Fixed a crash in MySkinnedEntity.TryGetAnimationPlayer
  • Fixed a crash in Weapons.Guns.Barrels.MyLargeMissileBarrel
  • Fixed a crash in Weapons.Guns.MyLargeInteriorTurret
  • Fixed a crash in Weapons.MyLargeTurretTargetingSystem.IsTarget
  • Fixed a crash in MySectorWeatherComponent.CreateLightning
  • Fixed building from cockpit (Ctrl+G)
  • Fixed sensors detecting occupied grids as players (now only players or occupied blocks are detected as players)
  • Fixed solar panels not working on planets with lower than average minimal altitude (for example on Triton)
  • Fixed timer blocks not using toolbars 2-9

Hotfix 1.200.029


  • Fixed "Show all players" not detecting seated players
  • Fixed inventory updating desynchronization
  • Fixed inverted controller Y not working in spectator
  • Fixed Jump Drive not jumping because it's blocked by a Projector
  • Fixed Jump Drive not jumping when close to a planet
  • Fixed Load Game screen editing always the top save instead of the one selected with gamepad
  • Fixed missile weapons shooting only from one single barrel
  • Fixed scrolling not working through block groups if you do not own a DLC

Hotfix 1.200.030


  • Optimized simulation speed for grids with hydrogen thrusters
  • Fixed particles not emitting environment light
  • Fixed Assault Cannon's environment light effect traveling in perpendicular direction from the projectile
  • Fixed missing muzzle flashes for turrets

Hotfix 1.200.032


  • Fixed critical crash on dedicated servers

Update 1.199: Heavy Industry

Major Button.png 28 July 2021 Announcement


Hello, Engineers!

The next Major (1.199) release for Space Engineers is upon us. Heavy Industry Introduces a whole new vision of industry in Space Engineers! A reimagining of industrial might, from lunar mining site to factory floor; smelting, refining, and mass production never looked so good.

This massive update is one of our biggest! Including DLC, Heavy Industry adds nearly 100 new blocks and block variants to Space Engineers! We hope you enjoy exploring Heavy Industry as much as we did creating it.

Update Features

  • Improved Parking brake behavior (more details in the blog post)
  • Improved Toggle Power behavior (more details in the blog post)
  • Added 64 armor panel blocks
  • Added 1x1x1 small grid merge block
  • Added 2 magnetic plate blocks
  • Added 3 LCD poster panels
  • Added new Pertam Orbiter Scenario

Heavy Industry Pack

Space Engineers “Heavy Industry” pack includes Large Magnetic plate, Beam Blocks, Industrial conveyor pipes, Cylindrical Column, Vertical button panel, Large Hydrogen Tank Reskin, Large Cargo Container Reskin, Industrial Refinery, Industrial Assembler, Industrial Hydrogen Thrusters and Hazard pattern armor skin.

This content is not “pay to win” and the owner of the package has no advantage against other players. If you decide not to purchase the Heavy Industry pack, but you want to play with friends or other players who did buy Heavy Industry pack, you will still be able to join a multiplayer game or server with them and participate.

  • Large Magnetic Plate
  • Beam Blocks
  • Industrial Conveyor Pipes
  • Cylindrical Column
  • Vertical Button Panel
  • Large Hydrogen Tank Reskin
  • Large Cargo Container Reskin
  • Industrial Refinery
  • Industrial Assembler
  • Industrial Hydrogen Thrusters
  • Hazard Pattern Armor Skin

Community Collaboration

We would like to thank you, our community, for your continued support, collaboration and inspiration. You feed our “Need to Create”. A very special thank you to:

...and so many others that have, and continue to, inspire us with their creativity, ingenuity, and passion.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a crash in DSGUI when managing saves
  • Fixed a crash in DSGUI when refreshing list of saves
  • Fixed a crash when respawning with System radial menu visible
  • Fixed a crash when trying to browse workshop via in-game browser without Steam running
  • Fixed a crash when trying to filter workshop items without Steam running
  • Fixed memory leaks when loading lots of maps in succession
  • Fixed performance issues when opening terminal with multiple antennas present
  • Fixed ability to write into faction chat while not a member
  • Fixed ammo count not being shown correctly for weapons on gamepad UI after switching to tools
  • Fixed blueprints pasted with momentum falling apart
  • Fixed crosshair appearing when aiming down sights and other players switched tools in vicinity
  • Fixed EOS processing updates even when in SP
  • Fixed faction chat being visible to everyone in the Lobby
  • Fixed handheld weapon aim in jetpack caring about relative position of a nearby grid
  • Fixed landing gear keeping attached to Hangar door even after it retracts
  • Fixed LCD highlights and interactivity for non-owner faction user and admins (enemies still cant interact)
  • Fixed model viewer tool not being able to refresh models
  • Fixed not being able to reconnect on Xbox One through F5
  • Fixed PB method CurrentCallChainDepth leaking in yield state machine
  • Fixed save/load camera issues when world was saved while in F7 spectator mode
  • Fixed scenarios files being editable in safe mode
  • Fixed ship weapons and tools not disappearing from Cockpit toolbar config after they are no longer present on the grid
  • Fixed Small transparent LCDs not being able to support rotation of the content like other LCDs
  • Fixed turrets not ignoring grid targets located in a safezone
  • Fixed wheels not returning to 0 degrees after steering stopped
  • Fixed clients not seeing landing particles for grids trying to fly off when locked to or close to a voxel
  • Fixed clipping during weapon switching animations
  • Fixed Dummy Target construction stages to contain only the base so it is less confusing to weld or grind
  • Fixed gunshot decals on a block reappearing after the block is replaced by a new one
  • Fixed male engineer shaking when aiming down with a rifle
  • Fixed minor overlap of (X) and (Y) gamepad keybind icons for build planner in L-stick
  • Fixed multiple issues with Rocket launcher reload animation in 1st person
  • Fixed Passage block group in building radial menu having an Interior pillar as its icon
  • Fixed Rocket launcher reload animation in 3rd person
  • Fixed the slow rotation of a grid not being smooth enough when gyroscopes try to stop the grid from spinning
  • Fixed thumbnails reappearing in BP screen when they are supposed to be hidden after BP deletion
  • Fixed welder not producing error sound when trying to weld without energy
  • Fixed "Saving is currently disabled" error appearing when trying to manipulate camera zoom with a controller during campaign
  • Fixed a typo in tooltip for Invert mouse scroll for block selection setting
  • Fixed a typo in tooltip for Video mode settings
  • Fixed Build planner button tooltips in Inventory containing shortcuts for mouse and keyboard when using controller

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when a Promo image is corrupted, images are now downloaded as zip files and then extracted
  • Fixed a crash when switching to a controller
  • Fixed a crash when target dummy is in a way of a thruster flame
  • Fixed a crash when trying to multiple pistons over existing pistons
  • Fixed "Fully recharged in:" battery detail info not counting with the 80% charging efficiency
  • Fixed a loss of control for ships being unlocked by a client
  • Fixed a UI freeze when one of the characters is killed during player trading
  • Fixed camera position being perpendicular after switching from F8 to F7
  • Fixed character skin disappearing after respawn
  • Fixed Decal SBC paths pointing to a working location
  • Fixed drilled ore spawning away from the Drill tip on far away coordinates
  • Fixed EOS server search being case sensitive and only accepting small case letters
  • Fixed faction members not being kicked out of a cockpit when the sharing changed to "No share"
  • Fixed faction members not having access to blocks without computers (like lights and thrusters) on a friendly faction grid
  • Fixed functional stage welding sound also sounding when block reached 100%
  • Fixed hydrogen/gas systems causing server-side performance problems
  • Fixed IMyCameraBlock.CanScan scanning a vector in world space instead of local space
  • Fixed IMyJumpDrive not having a Recharge getter and setter
  • Fixed IMyJumpDrive not having setters or getters for jump range
  • Fixed IMyLargeTurretBase not having a setter for Range
  • Fixed IMyOxygenFarm not inheriting IMyFunctionalBlock
  • Fixed IMyParachute not having setters for autodeploy or autodeploy height
  • Fixed inability to load a world in offline mode when using local mods only
  • Fixed inability to place a medical room onto armor blocks in front of the character
  • Fixed inability to publish a blueprint which would end up having too large of a Thumbnail image
  • Fixed inconsistency in collision shapes for DLC and free new passages
  • Fixed incorrect message appearing when a publish to workshop fails
  • Fixed Interior turret max range being still listed as 800 meters instead of the new 400 since Warfare 1
  • Fixed mining a specific type of boulder with a ship drill affecting all the boulders of that type in the world
  • Fixed ModPI.InGame.IMyCameraBlock.IsActiveLocal for programmable block to be usable in MP
  • Fixed multiple issues with ship drills not being able to drill voxel at times
  • Fixed overridden atmospheric thrusters still consuming power in space (electricity consumed is now dependent on the actual thrust provided)
  • Fixed players being able to change settings of access denied blocks
  • Fixed players being able to change values of access denied blocks
  • Fixed rotor displacement setter
  • Fixed ships with subgrids not using thrusters for dampening correctly
  • Fixed sim speed performance for scenes with complex hydrogen systems
  • Fixed Small Grid Piston Heads having no side mount points
  • Fixed small grid window collisions
  • Fixed Space ball blocks not updating in artificial gravity
  • Fixed survival progression armor block inconsistency by unlocking round heavy armor from the beginning
  • Fixed the inability to mine boulders with ship drills
  • Fixed thrusters consuming less power using inertial dampeners than when being overriden to achieve the same thrust
  • Fixed tools working faster when spamming LMB
  • Fixed vehicle wheels blueprinted before fixing steering not returning steering degree back to 0 upon pasting
  • Fixed whitelisted wheeled vehicles not being able to enter a safezone
  • Fixed workshop item visibility resetting to public when updated
  • Fixed Armor Corner 2x1x1 Base having incorrect shape of the construction stages
  • Fixed broken savanna tree textures on high details
  • Fixed build planner withdraw components action not doing anything on a controller
  • Fixed detected ore positions still appearing in the world after the whole node was drilled
  • Fixed inability to see hydrogen thruster flames while sitting in cockpit
  • Fixed projected O2/H2 generator emitting sound as if it was fully built and working
  • Fixed stretched textures on 2/4 corners of Passage 3 Cross block
  • Fixed Z-fighting on Passage 3 T-Junction block
  • Fixed a typo in the German localisation of Cryochamber description
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip for Edit button in faction screen
  • Fixed irrelevant error messages when failing to use controller paint interface
  • Fixed missing spacing in Keybinding for systems interactions section
  • Fixed Weapon rack storage volume to be consistent with the outside amount of weapon visuals

Hotfix 1.199.023


  • Fixed a crash when block removal caused a grid split with connectors suddenly belonging to different grid
  • Fixed a crash when updating Unlisted workshop items
  • Fixed economy factions sometimes not being discoverable
  • Fixed Small Windows and Armor Panels being too thick
  • Fixed Small grid Small Industrial Hydrogen thruster not being attachable to straight conveyor pipe
  • Fixed vanilla Passage having glowing material properties when lit up in the dark with a reflector
  • Fixed the possibility to partially lose convex collision models on Industrial Hydrogen tank when interacting with armor blocks
  • Fixed specific Small windows and armor panels construction stages having different collisions after save/reload
  • Fixed Small grid Industrial Hydrogen Thrusters missing 1 construction stage

Hotfix 1.199.025


  • Added a hatch to the 2nd floor of the Industrial refinery
  • Removed railings from Industrial assembler so it can be used as a corner corridor
  • Added hatch and terminal panel to the upper part of Industrial assembler
  • Fixed a crash at MyAntennaSystem.GetAllRelayedBroadcasters
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to place two blocks in the same space by clicking rapidly
  • Blocks without ownership on a grid can now be changed only by the majority owner or members from the same faction
  • Fixed a crash at MyAutomaticRifleGun.AnimateRecoil
  • Fixed an issue with sensors not detecting anything with non-default settings
  • Fixed collisions on DLC Column blocks to be smaller

Update 1.198: Warfare 1: Field Engineer

Major Button.png 22 April 2021 Announcement


Hello, Engineers!

The next major release for Space Engineers is upon us. Warfare 1: Field Engineer provides you with new choices in how you create and destroy. Field Engineers is the first installment in our all-new Warfare content! Warfare 1 doesn't just focus on the Engineer, it also includes new blocks to outfit your base, space station, or fortress. Prepare your defense or lay siege like never before.

Update Features

  • Damage, Hit and Enemy player Indicator
  • Vertical and horizontal recoil functionality for hand weapons
  • Hand weapons rebalance
  • Added Three S Series Pistols
  • Added Two Rocket Launchers
  • Implemented reload animations for all hand weapons
  • Brand New Rifle shot sounds
  • Hand weapons ammo rework
  • Magazines visual overhaul
  • Target Dummy Block
  • Two New Passage Blocks
  • New PvP Scenaio - Uranium Heist
  • Optimized voxel physics shape prefetch
  • Voxel texture arrays streaming - Textures, Shaders & Mipmaps
  • New light texture for Car spotlights
  • Players names for combat scenarios
  • Added Friendly Fire world setting for MP
  • Added Team balancer and Match session components and world setting for MP PvP scenarios
  • Added Match administration for PvP scenarios
  • Added Faction score UI for PvP scenarios (3 teams)
  • Added Character speed multiplier world setting
  • Added Recoil world setting
  • Added Environment damage multiplier world setting
  • Added Gamepad aim assist and world setting for it (turned off by default for MP)
  • Added Backpack despawn timer override world setting
  • Added Allow building projection to global filter and safezones
  • Added Game UI options for selecting color/transparency of new hit indicator
  • Added Consumable assembler category
  • Added Damage turned off and Grid is immune notifications

Warfare 1: Field Engineer Pack

Space Engineers “Warfare 1: Field Engineer” pack includes Fire Cover Block, Half window Block, Weapon Rack Block, Five new passage blocks, Embrasure Block, Two new Emotes and the Assault Suit skin.

This content is not “pay to win” and the owner of the package has no advantage against other players. If you decide not to purchase the “Warfare 1” pack, but you want to play with friends or other players who did buy Warfare 1, you will still be able to join a multiplayer game or server with them and participate.

  • Fire Cover Block
  • Half Window Block
  • Weapon Rack Block
  • 5 Passage Blocks
  • Embrasure Block
  • 2 new Emotes
  • Assault Suit skin

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a crash when creating random lightning
  • Fixed a crash when Safezone filter UI stayed visible even when disconnected from session and user interacted with it
  • Fixed a crash when trying to upload a mod when its files are being actively modified or are corrupted
  • Optimized how grids are loading, had impact on world loading, projection spawning as well
  • Changed "Enable friendly turret damage" Advanced world option description being misleading, it only applies to any missile damage
  • Fixed DSGUI being slow when trying to load large worlds
  • Fixed floating but otherwise unmoving grids not falling down after thrusters were removed
  • Fixed floating objects in gravity synchronizing each frame, causing traffic even when not actually changing position
  • Fixed gatling turrets not being able to detect enemies behind it
  • Fixed GDPR agreement changes persisting even when trying to discard changes by exiting the Game settings with Escape
  • Fixed headshot feature not working as intended
  • Fixed hydrogen storage percentage reaching up to 500%
  • Fixed inability to add plugins for vanilla Dedicated Server
  • Fixed inability to export objects with Ctrl+Alt+E
  • Fixed inability to modify manually placed asteroids with a voxel hand
  • Fixed inability to start a newly made local scenario directly after publishing it
  • Fixed Interior turrets doing more damage than intended due to them not respecting Damage multiplier
  • Fixed Join game->Game browser not updating when max player was changed while Lobby was running
  • Fixed jump drive countdown state being remembered in blueprints
  • Fixed Landing gear incorrectly switching from "Ready to lock" to "Locked" state after a grid was split even when autolock was specifically disabled
  • Fixed large Industrial cockpit having default collision cube (while still a cube it is now not the default one)
  • Fixed meteor grid damage not respecting Global permissions
  • Fixed possible piston clang behavior due to Z axis force limits not being checked
  • Fixed rare inability to turn on gamepad while the game was already running
  • Fixed Sabiroids returning to Idle mode when server was restarted while chasing somebody
  • Fixed specific incorrect Programmable block behavior when reusing MyIni
  • Fixed subgrids previously lifted by rotor strength not falling down immediately after rotor was turned off with Braking torque set to 0
  • Fixed the ability to paste floating objects into grids
  • Fixed the ability to place blocks inside the extended parts of a piston
  • Fixed the ability to select and place unresearched block with a gamepad
  • Fixed the Open workshop button in the Gamepad Simple New game screen not actually doing anything
  • Fixed turrets shooting above wolves because of the wolves' incorrect collision box size
  • Fixed voxel hand being usable when character is dead
  • Fixed wheels being able to rotate the whole vehicle when the handbrake is engaged
  • Fixed broken Cryo Chamber texture on High details
  • Fixed broken deformation bones on multiple armor blocks
  • Fixed character not immediately switching animation when running out of hydrogen
  • Fixed destroyed bushes leaving black cubes behind
  • Fixed Merge block LoD model being rotated 90 degrees
  • Fixed mirrored Grated Half Stairs not changing LoD models in construction stages
  • Fixed missing Small lightning damaged state particles
  • Fixed unfitting LoD2 texture for Airtight Hangar Door
  • Fixed UV textures for Grated (Half) Stairs
  • Fixed visual bug in Assembler production screen when inventory is full while trying to produce items
  • Fixed incorrect order and formatting of columns in Friends tab of a Join game screen on Xbox
  • Fixed Mods screen not refreshing correctly after subscribing to a new mod*Fixed Sensor block having max required input of 0 W at all times
  • Fixed two different weathers being the same name in French localization (Orage léger)
  • Fixed rare crash of dedicated server (EOS)
  • Fixed crash in Model viewer
  • Fixed network performance issues for floating object, backpack, safezone block and waypoint
  • Fixed crash in resource distributor
  • Fixed black screen issue after suspending game on Xbox console

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when a character tried to spawn on a projected Medical room
  • Fixed a crash when normally unavailable Show on HUD was activated for antennas
  • Fixed a crash when opening weather admin screen in French localization
  • Fixed a crash when sending "/nml" in the chat
  • Optimized History and Favorites tab be more performant
  • Fixed ability to set NaN(not a number) value to wheel settings, causing unpredictable behavior
  • Fixed Advanced door subparts damaging the character when grid accelerates
  • Fixed assembler in cooperative mode trying to produce ingots when paired with a survival kit
  • Fixed assemblers consuming ingots when producing while inventory is full
  • Fixed asteroid embeded station becoming dynamic when removing blocks in certain configurations
  • Fixed Cryo Pod managing O2 incorrectly
  • Fixed existence of blocks being built by multiple people desynchronizing on DS
  • Fixed gasses not being able to pass through Sorters in the correct direction
  • Fixed Good.Bot forgetting already finished tutorials between sessions
  • Fixed hydrogen not being used when character in jetpack flew in one direction only
  • Fixed in-game text editor becoming unresponsive when holding Alt or having mechanically stuck keys
  • Fixed inability to build from cockpit (Ctrl+G) in survival lobby games
  • Fixed inability to load older saves without newer data
  • Fixed inability to save worlds with names longer than 12 characters
  • Fixed infinite loading screen when trying to load world which was saved and exited while character was dead
  • Fixed Lightning not hitting decoys as a priority
  • Fixed merge blocks not merging in certain situations
  • Fixed overriden thrusters on stations incorrectly consuming power when turned off
  • Fixed Particle.UserRadiusMultiplier not working properly for Mods
  • Fixed planets being listed as spawn sites even when situated beyond the playable world limits
  • Fixed previous unsuccessful renaming of blueprints compounding in the confirmation dialog
  • Fixed Programmable block raycasts not checking for pitch and yaw angles correctly
  • Fixed republishing of an existing mod getting rid of previously set categories
  • Fixed Russian localization for Antenna range slider
  • Fixed ship toolbar not working properly with a gamepad
  • Fixed Sloped corner heavy armor tip being easier to destroy than the light variant
  • Fixed Sorter not pulling items properly when grid has timers turning conveyor systems on/off, confusing it
  • Fixed Terminal Control panel UI not updating selection when trying to control the left pane with arrow keys
  • Fixed Timer block delay slider not showing correct time
  • Fixed transparency issues for buildable and non-buildable parts of a projection
  • Fixed unresponsive server not noticing the disconnection of a player, preventing said player from reconnecting again
  • Fixed Visual scripting tool not saving nodes properly for scenarios
  • Fixed wheels incorrectly having access to Share inertia setting
  • Fixed wheels making a flying grid incontrollable
  • Fixed wind sounds from fast character moving through atmosphere persisting through death
  • Fixed hydrogen engine energy output being incorrectly included in calculations for stored energy duration
  • Fixed Mods disappearing from radial menu in Survival mode after enabling Creative tools
  • Fixed OK button graying out inexplicably when toggling categories before Publishing a mod
  • Fixed parachute hatch not present in production screen
  • Fixed Realistic sound mode not affecting weather sounds
  • Fixed Small grid text panel appearing as upside down on Low/Medium settings
  • Fixed transparent textures on Yield modules with Low/Medium settings
  • Fixed Altimeter and artificial horizon being present when in spectator mode
  • Fixed an error in German translation for wheel Strength setting
  • Fixed block description tooltips being too large in Russian localization
  • Fixed Chinese localization characters/expressions being shifted a bit in the UI
  • Fixed crosshair being off-center when seat is not aligned with camera
  • Fixed grammar in Search contract description text
  • Fixed small grid conveyor tube having gray edges
  • Fixed UI sounds happening when using hand tools through gamepad
  • Fixed double tapping issue on hand weapons
  • Fixed Silicon naming for Italian language

Visual Scripting Tool

  • Fixed Tooltips getting stuck
  • Fixed Arithmetic node crash when missing inputs
  • Fixed Crash on making new scripts
  • Fixed New mission nodes not saving
  • Fixed FloatingObject entities not triggering AreaTrigger events
  • Added New Functions:
    • AddMatchStateRemainingDuration
    • AdvanceMatchState
    • GetMatchIsRunningState
    • GetMatchState
    • GetMatchStateRemainingDuration
    • SetMatchIsRunningState
    • SetMatchStateRemainingDuration
    • OpenFactionVictoryScreen
    • SetFactionObjectivePercentageCompleted
    • SetFactionScore
    • ToggleAbilityToSprint
    • TogglePlayerBroadcasting
    • TogglePlayersBroadcastEnabled
    • AddToInventoryFloat
    • SetGPSHighlightNoSound
  • Added New Events:
    • MatchStateChanged (+Key)
    • MatchStateEnded (+Key)
    • MatchStateEnding
    • MatchStateStarted (+Key)

Hotfix 1.198.027


  • Fixed a crash in analytics when trying to run Space engineers on Linux via Proton because geolocation is not supported
  • Fixed a crash when shooting rocket launcher while simultaneously trying to spawn an item
  • Fixed a crash in lightning when closest planet was null
  • Fixed crouching not affecting the hit position when shooting
  • Fixed EOS servers not being added to History and Favorites
  • Fixed Gatling guns not pulling ammo automatically
  • Fixed rockets and bullets flying away in a random direction for specific angles of aim while crouching
  • Fixed rockets shot from launcher not interacting with the Target Dummy
  • Fixed Passage 3 Wall blocks mount points preventing them from being placed on the thicker side
  • Fixed turrets producing hit markers when not being actively controlled by players
  • Hot-fixed an issue preventing clients from joining servers. This issue is caused by servers running a very large number of mods. This issue prevents clients from joining servers by not counting mod dependencies toward the listed mod count. We have created a fix address this issue on heavily modded servers. If you have this issue, please take the following steps.
    • 1) Make a mod on the workshop. This can be an empty mod with no function.
    • 2) Add all (or part) of your server mod list as dependencies to this mod.
    • 3) Use this mod on your DS in place of the mods you added as dependencies.
    • Players will not be able to use the advanced mod filter and will not see what mods your server needs in server details. They will, however, be able to join. If you still have this issue even after taking the above steps, check that your server description is not too long. Server descriptions should be 200 characters or less. We may add this limit to the server description field in the future.

Hotfix 1.198.031



  • Added Passage T-junction, Passage Window and Passage Corner blocks to the Warfare 1 DLC package

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed missing block models in ModSDK
  • Fixed a crash in AI
  • Fixed a crash in economy when a faction was removed from the save outside of the game (save file editting) without removing faction relations
  • Fixed a crash related to how DLC banners in main and escape menu were handled
  • Fixed a crash when connecting/disconnecting a controller
  • Fixed a crash when radial menu was modded incorrectly with non-existing items
  • Fixed a crash when trying to place a floating object
  • Fixed rocket launcher clipping when aiming upward as a Male
  • Fixed rocket launcher upwards movement behavior when crouched as a Female
  • Fixed shoulder animation during rifle reload
  • Fixed GPS color value and saturation on hover tooltips being switched
  • Fixed Server/Client freezing when lower tier production block (coop) tried to help higher production tier blocks(repeat) with advanced blueprints

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed hydrogen thrusters working without fuel for short amount of time when overridden
  • Fixed mountpoints for Symbol/Letter blocks, also made them disappear when block under them is deleted to help with performance
  • Fixed clipping when aiming down sights with a pistol

Hotfix 1.198.033


  • Fixed a crash when starting the game caused by a corrupted banner

Update 1.197.1: Community Crossplay

Major Button.png 9 February 2021 Announcement


Hello, Engineers!

Ever since our initial release of Space Engineers on the Xbox platform, we have worked hard to provide the best Space Engineers experience for everyone, regardless of platform. Today’s release takes us one step closer to bridging the gap between PC and Xbox communities by ensuring that every Space Engineer can build, create, and imagine with friends on their platform of choice.

Update Features

  • Added crossplay between PC and Xbox players
  • Added Epic Online Services category into PC Join screen server browser (players can switch between steam and EOS there)
  • Added mod support to Xbox version (certain restrictions apply)
  • Added support for Dedicated server
  • Added support for PC Client
  • Added option to mute player voice across platforms
  • Added option to mute specific players in text chat as well
  • Added Piston head available as a separate block
  • Changed Campaign and scenario settings to once again be editable, but only in experimental
  • Optimized decals (wheel imprints have separate pool, bullet holes do not deplete pool for imprints for example)

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a crash at SharpDX.DirectInput.Device.GetProperty
  • Fixed a crash when resuming Xbox game after suspending in lobby
  • Fixed a crash when spawning predefined asteroid small overhang
  • Fixed a crash when suspending Xbox game while inside a lobby
  • Fixed an Out of Memory crash which happened due to increased binary size on Xbox
  • Fixed blueprint screen not correctly managing newly subscribed items (freeze, not showing, not downloading)
  • Fixed a partially unresponsive state of the Xbox game when returning to main menu after being disconnected from a session after suspend
  • Fixed admin teleport not working with gamepad
  • Fixed inability to spawn blueprints which are close to the overall PCU limit (99,999 out of 100,000 in one BP for example)
  • Fixed Join game screen not showing relevant servers for EOS (Official servers are now always visible, servers can be searched for if not in the list)
  • Fixed problems with spawning planets in console compatible worlds (now up to 3 planets total of any type can be in the world and UI updates accordingly)
  • Fixed Sabiroids getting stuck under and in grids when emerging from voxel
  • Fixed the inability to focus search field with a controller in the in-game workshop screen
  • Fixed voxel always not reacting to one of the ship drills in a drill array
  • Fixed wheels twitching mid flight when external forces were applied (gyroscope for example)
  • Fixed Safe zone block having an old highlight on terminal interactive part
  • Fixed scrolling in New game->Workshop not being smooth
  • Fixed scrolling through Load game screen not being smooth
  • Fixed spawn points blinking due to unnecessary refresh on Xbox
  • Fixed streaming indicator to be shown for the whole duration of the streaming process, not just the beginning
  • Fixed UI scale affecting black shroud in respawn screen
  • Fixed unnecessary column label refresh when cycling through Join game screen tabs
  • Fixed a typo in Buggy cockpit block description (save to safe)
  • Fixed a typo in one of the error screens related to Mods

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed Hydrogen tanks causing high network load
  • Fixed projected grids taking up more than 1 PCU per projected block
  • Fixed various types of voxel materials randomly appearing on Europa

Hotfix 1.197.168 (updated)


  • Temporarily removed from Steam version
  • Access restored to local blueprints
  • Modded crossplay is temporarily unavailable -> vanilla crossplay is still available
  • Fixed a crash in mods trying to overwriting decal counts in render

Hotfix 1.197.170


  • Fixed simspeed drop for servers with large amount of unique players
  • Fixed a crash at Voxels.MyStorageBase.ResetCache
  • Fixed a crash when client server discovery found a modded world from 197.019
  • Fixed a crash at MyScreenDecals.DrawBatches
  • Fixed a crash when EOS server started updating before previous update was finished
  • Fixed a crash at MyPlanetMaterialProvider.GetLayeredMaterialForPosition
  • Fixed mods with dependencies getting duplicated after each save/reload/restart

Hotfix 1.197.180



  • Added reworked workshop consent


  • Fixed mod's failing to update correctly
  • Fixed blurry post processing
  • Fixed infinite joining to EOS with incorrect date
  • Fixed a crash at Blocks.MyLightingBlock
  • Fixed a crash at MyCloudRenderer.Render
  • Fixed a crash at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyGuiScreenAdminMenu.Cycle_Implementation
  • Fixed a crash at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyGuiScreenAdminMenu.PrepareWeatherDefinitions
  • Fixed a crash at Sandbox.Game.Gui.MyGuiScreenJoinGame.RankedServerQueryComplete
  • Fixed a crash at Sandbox.Game.Screens.MyGuiScreenMods.OnOpenInWorkshopClick
  • Fixed a crash at System.IO.Compression.ZipArchive.ReadEndOfCentralDirectory
  • Fixed a crash at VRage.EOS.MyEOSServerDiscovery
  • Fixed a crash at VRage.EOS.MyEOSServerDiscovery.GetFilters
  • Fixed a crash at VRage.EOS.MyEOSServerDiscovery.OnConnectDone
  • Fixed a crash at VRage.Mod.Io.MyModIoWorkshopQuery
  • Fixed a crash at VRage.Render11.Sprites.MySpritesRenderer
  • Fixed a crash at VRage.XIM.MyXIMLobbyDiscovery.OnLobbyCreated
  • Fixed a crash at VRageRender.MyVoxelMaterials.UpdateFoliage

Update 1.197: Planet Pertam, New Features, Blocks & Wasteland Pack

Major Button.png 25 November 2020 Announcement


Hello, Engineers!

The new Wasteland update is here! Wasteland is all about speed, dust, roaring engines, twisted metal, and especially, fun with your friends. We have focused heavily on improving the multiplayer experience, something we hope you enjoy with other players. Wasteland provides you with new choices when designing your creations: New Blocks, Planet and Racing Scenario, Voxel Materials and much more.

And we can't wait to see what you create!

Marek's Blog Post:


  • New Planet - Pertam
  • New Voxel Materials
  • Rover Cockpit
  • New Armor Blocks Variants
    • Half Slope Inverted
    • Sloped Corner Tip
    • Sloped Corner Base
    • Sloped Corner
    • Half Sloped Corner Base
    • Half Corner
    • Corner Square
    • Corner Square INV.
    • Half Sloped Corner
    • Half Slope Corner
    • Half Slope Corner INV.
  • Scrap Race Scenario
  • Hydrogen Rebalance
  • Ultimate Spectator
  • VST Dedicated Server Support
  • Wheel and Boot Print Decal Support
  • Performance Improvements

Wasteland Pack

  • Off-road Wheels
  • Exhaust Pipes
  • Buggy Cockpit
  • 2 Viewport Blocks
  • Barred Window
  • Offset Light
  • Offset Spotlight
  • 3 Storage Shelves
  • Concrete Armor Skin
  • Dust Armor Skin
  • Heavy Rust Armor Skin
  • Retro Future Armor Skin
  • Scavenger Character Skin
  • 2 New Character Emotes: “Drunk” & “Bite Me”

Xbox Features

  • Xbox Dedicated Servers
  • Enabling Scripts for Dedicated Servers
  • Improvements to Gamepad Controls
  • Performance Improvements
  • Possibility to change the Size of the GUI
  • Improved Block Grouping
  • Added Empty world custom game to Xbox experimental mode

Xbox Series X and S Support

  • Added support for Series X & S
  • Increase Lobby sizes for Series X & S Hosts to 8 players
  • High Graphics Settings
  • 500000 PCU in experimental (up from 200000 for other consoles)
  • Better simulation quality in scenarios
  • Blazing fast loading times
  • Much better performance overall

Fixes & Improvements

  • Added a gamepad alternative for setting a specific slider value
  • Added Quick-save and Quick-load shortcuts to gamepad (RB + LB + X quicksave, RB + LB + Y quickload)
  • Added Change character button into Replay tool on behalf of gamepad users
  • Added the option to vote for workshop items in-game
  • Added UI scale slider into Options->Game settings to help with visibility on certain screens/tvs
  • Added visual scripting support for dedicated servers
  • Improved AFK recognition for gamepad users in MP, additionally kicked AFK players have to reconnect manually
  • Improved AI so it is no longer an experimental feature, it is still disabled by default, enable in advanced world settings
  • Improved build mode block rotation to be more apparent for gamepad
  • Improved DS server performance when using specific methods about ship information
  • Improved multi-select behaviour in terminal on gamepad
  • Improved radial menu block variants selection
  • Improved recent blocks radial menu to allow scrolling through variants as well on gamepad
  • Improved the balance of hydrogen fuel production/consumption and storage
  • Improved the balance of components->health of hydrogen tanks
  • Improved the control hint for selecting multiple blocks in the terminal for gamepad
  • Improved treshold for switching forwards/backwards movement for sharp turns in vehicles on gamepad
  • Increased sharpness of all texts across the game
  • Increased the size of gamepad control hints
  • Removed unnecessary links to through Edge browser on Xbox
  • Removed unjoinable Space Pirates faction from Faction selection portion of the respawn screen
  • Fixed a crash in AI pathfinding
  • Fixed a crash in navmesh generation 0
  • Fixed a crash in navmesh generation 1
  • Fixed a crash when trying to create a cloud BP without Steam running
  • Fixed running out of memory starting multiple worlds in succession
  • Fixed a crash preventing players from loading specific modded worlds
  • Fixed a crash when detonating 100k+ explosive components near voxel
  • Fixed performance drop when trying to show in terminal for 1000+ blocks at once
  • Fixed a crash in physics in worlds with very large grids
  • Fixed performance drop when a large grid preview is trying to determine if the area is occupied
  • Fixed a turret not rotating in Frist Jump Mission 2 on Xbox
  • Fixed an exploit which made hydrogen for free
  • Fixed Xbox users getting booted out of the session when returning from suspended state without changing accounts
  • Fixed Hydrogen thrusters being lit up in First Jump Mission 3 without being powered on Xbox
  • Fixed Sabiroids getting stuck on their sides when player escapes by flying away
  • Fixed RS triggering skin recycling in Character screen on Xbox
  • Fixed Refresh button causing endless loading in Character screen on Xbox
  • Fixed AI attaching to player and each other, which caused them to fly away unrealistically
  • Fixed wolves not being able to follow player onto a grid
  • Fixed Sabiroids not being able to navigate holes in voxel, they are now better at it and burrow as a last resort
  • Fixed Sabiroids sometimes being bad at hiding when burrowed
  • Fixed grid on grid collisions causing voxel damage in worlds where voxel damage was specifically disabled
  • Fixed sub-grids being left behind when the main grid got teleported
  • Fixed key binding for Voxel hand revert function
  • Fixed character stumbling when running on a grid in mag-boots
  • Fixed Trash removal changes submission enabling trash removal as well
  • Fixed the inability to splir Ore stacks in character inventory using Gamepad
  • Fixed grid in preview snapping to nearby grids randomly when rotating it
  • Fixed (Dis)assembly animation happening when block is turned off
  • Fixed Hydrogen HUD not working on Xbox
  • Fixed collision shapes for Gate and large grid Small Sci-fi Ion thruster
  • Fixed signals from previous session appearing in current session at 0,0,0
  • Fixed manually placed asteroids not being affected by voxel trash removal
  • Fixed admin setting Keep Original Ownership also affecting built by, which it changed
  • Fixed Sabiroids getting stuck on vertical surface
  • Fixed profiling clients being able to join servers without being allowed to do that
  • Fixed voxel revert distance from grids setting ignoring grids without ownership, it now ignores NPC owned grids only (NPC grids where no player is an owner)
  • Fixed Small Blast Door Edge not being re-skinnable
  • Fixed drones in First Jump Mission 5 not attacking
  • Fixed landing gear colliding with the grid it is locked to
  • Fixed ingots and components not being visible when selected in production
  • Fixed explosions not cutting down trees
  • Fixed texts on Xbox referring players to the logs (which they cannot access)
  • Fixed wheel to surface particle effect always being maxxed out
  • Fixed blueprint rename feature getting rid of the thumbnail on Xbox
  • Fixed hint for ion thrusters talking about hydrogen thrusters
  • Fixed wheel to surface particle effects appearing above the wheel at high speeds
  • Fixed wooden skin on couple of armor blocks
  • Fixed radial menu staying open after character death
  • Fixed enemy GPS markers staying in the air after enemies were defeated in Frostbite
  • Fixed VST background grid lines being too prominent
  • Fixed Low grapgical preset being recognized as Custom instead
  • Fixed misinformative dialog popping up when Lobby host ended the session
  • Fixed gamepad hints when trying to rotate camera while sitting in a passenger seat
  • Fixed Advanced new game screen requiring selection and confirmation of the desired scenario with gamepad
  • Fixed inability of switching toolbars when setting up timer block actions on gamepad
  • Fixed having to manually refresh the BP screen after subscribing to new files through the in-game workshop browser
  • Fixed H2/O2 generators producing variable and inconsistent amounts of gas from Ice
  • Fixed the game not remembering that the last used input was gamepad
  • Fixed character being able to transition to sprint directly from crouching stance on gamepad

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when replacing an out parameter in VST
  • Fixed a crash when deleting an out parameter in VST
  • Fixed a crash when deleting an input parameter in VST
  • Fixed a crash when reordering tabs in VST
  • Fixed a crash when adding an out parameter in VST
  • Fixed specific world loading problems
  • Fixed unsecured ModAPI client requests
  • Fixed disassembler queue turning into assembler queue
  • Fixed grids and players falling through the ground on heavily populated servers
  • Fixed wheels destroying parts of grids when the cluster reordered
  • Fixed spectator control hints not working in vehicles
  • Fixed wheels detaching from suspensions when the cluster reordered
  • Fixed changes in max ship size and max blocks per player advanced world settings not getting saved on Xbox
  • Fixed problems when calling script after adding new input parameters in VST
  • Fixed Door collisions so it can be better used with Hinges for example
  • Fixed inability to delete cloud blueprints which had slashes in their names
  • Fixed production animations occurring more times than there were products
  • Fixed GPS colors so they support for example #FF00FF format as well
  • Fixed copy pasted spotlights not having light cones
  • Fixed catwalks not being weldable when placed on top of blocks
  • Fixed inability to rename saves
  • Fixed players screen preventing future interaction with the terminal on gamepad
  • Fixed ModAPI redundant memory allocations for GetGridGroup Interface and IMySlimBlock.Neighbours
  • Fixed ship action removal from toolbar also adding a block into buildplanner on gamepad
  • Fixed Run argument programmable block ship action dialog not coming up when being activated with D-pad on gamepad
  • Fixed the reversed order in which the D-pad went through block variants in a group
  • Fixed space masters being able to use enemy medical rooms, it is now only possible with Can use all terminals privilege
  • Fixed Inventory full voice message missing in Realistic sound mode
  • Fixed missing space after colons in refinery block's detailed info for modules
  • Fixed refinery detailed info not updating for modules
  • Fixed gamepad controls for symmetry creative building mode
  • Fixed placement of small buttons so it does not hover slightly anymore
  • Fixed spelling errors in Light names for Learning to survive - Ship Factory
  • Fixed A,D or S canceling shooting while aiming down sights
  • Fixed planet surface boulders containing only stone on Xbox again

Hotfix 1.197.064


  • Fixed an issue where players could not load dedicated server saves.

Hotfix 1.197.065


  • All text-based scripts are fixed
  • Saves with a dot in the name are visible in game load screen
  • Worlds thumbnails in Workshop screen are fixed
  • Fixed Crash at MyGuiScreenHudSpace.RecreateControls
  • Fixed Crash at Sandbox.Game.GameSystems.Trading.MyTradingManager.ValidateTradeProssible

Hotfix 1.197.066


  • Fixed certain servers not being able to restart correctly
  • Fixed a crash at MyGuiScreenHudSpace.RecreateControls
  • Fixed missing heavy armor block groups in radial menu
  • Fixed not being able to turn on gamepad while the game is running
  • Fixed Ctrl+LBM on sliders changing the slider position
  • Fixed addition of block variants to build planner on gamepad

Hotfix 1.197.068


  • Fixed crash when using Ctrl + LMB on sliders
  • Fixed certain servers not being able to restart correctly
  • Fixed broken custom worlds in VST
  • Fixed UI freeze when entering production tab
  • Fixed an issue with welders causing lag

Hotfix 1.197.069


  • Fixed crash at AI.Pathfinding.RecastDetour

Hotfix 1.197.072


  • Fixed a crash related to game HUD
  • Fixed a crash in the lobby creation
  • Adjusted grass visuals quality to fit memory budget

Hotfix 1.197.073


  • Fixed various crashes

Hotfix 1.197.074


  • Fixed mods not working on DS as a service
  • Updated Steamworks SDK to version 1.50

Hotfix 1.197.075


  • Fixed server browser taking too long when listing and do not see all servers

Update 1.196: Server Optimizations

Major Button.png 6 August 2020 Announcement

Main Features

  • Dedicated Server optimizations
  • French and Spanish localization
  • Changes to hitboxes of blocks and armor

New Features and Changes

  • Added an ability to recolor personal GPS
  • Added an option to Trash removal to revert boulders as well to prevent save file bloat
  • Added CPU Load graph to DS remote client
  • Added Family sharing setting to DSGUI, Admins can choose to allow/disallow clients connecting through Family shared copy of SE
  • Added load bar to DSGUI to indicate when saves in the list are loading
  • Added ModAPI support for tiered update for IMyCubeGrid
  • Added ModAPI support for update timer for IMyFunctionalBlock
  • Added PCU trading toggle to DSGUI, Admins can choose to disable/enable PCU trading (enabled by default)
  • Added refresh field to graphs in DS remote client
  • Added replicable status filter to Entity list Admin screen
  • Added Selective physics updates setting to DSGUI (disabled by default), world parts do update when players are not around
  • Added tier update system timers to blocks SBC (empty by default)
  • Added Tiered Update System (TUS), blocks belonging to TUS are switched between update tiers dynamically based on grid and player proximity
  • Changed collision shapes for many models which were causing issues (they should now better copy the body of the block itself)
  • Optimized Batteries
  • Optimized Character sounds, animations and aiming position for DS
  • Optimized cockpits and Remote control blocks, HUD updates and sound for them are not handled on DS anymore
  • Optimized Connector/ Ejector, they are now tiered update blocks
  • Optimized Conveyor sorters, there is now maximum amount of items for push/pull per tick
  • Optimized conveyor system, power requirements are not progressive based on length of lines, but are constant 1W
  • Optimized Gatling guns, changed update for ammo pulling; particles, animations, sound are not handled by server
  • Optimized Hydrogen and Oxygen tanks, they are now tiered update blocks
  • Optimized Identity removal for inactive players, it now removes more leftover data to prevent save file bloat
  • Optimized Jump drive
  • Optimized Landing gear
  • Optimized MyAdvancedDoor (used exclusively by mods)
  • Optimized Nuclear reactors, they pull fuel differently from the conveyor system
  • Optimized O2/H2 generators, they pull fuel differently and pull maximum of 2 bottles per tick for refueling
  • Optimized Parachute hatch
  • Optimized production blocks, they pull/push items differently and are all tiered update blocks
  • Optimized Projector and Console blocks, they react to player presence tier
  • Optimized Sandbox.sbc and moved session name to Sandbox_config.sbc instead, DSGUI loads _config.sbc exclusively when selecting a new game
  • Optimized Sound blocks and Jukebox on DS
  • Optimized the way how clients join the server
  • Optimized Thruster damage and particles, thrusters are now tiered blocks
  • Optimized Trash removal voxel revert, when asteroids or boulders are reverted, they are removed from the save file to prevent save file bloat
  • Optimized Turrets, ammo pulling, animations, turrets are now tiered update blocks
  • Optimized Weather System
  • Copy to clipboard copies the color of the personal GPS as well

Crashes and Fixes

  • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.ProcessDecoys
  • Fixed a crash MySectorWeatherComponent.UpdateWeathersOnClients
  • Fixed a crash when lightning strikes during heavy snow storms
  • Fixed a crash when too many reloading notifications are attempted to be shown at once in HUD
  • Fixed a crash when trying to update a ship drill after it was already removed by trash removal
  • Fixed a bug in CPU threads being put to sleep, taking longer to wake up, causing stutters
  • Fixed add plugin button in DSGUI doing nothing
  • Fixed an issue in door physics which leads to unintended forces
  • Fixed an instance of Someone else is using this ship
  • Fixed being forced into spectator upon load of saved game, where player was inside med bay (customizing)
  • Fixed blocks with animated parts not being grindable with Ship grinders
  • Fixed Chinese language not working until game restart
  • Fixed DS ignoring remote client commands
  • Fixed DSGUI force update from branch failing without a password even for branches which do not require passwords
  • Fixed Ejectors not producing sound on DS
  • Fixed missing pressurisation effects on Small grids
  • Fixed NPC pathfinding properly instead of previous hotfix
  • Fixed old DS saves loading very slowly and being unresponsive in DSGUI (resaving them should fix that now)
  • Fixed particles being refreshed when returning from ESC menu
  • Fixed projected grids light blocks actually emitting lights
  • Fixed Rotor displacement being available through ship toolbar for Hinges
  • Fixed Spiders and Wolves having bank accounts
  • Fixed Survival Kits not counting as grids with respawn point for Trash Removal
  • Fixed terminal lag on servers with many players accumulated across the ages in the ownership dropdown menu
  • Fixed thumbnail in Continue appearing black, since the thumbnail screenshot was taken before fade ends (too early)
  • Fixed turrets ignoring Shoot On and Shoot Once without acquiring a target at least once since placed
  • Fixed UI for non-editable GPS to really be non-editable

Support site issues

  • Fixed a crash when placing a block as spectator without a character
  • Fixed background UI opacity affecting selection highlight
  • Fixed character skins not being reapplied when switching to female for the first time
  • Fixed construction progress UI disappearing in specific cases
  • Fixed damaged grids being stuck in one place when hydrogen and batteries are only source of power
  • Fixed duplication of welders in the contract UI
  • Fixed faction members not being able to control faction shared Remote control
  • Fixed hinges going beyond set limits, they now automatically return into the range limit using their set velocity
  • Fixed HUD not updating when welding finished
  • Fixed hydrogen bottles not updating when used
  • Fixed inability to access Dead Engineer inventory
  • Fixed inability to delete changed personal GPS (it was not synced to server)
  • Fixed ModSDK not being able to compile mods with scripts
  • Fixed red damage effect getting stuck on screen
  • Fixed rockets visually not being destroyed upon impact, making an illusion of passing through voxel
  • Fixed Ship drills not being able to drill into meteor craters
  • Fixed Small Hinge block hitbox issues with other attached blocks
  • Fixed sound being looped on production blocks even when not producing
  • Fixed Sound block stop sound button not working on DS
  • Fixed the selection of multiple LCDs at once changing the settings of all of them to the top one
  • Fixed warnings and messages not being sorted and updating too frequently

Hotfix 1.196.012


  • Fixed faction issues
    • If you still experiencing issues with your faction, restart the faction. Remove all members including the leader so the faction is deleted and make it again.
  • Fixed various crashes on client and server.
  • Rebalanced Lightning - Lightning happens less often now.

Hotfix 1.196.013


  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Fixed hydrogen thrusters performance issue (combination with conveyors).
  • Fixed advanced doors issue (mods use that).
  • Fixed backpack not disappearing.

Hotfix 1.196.014


  • Fixed asteroid desync issues in the multiplayer.
  • Fixed assembler production animation. It's more fluid and smooth.
  • Fixed thruster power issue on subgrids.
  • Fixed sci-fi sliding doors and landing gear issue.
  • Fixed rogue orbital station, which was unwilling to let players in. Captain of that station was punished and the doors are now accessible.

Hotfix 1.196.016


The next batch of fixed collisions for these blocks:

Small Blocks

  • Projector
  • Motor Suspension
  • Armor Corner and Side
  • Atmospheric Thruster
  • Cockpit
  • Gatling gun
  • Hydrogen Tank
  • Vent
  • Door and Side Door

Large Blocks

  • Antenna
  • Atmospheric Thruster
  • Bar Counter
  • Bar Counter Corner
  • Basic Refinery
  • Bed
  • Button Panel
  • Cockpit
  • Contract block
  • Cover Wall
  • Desk
  • Food Dispenser
  • Hangar Door
  • Hydrogen Tank
  • Hydrogen Thuster
  • Interior Pillar
  • Sci-fi Ion Thruster
  • Kitchen
  • Lab
  • Locker
  • Neon Tubes
  • Ore Detector
  • Passage
  • Projector
  • Ramp
  • Slide Door
  • Stairs
  • Catwalks
  • Ion Thrusters
  • Windows

Hotfix 1.196.018


  • Fixed an issue where campaign cannot be resumed after game restart

Hotfix 1.196.019


  • Fixed specific (out of memory) crash for the DS

Update 1.195: Sparks of the Future

Major Button.png 24 June 2020 Forum Post


Hello, Engineers!

Sparks of the Future update explores our fascination with science and science fiction and delivers on that with a vision of hi-tech visuals in the Space Engineers universe. We are really excited about exploring all of the possibilities this genre opens to us. Whether it's a vibrant high-tech space station located among an asteroid cluster, a classic sci-fi themed space cafe, or just a cool looking spaceship bristling with Ion thrusters and neon armor - we hope all of this will add to your story in a world of high technology.

This update contains much requested Hinge Blocks, Small Grid Doors, new automated Weather System, 3D Letter Blocks and more!

Features & Improvements (Free update)

  • Hinge Blocks (large, small and medium)
  • Small Sliding Door (Small Grid Door)
  • 3D Letters, Numbers and Signs (large and small grid)
  • New LCD Posters
  • Automatic Weather System
  • Sparks of the Future Station: Extended Edition World
  • Rotate image function for LCDs
  • Added an option to reverse mouse scroll wheel direction when selecting block variants
  • Added support for replay tool NPCs to have different skins and colors

Sparks of the Future DLC

Similar to our previous major releases, we decided to give you an opportunity to support the further development of Space Engineers. We have created a pack which consists of cosmetic items to enrich your game visually. You can experience them in the free Sparks of the Future scenario. The price of the Sparks of the Future Pack is $3.99 USD, or your regional Steam equivalent, so if you wish to support us, check out the Sparks of the Future Pack.

  • Sci-Fi LCDs
  • Neon Tubes
  • Sci-Fi Ion Thrusters (Reskin of vanilla Ion Thrusters)
  • Sci-Fi Atmospheric Thrusters (Reskin of vanilla Atmospheric Thrusters)
  • Sci-Fi Interior Wall (Reskin of vanilla Interior Wall)
  • Bar Counter, Bar Counter Corner
  • Control Panel (Reskin of vanilla Control Panel)
  • 1-Button Panel (With customizable LCD)
  • 4-Button Panel (With customizable LCDs)
  • Small Side Door (Reskin of the new vanilla Small Grid Door)
  • Sci-Fi Armor Skin
  • 2 Neon Armor Skins
  • New Emotes (“Whatever”, “Yelling”, “Charge”, “Dance Disco 1”, “Dance Disco 2”, “Looking around”, “Stretching”, “Come here baby!”)

Many Thanks to the Modding Community!

We are always impressed by the innovation of our modding community! We would like to thank these members of the Space Engineers community for continuing to inspire us through their ideas, suggestions, and hard work.


  • Fixed a crash at Havok.HkUniformGridShape.HkUniformGridShape_InvalidateRange
  • Fixed a crash at MyLargeTurretBase.StopAimingSound
  • Fixed a crash in Trash removal voxel revert
  • Fixed a crash when trying to read an invalid blueprint xml
  • Fixed a crash at Entities.MyThrust.ThrustDamageShapeCast
  • Fixed a crash at Game.Screens.Terminal.MyTerminalPropertiesController.PopulateMutuallyConnectedCubeGrids
  • Fixed a crash at Game.GUI.MyBlueprintUtils.SaveToCloudFile
  • Fixed a freeze when loading textures
  • Fixed memory use increasing while the game was minimized
  • Fixed a regression in how much damage ships receive from voxel collision (it was lower than it used to be)
  • Fixed landing gears locking to safezones or in mid-air while inside a safezone
  • Fixed Lost Colony scenario not being loadable or join-able without experimental mode enabled
  • Fixed unknown signals causing lag on populated servers
  • Fixed deleted saves appearing in Continue in main menu
  • Fixed quest markers not behaving correctly because of dependencies in the First Jump campaign
  • Fixed and re-enabled NPC pathfinding on grids
  • Fixed maximum grid name length to be 64 characters instead of 512 (caused an issue with cloud storage)
  • Fixed DSGUI remote client not keeping list of banned/kicked players through restarts, making lifting of bans/kicks difficult
  • Fixed grids having to be powered on through shortcut twice after restart on DS
  • Fixed multiple Frostbite respawn points failing to unlock and provide selectable spawn points
  • Fixed LCD sprites not getting clipped correctly
  • Fixed decals not being visible on ATM, Medical Station, and LCDs
  • Fixed astronaut emissivenes state being incorrectly saved/loaded
  • Fixed DSGUI blinking several times and being unresponsive when there are multiple existing saves listed
  • Fixed missile explosions, trails and meteor trail particles not being visible at greater distances
  • Fixed safezone size slider not updating when changing axis
  • Fixed voxel hand drawing grid bounding boxes incorrectly when "Show bounding box" is enabled
  • Fixed In-game help: Movement being incorrectly finishable in jet-pack
  • Fixed missing hints for First Jump 4th campaign mission in Spanish translation
  • Fixed an untranslated button name in First Jump 1st campaign mission in Spanish translation

Fixed issues from our Support site

  • Fixed particles not being disposed off correctly when unloading a session (memory leak)
  • Fixed Hydrogen not flowing from grid to grid through connectors in some cases
  • Fixed "look around" feature not being affected by Y axis inversion
  • Fixed the possibility to withdraw components from nonfunctional conveyor ports through Build Planner
  • Fixed incorrect blocks being deleted when aiming at specific types of blocks
  • Fixed consumable items being deposited along with ores and components via the Build Planner shortcut
  • Fixed the impossibility of adding servers to Favourites
  • Fixed the inability to right-click items in toolbars to change their settings
  • Fixed particles not freezing for Ansel
  • Fixed Programmable block compilation warnings being shown twice
  • Fixed Interior wall emissive parts not actually being emissive

Hotfix 1.195.019


  • Fixed a crash at MyRenderComponent.TrySpawnParticle
  • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.GetSolarMultiplier
  • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.ResetParticles
  • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.UpdateAfterSimulation
  • Fixed a crash when adding emote to build-planner from block variant panel
  • Fixed an issue with client not being able to paste experimental grids in experimental world
  • Fixed an issue with vehicles not moving after disconnecting from connector

Hotfix 1.195.020


  • Fixed GPS names being reset upon reconnect
  • Fixed false "No Fuel" warning and false "0 secs" indicator
  • Fixed "Invert mouse scroll" option status being reset on relaunch
  • Fixed LCD weather script showing raw strings as output
  • Fixed a crash at MyRenderComponent.TrySpawnParticle
  • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.ApplyParticle
  • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.UpdateAfterSimulation
  • Fixed lightning not doing damage on a dedicated server
  • Fixed lightning frequency during thunderstorm increasing each time the server (auto-)saved
  • Fixed NPC station not despawning correctly when admin teleports out
  • Added a notch to Small 1x1 Hinge to help with orientation

Hotfix 195.021


  • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.UpdateAfterSimulationDelay
  • Fixed another crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.ApplyParticle
  • Adjusted how starts and ends of weathers look
  • Adjusted weather names to better represent them
  • Fixed some weathers lasting for up to 10 real life hours
  • Fixed weather never reaching Clear state
  • Fixed an issue with sounds creating static when being played over weather sounds
  • Optimized how often wind animation updates
  • Fixed an issue where drill yields were much lower
  • Fixed an assertion appearing when trying to save a blueprint to the Cloud
  • Fixed one of the Patrol.bots in Sparks of the Future scenario getting stuck
  • Fixed wrong formatting for some LCDs in Sparks of the Future scenario

Update 1.194.210: Hotfix

Softredirarrow.svgUpdate 1.194.207#Hotfix 1.194.210