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Assembling is a mechanic which ingots are turned into useful components meant for building.


In order to assemble something one must have a powered Assembler and certain ingots. Place the ingots in the Assembler and open up the terminal, you should see a production tab click on that, and hover over what component you need assembled it should say how much ingots are need, place the ingots in the assembler's inventory, then click on the component, if repeat mode is turned off it will only create as many components as specified, but if repeat mode is turned on it will keep creating that component until the ingots run out.

It is possible to assemble the exact amount of components needed for a certain block, look for either the three white squares (small ships), or the square that is fully white (large ships/stations), once you've made your choice click on the block you want, and the Assembler will start assembling the exact components needed for that block.

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