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A Material is a processed, refined item that results from putting an Ore into a Refinery or Arc Furnace. Materials are generally processed further by an Assembler to produce Components for use in Building, though Uranium Ingots can also be used directly as fuel in a Reactor. Materials largely have no use in Creative Mode, as Blocks can be placed for no cost.

It is important to get a feel for which Materials are needed for which projects. Iron and Uranium are the most common and most used Materials, due to their use in construction and energy production, respectively. Magnesium is highly valued for its ability to make things go boom, and so is used in weapons, both explosive and projectile. Gold is used for circuitry; Silicon for chips and thick glass; and Platinum, Silver, Nickel, and Cobalt for various specialized uses. Gravel is itself very common (coming from the omnipresent Stone), but is only a crafting ingredient in Reactor Components and can otherwise be ignored or trashed.

List of Materials

Name Icon Mass (kg) Volume (l) Description
Cobalt Ingot Cobalt Ingot Icon.png 1 0.112 Refined Cobalt ore.
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot Icon.png 1 0.052 Refined Gold ore.
Gravel Gravel Icon.png 1 0.37 Refined stone.
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Icon.png 1 0.127 Refined iron ore.
Magnesium Powder Magnesium Powder Icon.png 1 0.575 Refined Magnesium Ore.
Material Material Icon.png
Material Material Icon.png
Nickel Ingot Nickel Ingot Icon.png 1 0.112 Refined Nickel ore.
Platinum Ingot Platinum Ingot Icon.png 1 0.047 Refined Platinum ore.
Silicon Wafer Silicon Wafer Icon.png 1 0.429 Refined Silicon Ore.
Silver Ingot Silver Ingot Icon.png 1 0.095 Refined Silver ore.
Uranium Ingot Uranium Ingot Icon.png 1 0.052 Refined Uranium ore.

Material Use

Here is a table showing the required Materials for all vanilla Components and Tools. Use this to get a feel for which Material is used for what Component, but remember that certain Components are used significantly more than others in practice (e.g. Steel Plate and Construction Component are in constant demand, whereas Detector Components are only needed for the Ore Detector, Sensor, and Jump Drive, all seldom-built modules).

Name Icon Ingots
200mm Missile Container 200mm Missile Container Icon.png
25x184mm NATO Ammo Container 25x184mm NATO Ammo Container Icon.png
5.56x45mm NATO Magazine 5.56x45mm NATO Magazine Icon.png
Automatic Rifle Automatic Rifle Icon.png
Bulletproof Glass Bulletproof Glass Icon.png
Canvas Canvas Icon.png
Components 64px
Computer Computer Icon.png
Construction Component Construction Component Icon.png
Detector Components Detector Components Icon.png
Display Display Icon.png
Elite Automatic Rifle Elite Automatic Rifle Icon.png
Elite Grinder Elite Grinder Icon.png
Elite Hand Drill Elite Hand Drill Icon.png
Elite Welder Elite Welder Icon.png
Enhanced Grinder Enhanced Grinder Icon.png
Enhanced Hand Drill Enhanced Hand Drill Icon.png
Enhanced Welder Enhanced Welder Icon.png
Explosives Explosives Icon.png
Girder Girder Icon.png
Gravity Generator Components Gravity Generator Components Icon.png
Grinder (Tool) Grinder (Tool) Icon.png
Hand Drill Hand Drill Icon.png
Hydrogen Bottle Hydrogen Bottle Icon.png
Interior Plate Interior Plate Icon.png
Large Steel Tube Large Steel Tube Icon.png
Medical Components Medical Components Icon.png
Metal Grid Metal Grid Icon.png
Motor Motor Icon.png
Oxygen Bottle Oxygen Bottle Icon.png
Power Cell Power Cell Icon.png
Precision Automatic Rifle Precision Automatic Rifle Icon.png
Proficient Grinder Proficient Grinder Icon.png
Proficient Hand Drill Proficient Hand Drill Icon.png
Proficient Welder Proficient Welder Icon.png
Radio-Communication Components Radio-Communication Components Icon.png
Rapid-Fire Automatic Rifle Rapid-Fire Automatic Rifle Icon.png
Reactor Components Reactor Components Icon.png
Small Steel Tube Small Steel Tube Icon.png
Solar Cell Solar Cell Icon.png
Steel Plate Steel Plate Icon.png
Superconductor Component Superconductor Component Icon.png
Thruster Components Thruster Components Icon.png
Tools 64px
Welder (Ship) Welder (Ship) Icon.png
Welder (Tool) Welder (Tool) Icon.png

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