Metal Grid

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Metal Grid Icon.png
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Metal Grid


Mass (kg):
15 l
Build time (seconds):

Metal Grid

Ship and Station part Recipes

These are ship and station part recipes that use Metal Grids:

Name Icon
Air Vent Air Vent Icon.png
Effectiveness Upgrade Module Effectiveness Upgrade Module Icon.png
Gatling Gun Gatling Gun Icon.png
Gatling Turret Gatling Turret Icon.png
Heavy Angled Armor Corner Heavy Angled Armor Corner Icon.png
Heavy Angled Armor Slope Heavy Angled Armor Slope Icon.png
Heavy Armor Block Heavy Armor Block Icon.png
Heavy Armor Corner Heavy Armor Corner Icon.png
Heavy Armor Inverted Corner Heavy Armor Inverted Corner Icon.png
Heavy Armor Slope Heavy Armor Slope Icon.png
Heavy Slope 2x1x1 Tip Heavy Slope 2x1x1 Tip Icon.png
Jump drive Jump drive Icon.png
Large Atmospheric Thruster Large Atmospheric Thruster Icon.png
Large Cargo Container Large Cargo Container Icon.png
Large Hydrogen Thruster Large Hydrogen Thruster Icon.png
Large Reactor Large Reactor Icon.png
Medical Room Medical Room Icon.png
Missile Turret Missile Turret Icon.png
Oxygen Farm Oxygen Farm Icon.png
Reloadable Rocket Launcher Reloadable Rocket Launcher Icon.png
Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher Icon.png
Small Atmospheric Thruster Small Atmospheric Thruster Icon.png
Small Cargo Container Small Cargo Container Icon.png
Small Hydrogen Thruster Small Hydrogen Thruster Icon.png
Small Reactor Small Reactor Icon.png
Wheel 1x1 Wheel 1x1 Icon.png
Wheel 3x3 Wheel 3x3 Icon.png
Wheel 5x5 Wheel 5x5 Icon.png



200mm Missile Container Icon.png 200mm Missile Container • 25x184mm NATO Ammo Container Icon.png 25x184mm NATO Ammo Container • 5.56x45mm NATO Magazine Icon.png 5.56x45mm NATO Magazine • Explosives Icon.png Explosives 

Base Components

Bulletproof Glass Icon.png Bulletproof Glass • Girder Icon.png Girder • Interior Plate Icon.png Interior Plate • Large Steel Tube Icon.png Large Steel Tube • Metal Grid Icon.png Metal Grid • Small Steel Tube Icon.png Small Steel Tube • Steel Plate Icon.png Steel Plate 


Computer Icon.png Computer • Detector Components Icon.png Detector Components • Display Icon.png Display • Medical Components Icon.png Medical Components • Power Cell Icon.png Power Cell • Solar Cell Icon.png Solar Cell • Superconductor Component Icon.png Superconductor Component 

Construction Components

Construction Component Icon.png Construction Component • Gravity Generator Components Icon.png Gravity Generator Components • Motor Icon.png Motor • Radio-Communication Components Icon.png Radio-Communication Components • Reactor Components Icon.png Reactor Components • Thruster Components Icon.png Thruster Components