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Planet Pertam, New Features, Blocks & Wasteland Pack

Major Button.png 25 November 2020 Announcement


Hello, Engineers!

The new Wasteland update is here! Wasteland is all about speed, dust, roaring engines, twisted metal, and especially, fun with your friends. We have focused heavily on improving the multiplayer experience, something we hope you enjoy with other players. Wasteland provides you with new choices when designing your creations: New Blocks, Planet and Racing Scenario, Voxel Materials and much more.

And we can't wait to see what you create!

Marek's Blog Post: https://blog.marekrosa.org/2020/11/space-engineers-wasteland.html


  • New Planet - Pertam
  • New Voxel Materials
  • Rover Cockpit
  • New Armor Blocks Variants
    • Half Slope Inverted
    • Sloped Corner Tip
    • Sloped Corner Base
    • Sloped Corner
    • Half Sloped Corner Base
    • Half Corner
    • Corner Square
    • Corner Square INV.
    • Half Sloped Corner
    • Half Slope Corner
    • Half Slope Corner INV.
  • Scrap Race Scenario
  • Hydrogen Rebalance
  • Ultimate Spectator
  • VST Dedicated Server Support
  • Wheel and Boot Print Decal Support
  • Performance Improvements

Wasteland Pack

  • Off-road Wheels
  • Exhaust Pipes
  • Buggy Cockpit
  • 2 Viewport Blocks
  • Barred Window
  • Offset Light
  • Offset Spotlight
  • 3 Storage Shelves
  • Concrete Armor Skin
  • Dust Armor Skin
  • Heavy Rust Armor Skin
  • Retro Future Armor Skin
  • Scavenger Character Skin
  • 2 New Character Emotes: “Drunk” & “Bite Me”

Xbox Features

  • Xbox Dedicated Servers
  • Enabling Scripts for Dedicated Servers
  • Improvements to Gamepad Controls
  • Performance Improvements
  • Possibility to change the Size of the GUI
  • Improved Block Grouping
  • Added Empty world custom game to Xbox experimental mode

Xbox Series X and S Support

  • Added support for Series X & S
  • Increase Lobby sizes for Series X & S Hosts to 8 players
  • High Graphics Settings
  • 500000 PCU in experimental (up from 200000 for other consoles)
  • Better simulation quality in scenarios
  • Blazing fast loading times
  • Much better performance overall

Fixes & Improvements

  • Added a gamepad alternative for setting a specific slider value
  • Added Quick-save and Quick-load shortcuts to gamepad (RB + LB + X quicksave, RB + LB + Y quickload)
  • Added Change character button into Replay tool on behalf of gamepad users
  • Added the option to vote for workshop items in-game
  • Added UI scale slider into Options->Game settings to help with visibility on certain screens/tvs
  • Added visual scripting support for dedicated servers
  • Improved AFK recognition for gamepad users in MP, additionally kicked AFK players have to reconnect manually
  • Improved AI so it is no longer an experimental feature, it is still disabled by default, enable in advanced world settings
  • Improved build mode block rotation to be more apparent for gamepad
  • Improved DS server performance when using specific methods about ship information
  • Improved multi-select behaviour in terminal on gamepad
  • Improved radial menu block variants selection
  • Improved recent blocks radial menu to allow scrolling through variants as well on gamepad
  • Improved the balance of hydrogen fuel production/consumption and storage
  • Improved the balance of components->health of hydrogen tanks
  • Improved the control hint for selecting multiple blocks in the terminal for gamepad
  • Improved treshold for switching forwards/backwards movement for sharp turns in vehicles on gamepad
  • Increased sharpness of all texts across the game
  • Increased the size of gamepad control hints
  • Removed unnecessary links to mod.io through Edge browser on Xbox
  • Removed unjoinable Space Pirates faction from Faction selection portion of the respawn screen
  • Fixed a crash in AI pathfinding
  • Fixed a crash in navmesh generation 0
  • Fixed a crash in navmesh generation 1
  • Fixed a crash when trying to create a cloud BP without Steam running
  • Fixed running out of memory starting multiple worlds in succession
  • Fixed a crash preventing players from loading specific modded worlds
  • Fixed a crash when detonating 100k+ explosive components near voxel
  • Fixed performance drop when trying to show in terminal for 1000+ blocks at once
  • Fixed a crash in physics in worlds with very large grids
  • Fixed performance drop when a large grid preview is trying to determine if the area is occupied
  • Fixed a turret not rotating in Frist Jump Mission 2 on Xbox
  • Fixed an exploit which made hydrogen for free
  • Fixed Xbox users getting booted out of the session when returning from suspended state without changing accounts
  • Fixed Hydrogen thrusters being lit up in First Jump Mission 3 without being powered on Xbox
  • Fixed Sabiroids getting stuck on their sides when player escapes by flying away
  • Fixed RS triggering skin recycling in Character screen on Xbox
  • Fixed Refresh button causing endless loading in Character screen on Xbox
  • Fixed AI attaching to player and each other, which caused them to fly away unrealistically
  • Fixed wolves not being able to follow player onto a grid
  • Fixed Sabiroids not being able to navigate holes in voxel, they are now better at it and burrow as a last resort
  • Fixed Sabiroids sometimes being bad at hiding when burrowed
  • Fixed grid on grid collisions causing voxel damage in worlds where voxel damage was specifically disabled
  • Fixed sub-grids being left behind when the main grid got teleported
  • Fixed key binding for Voxel hand revert function
  • Fixed character stumbling when running on a grid in mag-boots
  • Fixed Trash removal changes submission enabling trash removal as well
  • Fixed the inability to splir Ore stacks in character inventory using Gamepad
  • Fixed grid in preview snapping to nearby grids randomly when rotating it
  • Fixed (Dis)assembly animation happening when block is turned off
  • Fixed Hydrogen HUD not working on Xbox
  • Fixed collision shapes for Gate and large grid Small Sci-fi Ion thruster
  • Fixed signals from previous session appearing in current session at 0,0,0
  • Fixed manually placed asteroids not being affected by voxel trash removal
  • Fixed admin setting Keep Original Ownership also affecting built by, which it changed
  • Fixed Sabiroids getting stuck on vertical surface
  • Fixed profiling clients being able to join servers without being allowed to do that
  • Fixed voxel revert distance from grids setting ignoring grids without ownership, it now ignores NPC owned grids only (NPC grids where no player is an owner)
  • Fixed Small Blast Door Edge not being re-skinnable
  • Fixed drones in First Jump Mission 5 not attacking
  • Fixed landing gear colliding with the grid it is locked to
  • Fixed ingots and components not being visible when selected in production
  • Fixed explosions not cutting down trees
  • Fixed texts on Xbox referring players to the logs (which they cannot access)
  • Fixed wheel to surface particle effect always being maxxed out
  • Fixed blueprint rename feature getting rid of the thumbnail on Xbox
  • Fixed good.bot hint for ion thrusters talking about hydrogen thrusters
  • Fixed wheel to surface particle effects appearing above the wheel at high speeds
  • Fixed wooden skin on couple of armor blocks
  • Fixed radial menu staying open after character death
  • Fixed enemy GPS markers staying in the air after enemies were defeated in Frostbite
  • Fixed VST background grid lines being too prominent
  • Fixed Low grapgical preset being recognized as Custom instead
  • Fixed misinformative dialog popping up when Lobby host ended the session
  • Fixed gamepad hints when trying to rotate camera while sitting in a passenger seat
  • Fixed Advanced new game screen requiring selection and confirmation of the desired scenario with gamepad
  • Fixed inability of switching toolbars when setting up timer block actions on gamepad
  • Fixed having to manually refresh the BP screen after subscribing to new files through the in-game workshop browser
  • Fixed H2/O2 generators producing variable and inconsistent amounts of gas from Ice
  • Fixed the game not remembering that the last used input was gamepad
  • Fixed character being able to transition to sprint directly from crouching stance on gamepad

Support Site Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when replacing an out parameter in VST
  • Fixed a crash when deleting an out parameter in VST
  • Fixed a crash when deleting an input parameter in VST
  • Fixed a crash when reordering tabs in VST
  • Fixed a crash when adding an out parameter in VST
  • Fixed specific world loading problems
  • Fixed unsecured ModAPI client requests
  • Fixed disassembler queue turning into assembler queue
  • Fixed grids and players falling through the ground on heavily populated servers
  • Fixed wheels destroying parts of grids when the cluster reordered
  • Fixed spectator control hints not working in vehicles
  • Fixed wheels detaching from suspensions when the cluster reordered
  • Fixed changes in max ship size and max blocks per player advanced world settings not getting saved on Xbox
  • Fixed problems when calling script after adding new input parameters in VST
  • Fixed Door collisions so it can be better used with Hinges for example
  • Fixed inability to delete cloud blueprints which had slashes in their names
  • Fixed production animations occurring more times than there were products
  • Fixed GPS colors so they support for example #FF00FF format as well
  • Fixed copy pasted spotlights not having light cones
  • Fixed catwalks not being weldable when placed on top of blocks
  • Fixed inability to rename saves
  • Fixed players screen preventing future interaction with the terminal on gamepad
  • Fixed ModAPI redundant memory allocations for GetGridGroup Interface and IMySlimBlock.Neighbours
  • Fixed ship action removal from toolbar also adding a block into buildplanner on gamepad
  • Fixed Run argument programmable block ship action dialog not coming up when being activated with D-pad on gamepad
  • Fixed the reversed order in which the D-pad went through block variants in a group
  • Fixed space masters being able to use enemy medical rooms, it is now only possible with Can use all terminals privilege
  • Fixed Inventory full voice message missing in Realistic sound mode
  • Fixed missing space after colons in refinery block's detailed info for modules
  • Fixed refinery detailed info not updating for modules
  • Fixed gamepad controls for symmetry creative building mode
  • Fixed placement of small buttons so it does not hover slightly anymore
  • Fixed spelling errors in Light names for Learning to survive - Ship Factory
  • Fixed A,D or S canceling shooting while aiming down sights
  • Fixed planet surface boulders containing only stone on Xbox again

Hotfix 1.197.064


  • Fixed an issue where players could not load dedicated server saves.

Hotfix 1.197.065


  • All text-based scripts are fixed
  • Saves with a dot in the name are visible in game load screen
  • Worlds thumbnails in Workshop screen are fixed
  • Fixed Crash at MyGuiScreenHudSpace.RecreateControls
  • Fixed Crash at Sandbox.Game.GameSystems.Trading.MyTradingManager.ValidateTradeProssible

Hotfix 1.197.066


  • Fixed certain servers not being able to restart correctly
  • Fixed a crash at MyGuiScreenHudSpace.RecreateControls
  • Fixed missing heavy armor block groups in radial menu
  • Fixed not being able to turn on gamepad while the game is running
  • Fixed Ctrl+LBM on sliders changing the slider position
  • Fixed addition of block variants to build planner on gamepad

Hotfix 1.197.068


  • Fixed crash when using Ctrl + LMB on sliders
  • Fixed certain servers not being able to restart correctly
  • Fixed broken custom worlds in VST
  • Fixed UI freeze when entering production tab
  • Fixed an issue with welders causing lag

Hotfix 1.197.069


  • Fixed crash at AI.Pathfinding.RecastDetour

Hotfix 1.197.072


  • Fixed a crash related to game HUD
  • Fixed a crash in the lobby creation
  • Adjusted grass visuals quality to fit memory budget

Hotfix 1.197.073


  • Fixed various crashes

Hotfix 1.197.074


  • Fixed mods not working on DS as a service
  • Updated Steamworks SDK to version 1.50

Hotfix 1.197.075


  • Fixed server browser taking too long when listing and do not see all servers