Update 1.189.043

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Minor Improvements

Minor Button.png 20 March 2019 Forum Post

Hotfix: 1.189.043

  • Fixed crash when drilling
  • Fixed crash in drop containers
  • Fixed crash when drills interacted with changed voxels
  • Fixed crash when exiting a game after using a large brush size of a voxel hand
  • Fixed crash in antennas on server reconnect
  • Fixed crash when there are invalid/missing sound drivers in the system
  • Fixed crash when grids with unsafe values caused the warnings on the screen to update at the same time
  • Fixed a few leaks as a result of better tracking
  • Fixed misbehaving physics, where collisions became increasingly offset over time
  • Worked on another iteration of attempting to fix disappearing physics
  • Added Havok statistics and memory tracking into the log