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Chinese Translation & Beta Improvements

Minor Button.png 24 August 2017 Forum Post


Hello, Engineers! This week's minor release is primarily focusing on the Chinese translation of the game, but also on other minor fixes such as parachute fixes, container spawning, block fixes and many others. During 5 month period, We have been working on Chinese translation for Space Engineers with the great help from Chinese community! Now we are happy to announce, that we have finished the translation and releasing it today.



  • Chinese language
  • added access rights checking for block painting


  • fixed crash while clicking join game in main menu
  • fixed a bug where ship become dynamic with locked landing gears to voxel
  • fixed character stuck in med bay after receiving item from market
  • fixed not being able to control enemy turret with admin tool "can use all terminals" activated
  • fixed gatling gun sound and particles keep looping
  • fixed LOD of Light and Heavy Round Inv. Corner blocks not displaying properly
  • fixed parachute not working with conveyor system
  • fixed parachute does not render in some cases
  • fixed a bug where more than one personal container could be spawned
  • increased spawn time of container drops to 10 - 45 minutes (this does not lower amount of items you get, there is just less empty containers)

Hotfix 1.183.101

  • fixed crash screen always in Chinese
  • fixed game crash when convert the grid to dynamic (temporary crash fix)

Hotfix 1.183.102

  • spawn time for container drops to 5–20 minutes (looking for best values)
  • fixed game crash when convert the grid to dynamic (final crash fix)

Hotfix 1.183.103

  • fixed "ghost blocks" issue when grinding or removing blocks