Update 01.110

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26 Nov 2015


This week we added a new feature that makes the connection of two stations easier when they are built in each other's vicinity. So from now on, you don’t need to use the merge blocks to connect them. Newly placed station creates an area of 1000 cubic meters around it. When you try to place another station within the area, it will be aligned by default with the first station, therefore you can connect them by blocks. And last but not least, we have fixed more bugs.


  • Local coordinates sector


  • increased jetpack duration on planets to around 1 minute of flight on earth
  • increased atmospheric thruster power by 20% for both large and small ships
  • cockpits and chairs have their selection boxes enlarged for much easier use


  • fixed memory leak when reloading world
  • fixed crash with power distribution
  • fixed crash when using Space Master
  • fixed crash when flying around planet

Update (27/11/2015)

  • fixed incorrect detection of graphic cards